Judith Tizard

Scum List MP pretending to have an electorate, Neigh you’re not

I don’t much like most scum List MPs. They don’t even like themselves always trying to win a seat.

Nothing make me madder with scum List MPs though than when they pretend they represent a local area…like Jacinda Ardern


List MP pretending to represent an electorate

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Judy T to make come back?

Cactus Kate has busted Socialist Cindy with a recycled story and supposes that the ultimate recycling may occur in Auckland Central:

In response to facepalming at Jacinda Ardern’s puff piece in New Idea, I have been alerted by a Fairfax Group staffer to this article on Ardern and her caravan gimmick.

It was first reported in May 2011.  Almost identically using the Topp Twins angle.

Slightly less glam photo shoot than the New Idea.  Even the weather was appalling.

Labour do not just re-launch failed policy in different wrapping, they are now re-launching their gimmicks in a desperate attempt to get profile.  Any profile but their actual policy.

Good lord, the ultimate recyclers. Looks like Fran Mold has bombed another.

Ms Topp puts the interest down to Kiwis’ love of nostalgia.

“We still have this absolute romance with all things old.

The return of Judith Tizard?

At least she could actually win Auckland Central.

Labour hypocrites


Labour are all outraged because Maggie Barry told the truth about Jacinda Ardern. Labour though aren’t pure when it comes to sledging women about children. Instead of sledging women for not having children, they instead sledge them because they have children. Judith Collins pointed this out in her speech during the third reading debate on the Families Commission Bill when Labour were attacking Katherine Rich in the house for “abandoning her children”:

JUDITH COLLINS (National—Clevedon): It is great to hear from the Hon Steve Maharey that he is now listening to us and is starting to agree with us. I say to that member over there, Jill Pettis, and her colleague Judith Tizard—who all the way through the last debate on this bill screamed across the House at my colleague Mrs Katherine Rich: “Go home to your kids!”— “Thank you so much, the voice of feminism.”

Judith Tizard even said to Katherine Rich in her speech that at least she had never abandoned her children…of course Judith Tizard had never had any children to care for or even “abandon” as Labour likes to describe working mums.

Txts from New York

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Ain’t life a bitch

Steve Chadwick is finding it hard adjusting to life as a constituent after Todd McClay handed her an electoral spanking.

Judy T is Facebooking her and she is whining about having to look for a job and handing back her iPad and laptop. It certainly looks like she is living Labour’s slogan nice and hard.

What was it that Helen Clark said once? Oh that’s right…”Diddums!”

An apology to Judith?

Cactus Kate certainly thinks that Labour should apologise to Judith Tizard and the numbers back her up:

In 2008 the Greens didn’t openly assist at all and Tizard was allegedly deserted by her own supporters but with specials to count, Tizard is outpolling on raw numbers against Ardern 13,180 to 11,823. Even if on specials Ardern passes this mark it is quite clear the vote swapping that was orchestrated in the Labour-Greens dirty deal. Kaye has kicked her arse all over the electorate.

Of more importance, Ardern, in an effort to win the seat for herself by co-operation with the Greens oversaw a disastrous plummet in Labour list vote from Tizard’s 12,166 (34.55%) to Ardern’s 7,125 (26.04%). Such tactics nationwide of candidate over party largely attributed to Labour not picking up extra MP’s and pressuring the National lead.

Labour therefore owe Judith Tizard a huge apology.

Goff Memories – Episode 13

Txt from New York

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Text from New York

Has John Key sold out Nikki Kaye?

Under pressure from the right, John Key has changed his policy on emissions from farm animals and is talking about exempting agriculture from the ETS.

Agriculture looks likely to get a free pass out of the emissions trading scheme if National is re-elected, despite generating about half of the country’s carbon emissions.

Labour pledged at the weekend to bring forward agriculture’s introduction into the scheme, but Prime Minister John Key said yesterday that agriculture would not be “thrown to the wolves” if other countries did not get on board.

In doing so he will likely alienate a lot of urban liberals, the type of people that threw out Judith Tizard and replaced her with Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central. The yummy mummies and chardonnay socialists in Ponsonby will likely be re-evaluating their vote for National and Nikki Kaye if National change their commitments to the ETS.

Judith Tizard on…well…Judith Tizard

There is an article in the Herald on Sunday this morning by Judith Tizard. There are:

Forty uses of the word “I”
Ten uses of the word “I’d”
Fourteen uses of the word “my”

So then, what’s the article really about?