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Oh dear, look who is at the bottom of the list

Readers Digest has released their “Most Trusted” list of Kiwis…and predictably Willie Apiata is at the top of the list.

Politicians are as trustworthy as sex workers and Willie Apiata, VC, is – again – the most trusted of all New Zealanders, according to an annual survey on the country’s most trusted people and professions.

The 10th annual New Zealand Reader’s Digest Trust Survey revealed a skew towards sports stars and emergency service workers as those whom Kiwis put the most faith in.

Mr Apiata took out the top spot as the most trusted of 100 well-known Kiwis, followed by Northland doctor and champion of Maori health care Lance O’Sullivan and All Blacks captain Richie McCaw.

But look who is at the bottom of the list:

99. Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur
100. Hone Harawira, Mana Party leader

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Standard smears wrong

The Labour Party lap-blog The Standard has spent the day smearing Michael Lord Ashcroft and unwittingly also defamed him.

They have a post alleging he was in Wellington and provided photographic evidence of the same. Slight problem for them though, the planes are different. Way different.

Dave at Big News pointed out their little fantasy to them and got himself banned. Perhaps Helen’s narcissism is catching.The problem the Standard has is that their “John Key is a crook” meme is destroyed by the inconvenient fact that Michael Lord Ashcroft wasn’t in Wellington and the planes apart from being painted differently are in fact different planes, with different tail numbers. They lie as much as their Dear Leader and their “astute reader” is in fact a dunce. The plane in the Standard phot is a Dassault Falcon 7X and th plane that is in fact Michael Lord Ashcroft’s is a Dassault Falcon 900EX. Same family different models, different number of windows, different tail numbers. The Standard once again is proven wrong.

The Standard’s fake “Ashcroft” plane

Standard lies again

Michael Lord Ashcroft’s real plane

Michael Lord Ashcroft's plane in Auckland


Is Clark using SIS to spy on National?

This is interesting:

Michael Lord Ashcroft arrives in NZ on a private visit. TV3 have the exclusive on it. The Labour lap-blog The Standard doesn’t blog it immediately, but give it eighteen hours before they do. When they do blog it, the blog posts are written by all_your_base, who as we know, is Chris Elder who works in the Prime Minister’s office as her online communications adviser.

Here we have all_your_base (Chris Elder) producing photos supposedly “sent in by a reader”. The photo looks like it was obtained from a security camera, who would have such access to security camera footage? So here we have somebody in Ministerial Services–in the Prime Minister’s office–in receipt of an image of Michael Lord Ashcroft’s plane in Wellington on Saturday. How would anyone other than legal authoroties have access to immigration details and security camera footage.

The next day, on the Sunday, the plane is in Auckland, and is filmed by TV3. On the Monday, John Key is ambushed with a series of questions about Michael Lord Ashcroft’s visit.

This takes place the same weekend that the Prime Minister accuses her own government’s Serious Fraud Office of leaking information about its inquiry into the New Zealand First Party, to the National Party.

Will Duncan Garner confirm that his “scoop” of Michael Lord Ashcroft’s visit to New Zealand was not cunning, honest investigative journalism on his part, but the result of a leak from the Prime Minister’s office, which the PM has used to make allegations about illegal funding of the national party, on no evidence, for no other reason than to divert attention from her complicity in New Zealand First’s illegal activities?

It is also the same Duncan Garner that received the National party secret recordings. So Duncan Garner is receiving secretly obtained recordings and information that only legal authorities could have access to from sources unknown. Duncan’s own words on the tpe say how well briefed he was. Interesting choice of words there.

Is Helen Clark using the state apparatus to monitor the activities of person of interest to the Labour Party, including the National Party leader? And is her office passing that information to media in her desperate attempt to smear and slur everyone and everything to distract from the astounding allegations of corruption that are befalling her government?

Clark: Money surely behind Key and Ashcroft meeting

Clark: Money surely behind Key and Ashcroft meetingThe Prime Minister says the New Zealand public should not take National leader John Key at his word that money was off the agenda when he met British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft. [3 News Politics]

The narcissism is really showing now as Helen Clark slings mud, poo and anything else she can get her grubby, corruption tainted hands on. She now says that John Key’s word cannot be trusted with respect to his answers over a meeting with Michael Lord Ashcroft.

So the Prime Minister expects us to believe her, a proven forger, liar and holder of secrets for 6 months, when she accepts the word of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode without a bye or leave and not trust John Key’s word.

Why does she not believe John Key’s word but believes the word of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode?

The woman is mad, and showing it.