#s92a Victory

National has announced that s92a, Judith Tizard’s ill conceived sop to big business, is as dead as Tizards political career.

Prime Minister John Key has announced that the government will throw out the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies) Act and start again.

Commerce and justice minister Simon Power will now meet with officials and rewrite the Section 92A (S92) of the Act from the ground up.

“Section 92a is not going to come into force as originally written. We have now asked the minister of commerce to start work on a replacement section,” the prime minister said.

No timeframe has been set for amending S92.

Well done, listening to your citizens rather than ramming through ideologically inspired stupid laws.


Spend tax cut or give it to the needy: PM

Spend tax cut or give it to the needy: PMJohn Key wants people who don’t need to spend their upcoming tax cuts to donate them to charity, a step he hopes will help develop an American-style culture of giving. The next round of tax cuts, due in a fortnight, will give workers… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Key once again gets it right and Phil What’s ‘is name coughs up another whinge about Tory Charity. Labour just can’t help but sneer and snipe and moan. They must have bloody lessons in envy.

Of course Phil Goff doesn’t look to see where John Key made his comments. He was speaking at the Philanthropy new Zealand conference so of course he was going to talk about giving, that is what philanthropy is.

Goff probably thought it was a conference the origins of people with the name Phil.


That's a big nozzle you have there Prime Minister

Caption Contest anyone??


PM's Slip Offends 30 Million

Scoop: PM's Slip Offends 30 Million

Helen Clark is not having a good week so far. Lets check the score.

  • Annette King has embarrassed her through her husband, whitewash in progress.
  • Fiji driven into arms of Chinese
  • Poll show Labour still copping a flogging, so spin about smacking debate hurting them proven to be b.s.
  • Poll shows that she is still not the fairest in the land

And now to top it all off she has offended 30 million sufferers of Leprosy with her intemperate remarks over Fiji.

[quote]?This is shockingly inappropriate ?indicating that Bainimarama will be ?treated like a leper? is degrading and insulting to the millions of people, who through no fault of their own, have or have had leprosy,? David Hall has said in a statement.

?Stigma such as this not only makes it more difficult for people to come forward for treatment, it often leads to human rights abuses. People affected by leprosy should be treated the same as everyone else ? they are no different. We would not describe someone who has had measles as ?a measle? so why should people affected by leprosy be described as ?lepers??"

?Prime Minister Clark is promoting stigma and discrimination by using the word ?leper? when she means that Bainimarama will be ostracised by the South Pacific leaders.?

New Zealand is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states in article 7: ?All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.?

?We demand an apology to those 30 million people who have been affected by leprosy and that she never use the word ?leper? again. ?[/quote]

Yeeah, bitch, apologise and then resign.

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PM puts SOEs on notice of social responsibility obligations

PM puts SOEs on notice of social responsibility obligationsThe Prime Minister has served warning on the country's state-owned enterprises that the Government intends monitoring whether they are fulfilling their legal obligation to behave as socially responsible businesses.Since the death… [NZ Politics]

Just because one fat islander eats herself to death we now have the great big nanny state stepping in to monitor and of course backing that is the threat of regulation.

For pete's sake hasn't the old crone worked out that all that welfare isn't working…..the poor are still poor and the rich are getting richer, same ole, same ole. The electorate has worked it out and that is why Labour is fucked.?


Prime Minister ducks questions in parliament

It used to be that Helen Clark was in-vulerable in parliament. That is the case no more. Rather than face questions she hurries her way out and leaves the Minister for Responsible for Carrying the Can to answer the questions. She of course was slaughtered by Chris Finlayson.

[quote]11. CHRISTOPHER FINLAYSON (National) to the Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage: Does she stand by the Prime Minister?s statement that the Government ?is honouring another election promise to examine international developments relating to resale royalties for artists and their possible application to New Zealand??

Hon JUDITH TIZARD (Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage): As the joint issuer of that statement and on behalf of the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, yes, in 2005 the Labour Party, as part of its arts, culture, and heritage election manifesto, stated that it would examine developments internationally relating to resale royalties for visual artists and their possible application to New Zealand. Two weeks ago, on 16 April, the Government released a discussion paper inviting feedback on options for a resale royalty right. Submissions on this discussion paper close on 22 June and these submissions will assist the Government?s consideration of a possible resale royalty right scheme for visual artists.

Christopher Finlayson: Can the Minister tell the House whether royalties will be paid to the person who painted the artwork or the person who signed the artwork?

Hon JUDITH TIZARD: I suggest to all members interested in this issue that they look at the discussion paper and have a submission in by 22 June, when the Government will consider the matter.

Peter Brown: On a little bit more serious note, is the Minister aware that many New Zealanders are of the belief that when a homeowner sells a painting to another homeowner a royalty will have to be paid; and, if this is the case, will the Minister explain how it will be policed and by whom?

Hon JUDITH TIZARD: I suggest to all members that they read the discussion paper. The issue about whether private sales are dealt with is covered there. The issue remains that when a painting is sold commercially, the dealer gallery gets a cut, the auctioneer gets a cut, and there is a practice in over 50 countries around the world that the artist?s copyright is also recognised. It is more a royalty and intellectual property right than a commission.

Christopher Finlayson: Has the Minister received any advice from Crown Law on what criminal offence would be committed by someone obtaining monetary reward from resale royalties in circumstances where that person had signed an artwork she did not create?

Madam SPEAKER: I think that is fairly broad of the general question, but I call the Minister.

Hon JUDITH TIZARD: No, and particularly when no money was sought by anyone signing a particular work, of course no royalty would apply.

Christopher Finlayson: If it transpires that an artist?s works are devoid of any artistic merit so that they end up being resold for a pittance?or indeed are valueless?would the artist be required to pay compensation under a resale royalty scheme?

Hon JUDITH TIZARD: I am very concerned that a speaker who claims to be interested in the arts is trivialising an important intellectual property debate. All I would say is that I would rather trust the Prime Minister?s artistic taste than that of most members of the National Party.[/quote]

Sheez aren't they just a tad sensitive about painting and artwork?

Labour drops again in the polls

The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll has Labour dropping again.

Labour 37 down 2

National 46

Winston First 2 and oblivion

Greens 7

UF 2 same as for Winston First

Maori 3


Preferred PM

Helen Clark 32

John Key 29 up 2% and gaining on Clark

This poll does not take into consideration the move to put the Clark Section 59 repeal into urgency.

But of course it is not all bad. Is It Tony?

Michael Cullen caught lying to the House

Michael cullen is normally more quick witted than this, but today he got well and truly caught lying to the house and all while he was trying to make smart remarks about John key and his international business experience.
[quote]John Key: If the Prime Minister has so much confidence in Damien O’Connor and the Department of Corrections, why has she announced a review of the department “because she is concerned about the overall operation of the system”—what are her reasons?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: One of those issues is clear. In 1995 the then National Government split the Department of Corrections and the Department for Courts from the Ministry of Justice. The member, of course, was overseas at the time, and was therefore unaware of that.

John Key: Could the Prime Minister explain what the difference is between a structural review and a back-down and a U-turn, because on this side of the House this looks exactly like a back-down and a U-turn?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: For a man who has adopted flip-flops as his symbol, that is an extraordinary question to put in this House. The member, of course, is part of a party that separated the Department of Corrections out from the Ministry of Justice when it was in Government. The National Party is the party that has flip-flopped; Labour never supported that separation in the first place.

Then later just before Question 6 the bombshell.

SIMON POWER (National—Rangitikei): I seek leave to table—[Interruption]

Madam SPEAKER: Do members want to remain in this House or not? They know that when a member is seeking leave there should be no interruptions.

SIMON POWER: I seek leave to table the Hansard from 15 June 1995, when Paul Swain indicated to the House that the Labour Opposition would be supporting the Department of Justice (Restructuring) Bill—contrary to what Dr Cullen said earlier today.

Madam SPEAKER: Leave is sought to table that document. Is there any objection? There is objection.

SIMON POWER: I seek leave to table the Hansard from 28 June 1995 on the third reading of the same bill, where the Hon Trevor Mallard said:“We took the advice of our justice spokesperson who was supportive of the Bill. On that basis the Opposition caucus is supporting the legislation.”

Leave granted.[/quote]

Caught red handed, Cullen is now a proven liar, step up and join the Prime Minister on the liars platform.

Labour behind and Key sneaking up on Clark

The latest One News/Colmar Brunton is all bad news for Labour.

It looks like the Hollowmen was worth about 3 points only. national leads Labour 46% – 39%.

Also Key is seriously intruding on Clark’s popular and competent label by squeaking in behind her 32% Preferred PM on 27%. That is margin of error stuff.


Couln't be 15,000, no evidence….

Or so said she who must be obeyed.

Well Prime Minister I stand corrected, you were right, there aren’t 15,000 kids going to school hungry.

There are 80,000!!!!.

And this time you suck faced cow it is your own government figures that are hanging you.

Now deny there is a problem….you can’t.