Judith Tizard

AECT Trust stays under centre right control

Looks like the return of Judith Tizard to politics has been thwarted.

The C&R candidates had a clean sweep, again, in the election.

The centre-right has retained control of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust, winning all five seats in the latest triennial election.

Four existing trustees running under the Citizens and Ratepayers banner were returned, with a fifth member, former National MP Paul Hutchison, succeeding a retiring trustee.

Those returned were Mike Buzckowski, William Cairns, James Carmichael and Karen Sherry.

Two former Cabinet ministers, Judith Tizard and Paul East, were among the unsuccessful.     Read more »

Who Should Replace Tim Barnett?


The departure of Tim Barnett from the Labour General Secretary position has caused some concern within Labour. Experienced backroom people and MPs I have talked to are terrified that the Labour Party will choose the most useless possible General Secretary, probably from the union movement.

Word in Labour circles are that the CTU’s gift to the Labour Party, Carol Beaumont, has been working her networks to try to get Tim’s old job. One back room operator said “Jesus Cam she was useless as an MP, she never achieved a single thing, never raised a cent from donors and never got close to winning a seat that should have been Labour’s. The only person worse for the role than Carol is her horrible husband.”    Read more »

Judith Tizard factor strikes again

Just as things are quietening down for David Cunliffe’s wife, Karen Price, an ex Labour MP that knows about being an outcast chimes in giving the story another lot of oxygen for the news cycle

One of the Cunliffe family’s closest friends says Karen Price’s online attacks were deeply out of character.

Former Labour Party MP Judith Tizard defended David Cunliffe’s wife yesterday, saying she was “an extremely able and decent human being”.

She said Ms Price’s decision to set up an anonymous Twitter account last week to criticise journalists and MPs was an indication of the stress that families of prominent politicians faced.

“Any public statement is out of character [for her]. Karen is a very private person and I can only assume that she was driven to it.

Thanks for assuming.   Just like a lot of current Labour Party MPs assume it was David Cunliffe that goaded his wife to run some hits on his behalf.   Read more »

Labour MPs “not fit for purpose” – Trotter

Chris Trotter laments the situation the Labour party finds itself in.

He has decided that the current Labour MPs are “not fit for purpose”.

Which is a fine sentiment, but misses the point that if he finds them unfit for purpose then there is little reason at all to vote for them, or for the Labour party.

Has Labour ever been so hopelessly lost? Has the path to electoral victory ever been so obscured? Starting from where they are now, how can they possibly get to where they need to be on 20 September?

What is it? What is making it so hard for David Cunliffe and his party to get any sort of political traction?

The answer lies in Labour’s caucus. Not only is a majority of the caucus profoundly unhappy with Cunliffe as their leader, it is also profoundly at odds with the Labour Party members who elected him. Labour’s MPs are torn between their desire to occupy the Treasury benches – and thus be free of the Party’s influence – and the realisation that even becoming the government would only postpone the confrontation with the party that Cunliffe’s election made inevitable.

Expressing the problem with maximum brutality: most of Labour’s present crop of MPs are not fit for purpose. A handful are holdovers from the Rogernomics Era – and thus reminders of the very worst period in Labour’s history. More are the products of Helen Clark’s personal intervention in the candidate selection process; followers of a career-path that began in the student unions (or MFAT) and ended on the Prime Minister’s floor of the Beehive. The remainder are what emerges from the deeply compromised horse-trading that assembles Labour’s Party List – burnt out trade unionists and identity politicians.

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Manufacturing Clark’s history

Helen Clark does so like to re-visit and re-edit her history, aided and abetted by an unquestioning and ill-informed media.

She has recently given a nice soft cosy interview to Channel Nine in Australia where this claim was made:

Having led the Labour Party without barely a whisper of a coup for six years in opposition and then nine years as Prime Minister, human resources at the UN could hardly argue that credential.

Oh rly?

Is that what she told the hapless Channel Nine reporter? I don’t see where he’d have got it from otherwise… he wouldn’t have the background knowledge of NZ politics.

And then Fairfax repeat it unquestioningly… probably because there isn’t anyone there who’s older than 12.

I’m sure readers don’t really need reminding, but if you do:

Fifteen years ago, Helen Clark stared down a party coup mounted by her eventual successor, Phil Goff. But her victory came at a huge price for Labour. Phil Quin, one of the plotters, offers an insider’s account.

About six weeks before Helen Clark finally cemented her grip on NZ Labour – one which she maintains to this day, even in absentia – I had finally convinced Phil Goff to topple her.

[…]  Read more »

Helicopter Hater Update: Vern’s Vendetta

Readers will know all about arts luvvie and Labour Party activist Vern Walsh.  He is to troughing what Jesse Owens is to athletics, Mohammed Ali is to boxing, Sir Don Bradman is to cricket, and Babe Ruth is to baseball.  A man with his snout so deeply in the trough, he’s made it all the way to Spain.

Vern is the chairman of the Auckland Council’s dodgy funding board that has cut funding to the Auckland rescue helicopter service by over $1,000,000 or 70% to give to Dame Rosanne Meo’s philharmonia.

He’s the guy who admitted to Sean Plunket that the board doesn’t have any criteria about what to fund and not.  They just make it up as they go along.  And they are careful not to have any register of what free arts tickets they get or their other troughing.

But Vern’s not content with just cutting the helicopter funding he controls.  Now he’s trying to stop anyone else from funding the rescue helicopter either.

My deep-cover spies in the Mayor’s Office report that Vern has been making a nuisance of himself, hanging around the Ngati Whatua Room, ever since his councillors made him realise Aucklanders wouldn’t stand for their rescue helicopter being cut to fund more $85,000 arts junkets.

When the mayor managed to fit him in on Wednesday, Vern tried to tell him it would be illegal for the council to fund the rescue helicopter service.  Not even Brown fell for that.

So it looks like Vern skulked off for a leak to the Horrid.   Read more »

Meet Helicopter Hater #2 – Anita Killeen


Helicopter hater Anita Killeen (with husband Simon Vannini), leaving Auckland District Court in December 2012 after pleading guilty to forgery but being discharged without conviction on grounds of temporary insanity.

You couldn’t make this up!

The second instalment of Whaleoil’s exclusive “meet the helicopter haters” features, introducing the members of Judith Tizard’s Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, was charged in November 2011 with forgery, damaging a computer system and two counts of using a forged document … and was only discharged without conviction in December 2012 after pleading guilty on grounds of temporary insanity!

She’s Anita Killeen.

That’s right.  One of board members who decide whether the Auckland Philharmonia needs money for a new Double Bass or the Auckland Rescue Helicopter needs it for spare parts only escaped up to 10 years in jail because she told the court she was irrational, forgetful and obsessive!  Read more »

Meet Helicopter hater #1: Candis Craven

Helicopter hater Candis Craven (that is her real name), second from right, with partner, arts critic John Daly-Peoples, at a gala evening of the New Zealand Opera, funded by the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

Helicopter hater Candis Craven (that is her real name), second from right, with partner, arts critic John Daly-Peoples, at a gala evening of the New Zealand Opera, funded by the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

Len Brown’s henchmen have sent Victor the Cleaner into the offices of Judith Tizard’s dodgy arts funding board, the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board.  The secret register that would tell us which arts luvvie has taken how many free tickets to which string quartet, new-age play or high-pitched opera is getting the acid.

But the mayor’s people aren’t stopping there.  Already arts luvvie and helicopter hater Candis Craven (that is her real name) has been forced from left her roles at the New Zealand Contemporary Arts Trust and the Auckland Arts Fair Trust.

The tipline tells us that the announcement was made just before rescue helicopter chairman, Blues owner and all-round good bloke Murray Bolton made his accusations of corruption at the funding board’s meeting this morning.

Of course, the funding board still hasn’t released its secret register of gifts and inducements.  It is now saying no register of gifts and inducements even exists.  That’s probably true now Victor has turned up.  But it still doesn’t explain why the funding board has cut the rescue helicopter’s funding by $1 million and put the money into the orchestra.   Read more »

Judith Tizard set up dodgy funding board with secret Gifts and Inducements Register

All these years after being beaten by Nikki Kaye, Judith Tizard continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.  In more ways than one.

It turns out it was Tizard that set up the dodgy “Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board” that has been cutting and holding back funding from essential rescue services like Surf Lifesaving, the Coastguard and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to funnel into the opera, the theatre and the orchestra.

What happened was this: Helen Clark wanted a way of funnelling money to the arts without politicians getting a say so got Judith to set up the board.  But National’s Wayne Mapp said National would only support the legislation – the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act 2008 – if essential rescue services were also included.

The board members are mostly all Labour Party thespian luvvies and we’ll have more to say about them soon enough.

They have never wanted surf lifesavers, coastguard volunteers or rescue helicopter pilots and medics to get funding they think should go to flautists, sopranos and people who play pretend on the stage for a living.

Parliament initially said what each of the services should get – it was $1,500,000 each for the biggies, the orchestra and the rescue helicopter.

Since then, the board has cut money from the helicopter trust for its essential rescue service to give to the orchestra for new harps and pianos.

Here’s the funding graphs:

funding Read more »

Is Cunliffe NZ’s Kevin Rudd?

Andrea Vance looks at David Cunliffe and whether or not he is our own version of Kevin Rudd.

It was the defining moment of the 2011 election campaign. Under the blinding heat of stage lights, the then Labour leader Phil Goff faltered as Prime Minister John Key goaded: “Show me the money.”

Key had identified a $14 billion hole in the Opposition’s bold plans to introduce a capital gains tax and make KiwiSaver compulsory, all while rebalancing the economy.

Floundering, Goff could only promise his finance spokesman would explain the costings at a later date. The leaders’ debate was lost to Key, and Labour’s campaign never really recovered from the impression they were pushing expensive, uncosted policies.

The party went on to suffer its worst defeat in decades. And in the minds of some MPs, one man was at least partly to blame: the numbers man, and former Cabinet minister, David Cunliffe.

The New Lynn MP claimed to be ill, at home that November night. But conspiracy theories mounted: some were convinced the ambitious Cunliffe had deliberately left his boss hanging.  Read more »