Josie Cunningham

Remember Josie? Yeah, the one that thought breast feeding was close to incest. She’s back

If you haven’t picked up on the “breastfeeding incest” story, go do that first. ?Then, cop a load of today’s installment of this one-woman troughing disaster:

d22e4Last week she sparked fury among mothers after saying breastfeeding was ‘vile and borderline incest’.

And now unemployed NHS scrounger Josie Cunnignham has revealed she will sell her breast milk in her latest cash-grabbing venture.

The unemployed mother-of-three, who made headlines after smugly revealing she had received a ?4,800 breast enlargement from the NHS, welcomed a daughter last month after flirting with the idea of selling tickets to her child’s birth.

In a bid to make money, the would-be glamour model has now revealed she will sell her breast milk to new mothers and men with ‘milk fetishes’ instead.

Defending her decision, she [said]?’My breasts are for my partner, not my child.’

Despite smoking and drinking throughout her pregnancy, she said she wanted to sell milk to new mothers for ?2 an ounce – and ?10 an ounce to men with ‘milk fetishes’.

‘I should be able to produce around 30ozs a day, that’s up ?300 a day or ?2100 a week,’ she added.

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Remember Josie? Go on, the one woman wrecking crew. She’s at it again

1413295800931_wps_8_Jordan_wannabe_Josie_CunnI’ve covered the adventures of Josie Cnningham before. ?She got boobs paid for by the tax payer. ?At some point she felt she should return the money to the tax payer, but found that she could only make sufficient cash through prostitution. ?THEN she fell pregnant and didn’t know which client was the father.

That Josie.

Check out the latest installment

Would-be glamour model Josie Cunningham has called breastfeeding ‘vile and borderline incest’ in an online dig at new mother, singer Kimberley Walsh.

Cunningham, who sparked outrage after undergoing a ?4,800 ($9600) breast enlargement on the NHS, gave birth to her third child, daughter Grave Neiv, last month, but she went onto Twitter this morning to say she was not breastfeeding her.

In an apparently unprompted jibe, the 24-year-old from Leeds told her 58,700 followers: ‘Wish people would stop asking if I’m breastfeeding like Kimberley Walsh.

‘No I’m not! I think the idea is vile and borderline incest!’

It takes a while to get your mind around it. ?At first, I’m thinking… well, drinking human milk is more akin to cannibalism, she’s got the wrong word. ?And only then it sank in: ?she thinks breast feeding has a sexual component to it. ? Read more »

Update on Josie Cunningham – the NHS free boob job lady

You remember Josie don’t you? ?She was the one that got the government to pay for her boob job, then supposedly felt guilty about taking tax payers’ money, so she decided to go into prostitution to earn enough money to pay for the boob job herself.

Here’s her photo, just to jog your memory, post-op.


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Bigger boobs on the taxpayer; guilt forces her into prostitution to pay it back

We have enjoyed a reasonable level of sanity in New Zealand over the last 6 years. ?I’m talking about the sort of sanity that doesn’t make unemployed young women with small breasts think that the tax payer owes her a free bigger chest. ?I reported on this folly last year:

Since then, she has made a real mess of it. ?Check this out ?? Read more »

Wonder if they do this here?

Page07_04_1700078aCan you get new boobs on WINZ?

You can in?the?UK via NHS…?referred?to as New Hooters Service.

One recipient of a free boob job has thanked British taxpayers by posing nude.

NHS boob-job girl Josie Cunningham posed for her first topless shoot yesterday, telling taxpayers: ?I couldn?t have done it without you.?

The wannabe model excitedly flaunted her 36DD bust, which was boosted after she wept to her GP about being a 32A.

She said after stripping to just a thong and heels: ?My first studio shoot was fantastic.

?I could never have felt so confident about showing off my body if it wasn?t for the support I?ve had from the NHS. I?d have collapsed in tears a couple of months ago if I?d had to go topless in front of a photographer ? but now I can?t wait to do more.?

But thrilled Josie says she has been ?inundated? with modelling work since The Sun revealed on Tuesday how she got her ?4,800 cosmetic surgery free on the NHS.

She said: ?I?ve had loads of offers already and reckon I can really make a career out of this.

?I know people are saying that I don?t deserve my new boobs but they have changed my life and made me happier ? so why shouldn?t I show them off??