Kaizuka Eatery and Garden Bar co-owner Dwayne Vaughan

Sob story on Stuff: reporters didn’t check facts

Today Stuff has a sob story about a Christchurch bar that has had to close due to Council policy wonks and the number of car parks they need.

The owners of a Christchurch bar locked in a stoush with the city council will close their doors with a “bitter taste” in their mouths on Sunday.

Kaizuka Eatery and Garden Bar co-owner Dwayne Vaughan remains embroiled in a dispute over the number of car parks on his site.

He said complying with the Christchurch City Council’s advice to hire a planner would be “admitting failure”.

“We’ve given staff notice that our last day is on Sunday. [It’s] gutting but you’ve got to move on,” he said.

It had not been decided whether the business would be sold, Vaughan said.   Read more »