Julian Assange

From Hero to Zero: wikileaks founder reveals the dirt on the wrong people

Views of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have changed in reaction to him revealing dirt on the ” wrong ” people. He had the lefts’ support and fawning admiration when he was dishing the dirt on their enemies but now that wikileaks?has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s election loss, many have turned on him. Some on the right are now embracing him. It seems that if a criminal hacker/whistleblower reveals information that helps one political side they are going to support him because it helps their cause.

In New Zealand the left talk about Nicky Hager and Rawshark with admiration but it would not take much to turn them against them. All it would take is a hack on Labour and a ” whistleblower ” book. The bottom line is that support for a hacker/whistleblower comes from ” who ” the stolen information hurts, not the actual criminal act itself.

It?s not that unusual for a public figure to go from hero to villain. But going from villainy to heroism? That?s a tougher road to traverse.

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and central figure, has managed to do both over the last few months, culminating in a remarkable embrace by the president-elect and two longtime critics on the American right, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin.

…Has Assange changed, or is his rehabilitation on the right, and his loss of esteem on the left, simply a factor of political exigencies within the United States? The answer is a little bit of both.

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Julian Assange reckons Hillary will be arrested with his next email dump


Julian Assange says that Hillary Clinton will be arrested as a result of his next email dump.

Truth Revolt reports:

It’s been a devastating Friday for the Hillary Clinton campaign. First, the FBI re-opened the investigation into her e-mail scandal and now, Julian Assange has promised that what?s in the next batch of e-mails to be published to Wikileaks will lead to her arrest.

Since the first week of October, there have been 21 batches released totaling 35,594 e-mails. According to a message on Twitter, there are more than 50,000 remaining.

In a broadcast for Russia Today, a London reporter said, ?Assange will be releasing more material in what he says will provide enough evidence to see Hillary Clinton arrested.? ? Read more »

Has Google broken their own motto?

Google’s motto is ‘Don’t be Evil‘.

But it appears that they might just be…evil.

Google?s autocomplete search results favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump when someone attempts to find out how they can vote for either candidate. Trump?s name is completely omitted from the autocomplete results.

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Hacking to affect politics again, as predicted by Dotcom and announced by Assange

As I said previously, in hindsight, my hack was just one of the first of what is now becoming a standard way to sabotage political campaigns.

Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing website, counted on by millions to call out the dirty birds who hold far too much power in our country. Assange says that his next leak will be so damaging for Hillary Clinton, that not only should she no longer be eligible to be President, but she should be arrested and indicted.

According to Assange, he has ?enough evidence? for the Department of Justice to indict Hillary Clinton regarding her handling of classified information, which includes directing her staff to remove ?classified? labels from emails as a way to casually send pertinent and delicate information via an unsecured public server.

Assange says that, while he believes that some of the rules regarding classified information are silly, he also knows that Hillary Clinton, as well as President Obama, has pushed to get people who break those rules prosecuted for such crimes.

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Let Assange rot in his embassy prison

Swedish prosecutors have requested permission to question Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean embassy in London over rape allegations, and are waiting for a response, the Prosecution Authority said.

“It is not possible to estimate when we will receive an answer,” the prosecution authority said in a statement. It said the request was submitted recently, but did not specify when.

Questioning will be carried out by Chief District Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren and a police investigator.

Assange, 44, took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London in June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over allegations, which he denies, that he committed rape in 2010.

Assange says he fears Sweden will extradite him to the United States, where he could be put on trial over WikiLeaks’ publication of classified military and diplomatic documents, one of the largest information leaks in US history.

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Does Edward Snowden have blood on his hands?

Personally I think the gutless little traitor does have blood on his hands. His stolen documents and his work alongside Julian Assange have actually killed people.

Worse their actions set back the West and their capabilities for several years while the Russians, Chinese and Islamic enemies carried on regardless.

New Zealand’s spy agencies are encountering an increasing amount of “dark communications” that they can’t monitor, Prime Minister John Key says.

The weekend killings in Paris have raised questions around interception capabilities and Mr Key says Islamic State has become better at knowing what forms of communication can and can’t be monitored.

“The amount of ‘dark communications’ that can’t be monitored by our agencies is increasing,” he told reporters in Vietnam, where he is leading a trade mission. ?? Read more »

When they act like spies they will be treated like it

Julian Assange is having a whinge about being treated like a criminal.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has urged journalists to use regular postal services to thwart government spying.

“My recommendation, for people who don’t have 10 years’ experience in cryptography, is to return to old methods (and) use the traditional postal service,” Assange said in an interview published on Saturday.

“Journalists are treated by intelligence services as spies,” he told the Belgian daily Le Soir. “The same methods used against spies are used against journalists, and now journalists must learn counter-espionage methods to protect their sources.” ?? Read more »

Scumbag protestors shut down first bit of openness and transparency from the GCSB

Far left protesters have been wanting more openness from spy agencies ?and when the head of the GCSB is invited by the Privacy Commissioner to give a speech about what it the GCSB actually does, you know, in the interests of transparency, protestors then move to shut down that transparency?by shouting down the speaker.

The acting head of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) says it is disappointing her planned speech this afternoon was hijacked by protesters as she was going to reveal operational details never previously discussed.

Una Jagose was about to deliver an address to a Privacy Commission technology forum at the National Library in Wellington when two anti-GCSB protesters unfurled a banner in front of the podium and refused to move.

One man from the audience appealed to the two women to allow Ms Jagose to speak, as that was what they were there to hear, but the protesters said they intended to remain for the duration of the speech.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards then decided to cancel the event.

Afterwards Ms Jagose said the agency had heeded public calls for greater transparency.

“Protests are a legitimate part of the democracy that we live in and I like the democracy that we live in – so is the work that the bureau does, a legitimate part of the democracy we live in,” she said.

“So it was a shame that one stopped the other from going ahead today.”

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UN intern faked his predicament, admits it to lefty website

All the media were a flutter about David Hyde, the poor fool who accepted an unpaid internship in Geneva working for the UN and then whinged like a hooker who hasn’t been paid when he couldn’t find accommodation.

Turns out the publicity was a scam, a little stunt by this fool in order to garner sympathy and score some free accommodation for him and his equally bludgy?girlfriend.

With attitudes like that they just have to be lefties…the fact he wanted to work for the UN suggests that, but so too is his choice of outlet to fess up…the enablers of Julian Assange and the traitor Edward Snowden.

A young unpaid Kiwi intern at the United Nations who caused an uproar after he was reportedly living in a tent has admitted to arranging a publicity stunt.

David Hyde, 22, was offered somewhere to stay after Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve photographed him in his suit in front of the tent he was camping in on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Today Mr Hyde told The Intercept website he and his girlfriend had planned ahead to alert media to his living arrangement.

“I looked up some studios and room shares to see the sorts of prices I would be paying in Geneva and it was clear that it would be too expensive for me,” Mr Hyde told The Intercept. ?? Read more »

Aujourd’hui en France: Uber and Assange

Those Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys are a funny lot.

“Uber has decided to immediately suspend UberPOP in France,” the US company said in a statement on Friday (local time), adding that it was waiting for a ruling on whether the service is legal, which is due by September.

UberPOP puts customers in touch with private drivers at budget prices.

It has angered taxi drivers who say it represents unfair competition because the UberPOP drivers do not face the same regulations and pricing restrictions.

Protests turned violent last week, with cars set alight and reports of UberPOP passengers being attacked.

The decision to suspend the service “follows the acts of violence of the past two weeks”, Uber said in the statement.

UberPOP was made illegal in January, but the law has proved difficult to enforce and the service has continued to operate. The law is currently being reviewed by the Constitutional Court.

Two Uber bosses were arrested this week and will go on trial in September, charged with “misleading commercial practices, complicity in the illegal exercise of the taxi profession and illegal use of private data”, the Paris prosecutor said.

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