Justice Minister Amy Adams

We need to repeal New Zealand’s blasphemy law

It is my belief that authoritarian countries have and enforce blasphemy laws so imagine my shock when I found out that New Zealand has a blasphemy law. So far it has only been used once to prosecute ?British poet Siegfried Sassoon in 1922 for these closing lines.

O Jesus, send me a wound to-day,

And I’ll believe in Your bread and wine,

And get my bloody old sins washed white!

Luckily for Sassoon the jury returned a verdict of not guilty with a rider: “That similar publications of such literature be discouraged”.

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Phil “baldy” Smith’s Brazil trip finally has produced some good

via Radiolive

via Radiolive

Offenders will soon be identified by fingerprints and facial recognition rather than name-based records, under a bill introduced in response to Phillip Smith’s escape to Brazil.

The bill – which was introduced into Parliament today – is part of the government’s response to an inquiry into how Smith escaped prison and managed to fly to Brazil in November 2014. Read more »