Kafeba Pergoleze Alvis Mundele

Len’s panels not working, second member quits

One thing Len Brown used to do well was create the impression of consultation…that is one of the major reasons why he created panels like the?Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel.

Of course it all came to a head, so to speak, when it was revealed that one of his appointees was also his mistress.

Now it is just useless…and people are leaving telling media that it is a complete waste of ratepayers money.

A second member has quit.

Another member of the Auckland Council Ethnic People’s Advisory Panel has resigned, and the Herald understands at least two of the nine remaining panellists are on the verge of quitting.

Kafeba Pergoleze Alvis Mundele, one of only two on the panel who also served in the previous term, tendered his resignation at the weekend.

His resignation follows that of panel chairman Feroz Ali, who quit last week saying the panel was a “token” body, had no real status and that he was unhappy about what it was costing ratepayers. ? Read more »