Good one Tony….

I See Red: Sockburn Service Centre to Play Greater Role under 2021 Council

Tony Milne has seen the light and is trying to save the good citizens of Christchurch some money, well good for you Tony, it shows you have been listening…..oh wait he wants to still spend money, just not a hundred million, he wants instead to spend tens of millions.

Complete tosser.

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One mistake is all it takes

"One Mistake is all it takes", says Labour council candidate Tony Milne.

Yes Tony, how right you are.
After being outed as a nasty rumour-mongerer and forced to apologise on the net, plus having your leader (the canvas draped Spanish Galleon) apologise for you as well, one might well say "one mistake is all it takes".
Expect his blog to be closed down before voting papers are posted.

Sneaky Tony exposed

Sneaky Tony Milne has deleted the sentence in his post regarding "the persistent rumours about Bob Parker".


Unfortunately for Tony there is such a thing called the Google cache and it, conveniently for me and perhaps not so conveniently for Tony, exposes his little act of subterfuge. Click on the photo for a larger picture of Tony's little gaffe, underlined in red.

I see he's also added a comment that wasn't on the original post with a link to Megan Wood's burglary of her home. Fortunately for him the cache didn't have the original post. However the burglars will no doubt have used a pair of her enormous britches as a convenient swag bag. Apart from having to evict the small African village from their accomodation they could fit a DVD player, laptop, ipod and cradle, jewelry box and jellybean jar in there along with three spare tyres and a bumper pack of KFC.

UPDATE: Megan Woods was ripped off badly, especially where it must hurt….
[quote]"They stole alcohol, some money, cameras and went through the freezer and took some of the food," Dr Woods said.[/quote]
Oh the calamity!! She must have starved for a whole 30 minutes before hitting the speed dial for Pizza Hut.

Jordan pikes and now Tony is thinking of going out in sympathy

The Leftists are on the retreat.

Firstly it was Jordan sooking out and now fellow NZBU Special Needs member Tony Milne is having second thoughts about allowing free speech on his blog. He has already entered teh censorship realms by deleting some rather harsh but accurate comments from myself and also from honorary meber Insolent Prick.

As the Vice President for Life for Political Beatings and General Thuggery , I say go over to Tony's and make your thoughts known to him and assist him in? concentrating on his imminent election lossrather than being a mouth piece for the Government of Thieves.

Like all socialists they can dish out hate and vitriol but can barely take it.?

Perhaps not the image he was looking for

Tony Milne, hard working lickspittle for Labour has announced gleefully his tilt at embellishing his rather thin CV at the expense of Christchurch ratepayers.

He exhorts us all to go to www.tonymilne.org.nz or his myspace page www.myspace.com/tonymilne2007 or to join his facebook page.

Not being a child I had no idea what a "facebook" was so went along to find out.

Tony is probably wishing right now he hadn't created such a thing when as you can see from the image below we are encouraged to "Poke Him!"

No thanks.

Labour Lickspittle standing for council

I see Tony Milne is running for Council in Christchurch.?

Check out his campaign website: http://tonymilne.org.nz

Bully for him, but check out the language and pearlers on his website:

"About Tony Milne… – From a very young age I knew that life had something different in store for me"

"At 11 the Rotary Club honoured me with an award for service and leadership. At 12 I was elected Vice President of School Council. At 16 and 17 I was awarded as the best all-round (Cultural, Sporting, Academic) student."

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME, I don't think a single voter in Christchurch could care less that Tony Milne got himself elected Veep at his School at age 12.

"I want to bring power back to the people and away from the politics-as-usual bunch" (says a Labour hack who stood at the tender age of 21)

His whole blog is well worthy of a fisking…

Oh, and I love the fact that he has a donations-meter on the first page (only 5% so far!)

One thing missing from his site – not a single campaign promise on any concrete issue, like rates, private property rights, infrastructure or council services.

No mention of his team either – the website is all about Tony, but nary a skerrick of info about who the other person on the Chch2021 ticket is in Riccarton/Wigram.

His blog carries fawning adoration of a woman whose clothes could house whole african villages, and someone whose achievements are lightweight to say the least.

Tony is nothing but a Labour Lickspittle who does exactly what Helen demands.

Lying like flatfish

Labour through their lickspittle mouthpieces and the Greens continue to lie like flatfish about the effect of their Section 59 repeal Bill.

Jordan and Tony both spew the Politburo's talking points about the bill not banning smacking when in fact it clearly does.

The fact remains that when Sue Bradford was questioned whether it would be possible to smack children after her amended bill becomes law, the one Tony Milne has on his website, she said no.

Gooner (Nick) shows exactly how her bill bans smacking, through weasel words and deceit is how.

Fucking liars and frauds that's what they are.

Oh and another point, if the existing law already bans smacking then why are we even having this repeal when there is no need for it?


Quote of the week

The Quote of the week come from Labour Lickspittle Tony Milne in his article tryng to accuse national of being Right Wing Religious Extremist. Clearly this is the latest talking point from the ninth floor.

However Tony utters this complete and utter bollocks in his tirade against Christians. He even titles the post "The Party of Principles"…..ready, set, buckets.?

[quote]Thankfully Labour is a party of principles, not polls, and will take the side of the most vulnerable over the likes of Family First any day of the week.[/quote]

I think he probably mis-spelt prinicples and actually meant prinicpals given the large number of teachers in their caucus, but if he didn't lets examine some of those principles shall we.

  • Stealing (elections, public money)
  • Forgery
  • Defecation in Public places
  • Bashing peaceful protestors
  • Lying
  • Bashing school kids
  • Perving on School girls
  • BDSM
  • Ministerial non-responsibility
  • Obfuscation

Gee quite some list of principles there, Tony. Boy am I glad I have a Labour government, NOT!!!!

Lickspittle 2 vomits the party line as well

Labour lickspittle Tony Milne has joined the chorus of mudslingers spewing the bilious party line straight from Helens office.

He belittles himself by regurgitating the spin.


Hypocracy – definition

No it isn't a typo, Tony Milne has actually created the new word and Aaron Bhatnagar helpfully suggests a definition.

[quote]Tony said: "…I'm going to point out the hypocracy of those making that accusation."

"Hypocracy" – that's what you get when Labour mixes hypocrisy with democracy.

But indeed it would be a very interesting thing if, thanks to Tony's comments on this blog, people looked more into political closets. Particularly if it looked like Labour was committing hypocrisy.

Posted by: Aaron Bhatnagar | August 12, 2006 at 12:11 PM [/quote]