Julian Blanchard

Jo Goodhew is so good no one wants to stand against her

No one in Labour has the courage to take on Jo Goodhew:

The Labour Party is still without a candidate for the Rangitata electorate for this year’s general election.

A party spokesman said it had extended the deadline for another month after it did not receive any applications before the February 28 cut-off date.

Julian Blanchard stood unsuccessfully against incumbent Jo Goodhew of the National Party in 2008 and 2011, but has said he has no intention of standing this year.

Mrs Goodhew won by 8112 votes in 2008 and 6537 votes in 2011.

Isn’t it great not only are Labour struggling to find a?candidate in this district but the Greens aren’t standing anyone yet in Rangitata?either.

No one, it seems, wants to take one for the team…such as the team is.