” Moderate ” Turkey controlled by brutal dictator

If you were in any doubt about the status of Turkey this article will remove it as it tells you about the thousands of Turkish soldiers who are being raped and starved as punishment for the failed coup against?President?Dictator Erdogan. According?to Amnesty International they are also being left without water in terrible cramped conditions.

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

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Are Judges underpaid?

CHIEF JUSTICE Sian Elias has received another pay rise, taking her annual salary to well over $500,000 a year – $60,000 more than Prime Minister John Key?s yearly pay packet.

The Remuneration Authority has approved pay rises for all New Zealand judges in line with the rate of inflation and in keeping with the average wage increase of 1.7 per cent for most workers across the country.

The 2 per cent increase is less than what the Authority agreed upon for MPs last year.

In February last year MPs were awarded a 3.5 per cent pay rise, taking the base salary for a backbench MP from $147,800 to $156,000. Following that determination, Key?s salary rose by $23,800 to $452,500.

That means he still earns $62,000 less than the woman who heads the judiciary and presides over the Supreme Court.

Sian Elias? annual salary has risen from $504,000 to $514,000 – $32,000 more than the $482,500 her colleagues on the Supreme Court will receive under the new pay determinations.

Pay rates for Court of Appeal judges will rise from $444,000 a year to $453,000 a year. Salaries for High Court judges and the Chief District Court judge Jan-Marie Doogue will go up from $422,500 to $431,000 while pay rates for district court judges and Maori Land Court judges will rise from $322,500 to $329,000.? Read more »

Would you eat the soup?


David Fisher is having to pull Easter Duty as part of his own rehabilitation, and is digging deep into the foibles of … catering.

Female inmates will be cooking food and serving staff at New Zealand’s busiest court in a plan being worked on by justice and prison bosses.

The prisoners, from Auckland Women’s Prison, would be paid 20c to 60c an hour to work in the Auckland District Court canteen. Read more »

Not enough judges apparently, but half of them are dud anyway

Hang on a minute, last week we heard that crime has dropped significantly, and Judith Collins was unhappy that judges were dragging the chain with cases.

This week we find that the judges are moaning that there aren’t enough of them…sounds like featherbedding to me.

New Zealand may only be months away from not having enough judges to hear cases.

The?Weekend Herald?understands there are concerns within the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice about the ability for the court system to cope with the workload facing judges.

The problem isn’t just restricted to Auckland, where court delays are well documented, but is a concern throughout the country.

It is an issue judges and court staff have been aware of for some time but it’s understood the ministry has now established a time frame where there will not be enough judges to hear cases.? Read more »

The sheltered lives of Judges

It is becoming increasingly apparent that judges lead incredibly sheltered lives and have lost touch with the community they are meant to serve. The same problem ?is prevalent in the UK.?Britain?s most senior female judge has warned that her colleagues on the bench may lack common sense because they have lived ?sheltered lives?.

Baroness Hale of Richmond, the first and only woman to sit in the Supreme Court, echoed a criticism view that judges who have risen through the Bar, the Temples and other parts of the ?establishment? are not always ideally placed to cast judgment on the complexities of modern life.

In a speech, Lady Hale said: ?If the life-blood of the law is experience and common sense, then whose experience and common sense are we talking about?? Read more »


3 strikes? How about 47 strikes?

A nice, kind, liberal, panty-waist Christchurch Judge gives bail to a loser with 47 convictions, but at least “it was by the narrowest of margins.”

Two Christchurch men who between them have a staggering 47 convictions for driving while serving driving bans appeared at court this morning (Thursday).

Frank Stubbings, 45, faces a charge of driving while disqualified for a 24th time and was warned by a judge today that jail was “beyond an inevitability”.

The Bryndwr caregiver was bailed by a judge at Christchurch District Court despite fears by police that he will reoffend.

Police prosecutor Stephen Burdes said there was a “public safety issue” in letting Stubbings go, considering his horrendous record which includes offending while on bail.

Judge Paul Kellar said he was satisfied Stubbings was not a flight risk and remanded him on bail until later this month “by the narrowest of margins”.

But he added that he was almost certainly going to be jailed if convicted for his 24th driving while disqualified charge.