Judd Hall

Five years for ratbag feral killer driver

I was sentenced to die by the mob and my daughter to be pack raped by the ferals on the?West Coast for daring to use the word feral. They proved my point with their “outrage” and subsequent behaviour.

There was no outrage from?the?left about that or about “a rape culture” existing on the West Coast.

Instead they said I deserved death threats and my daughter by virtue of being my daughter deserved what she go too.

No all the fuss was because I called a bunch of ferals driving around the streets and fleeing police in Runanga feral ratbags.

Well the one drunk feral ratbag who actually cause the mayhem and death has been sentenced, but not so you would know it in the mainstream media who published endless articles about the outrage of the ferals for being called feral.

A Kumara man who caused the death of Runanga man Judd Hall, 26, by driving drunk while fleeing from police at high speed was sentenced to five years in prison at the Greymouth District Court this afternoon. ? Read more »

No baying mob attempting to lynch this guy?

Very strange, I would have thought there would have been a baying mob erecting a scaffold for this guy.

A man who allegedly caused the death of Judd Hall by driving drunk while fleeing from police in Greymouth on January 24, made a brief appearance in front of the Greymouth District Court registrar yesterday.

Jordan Nathaniel McGrath, 28, of Whataroa, was bailed until May 13, when he will plead by video link with the High Court to the charges, including the manslaughter of Mr Hall, 26.

McGrath is charged with dangerous driving causing the death of Mr Hall, dangerous driving causing injury to a second passenger, Kori Jeffcoat; driving with excess breath or blood-alcohol on a third or subsequent occasion; and committing manslaughter by driving at a dangerous speed while under the influence.

The car that McGrath was driving crashed into a High Street house at high speed about 11.30pm on January 24. Mr Hall died at the scene.

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Guest Post: Judd Hall ? an alternative viewpoint

Rex Widerstrom has watched the carnage and outrage unfold as a result of just eight words in a headline.

He has written an interesting perspective on the situation.

Judd Hall ? an alternative viewpoint

by Rex Widerstrom

More than 20 years ago now, a close friend of mine knocked on my front door (well, technically it was my parents? front door) and asked if I wanted to come for a ride over the infamous Wainui hill. In those days any chance to get out of the valley and do something? anything? was welcome, so off I went.

At the end of our drive sat a car, festooned with signwriting promoting a major soft drink. My friend introduced me to the driver, who was clearly our age. I inquired how he came to be in possession of what was obviously a company car, and was told he was a sales representative. At that point in life so was I ? and selling prescription medications to GPs, not just fizzy pop ? so thought nothing more of it and piled in the back seat.

Although the driver wasn?t too bad, by the time we reached Waiwhetu (just on the other side of the hill) I?d begun to think all was not as it should be. I was considering phoning a cab from the Waiwhetu service station, where we?d stopped to buy fuel, when my reverie was interrupted by police, some with weapons drawn, demanding we get out of the car.

Turns out it was stolen ? something neither I nor my friend had any real reason to suspect. And though police didn?t share the details with me, judging by the weapons it may well have been stolen somewhat violently.

Two points emerge from this. First, like Judd Hall, in my naivety and inexperience ? and in trusting my friend not to put me in harm?s way ? I made a momentary error; one that could easily have ended with my death. I?d be appalled to think that someone decided ? on the basis of my home town and my presence in a car over which I had no control once I?d decided to sit in the back ? to call me a ?feral? and virtually celebrate my death. Not because it would have made any difference to me, but because I, like Hall, have a family and friends, even more blameless, who should be allowed the dignity of grief without having to defend attacks on my character. ?? Read more »