Karl Marx



Charging to view Karl Marx’ grave – excellent.

On a summer visit to the grave of Karl Marx, Ben Gliniecki found that he would have to pay ?4, or about $6, to pay respects to the man who sounded the death knell for private property.

Mr. Gliniecki, a Marxist, said no.

?Personally, I think it is disgusting,? the 24-year-old political activist said. ?There are no depths of irony, or bad taste, to which capitalists won?t sink if they think they can make money out of it.? ? Read more »

The lunatic wing of the Labour Party is still calling the shots

Ok so it isn’t the New Zealand Labour party, but they are all related…sort of a political cousin marriage thing.

Dan Hodges at the Telegraph looks at the lunatics in Labour:

So he made it. Jeremy Corbyn is on the leadership ballot. Bats??t crazy Labour is alive and well.

The cheers are already ringing around the Twittersphere. From the ?5/7 Truthers? who believe Labour?s defeat last month was the result of a failure to move too far and too fast to the Left. From Corbyn?s own opponents, the deputy leadership candidates and the mayoral candidates ? all of whom are casting a greedy eye in the direction of his supporters. And from the worthy proceduralists, who are praising the fact ?the party can now have a proper debate?.

Labour isn?t going to have a proper debate. Which is why Jeremy Corbyn is on the ballot in the first place. If Labour was having a proper debate, the sort of hard-Left politics espoused by him and his followers would already have been consigned to the dustbin of history. But the parliamentary Labour Party has opted to go rummaging through Michael Foot?s dustbin instead.

And only the Labour Party could have done this. Only the Labour Party could have contrived to greet the close of nominations for its leader with a raft of headlines about a candidate who is to the Left of Karl Marx and guaranteed not to win the contest.

Of course, that is not how most of the country will see it. Given the way most people catch their politics via peripheral vision, all they will process is ?Labour leader ? hard-Left candidate ? success?.

Just how much longer is Labour planning to carry on extracting the urine from the British people in this way? Five weeks ago the voters said for the second time in five years: ?Sorry, we?re not buying what you?re selling.? Labour?s response? ?Oh. Well, what about what Jeremy Corbyn is selling??

?But he won?t win?, say the Corbyn Quislings. No, he won?t. But he?s there. He?s on the ballot. Dan Jarvis isn?t on the ballot. Chuka Umunna isn?t on the ballot. Mary Creagh isn?t on the ballot. But Jeremy Corbyn is. That says something about the Labour Party in 2015.

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Greens are crazy the world over…and evil

We all know how crazy our Greens are. We also know that Green policies actually kill people, like the victims of Australian bushfires killed by Green policies preventing back-burning in cooler months.

The election int he Uk is proving interesting, mainly for two reason…the crazies of the UKIP and the really cray types in the Green party.

James Delingpole explains:

Many years ago, when I was a young diarist working for the Daily Telegraph?s Peterborough column, my bosses dispatched me to cover the Green Party conference. This wasn?t because I was particularly anti-Green at the time. Rather it was because, of all Peterborough?s staffers, I was known to be the one least interested in politics and the political process, so it seemed entirely appropriate to send me to the big joke event in the conference season, rather than to one of the more serious events.

The only thing I remember about the event was being inveigled into some fringe activity in which I was forced to participate with various Green delegates in some kind of non-competitive group bonding exercise where we all had to roll about on the floor. Someone let out the most repellent fart. It smelt evil but everyone present politely conspired to pretend that everything was normal. I sense something similar going on right now in the collective efforts of the media chattering classes to present the Green Party as a viable, vibrant and credible force in UK politics in the approach to the General Election.

Classic Delingpole sledging.

He continues to explain why he thinks they are evil and wrong.

Apparently the Green Party?s membership has now overtaken UKIP?s. I?m quite prepared to believe this but I think it says more about the fiendish zealotry of the sort of people attracted to environmental causes than it does about the Green Party itself. It?s not as though the Green Party has suddenly gone and recruited a brilliant, inspirational go-ahead new leader ? au contraire: see Nathalie Bennett, below ? nor as though it has undergone some manner of dramatic, Clause 4 style, policy reinvention.

Nope. It?s just that of all the parties, the Greens are the one whose target market accords most closely with the kind of people who flock to sign Change.Org petitions and join Twitter mobbings and go out on street demos (or better still, attend week-long protest camps where they can smoke dope, get to use the yurt and possibly get to rub shoulders with Vivienne Westwood). These people are signers, joiners, astroturfers. As a percentage of the population they are quite small but in terms of exerting political pressure they punch far above their weight by being highly committed and ? for a bunch of dope-smoking crusties ? surprisingly well organised. This Green Party membership surge is just another part of that strategy. I don?t believe that it will translate into anything significant at the polls.

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Labour – ‘lying and cheating are deep in its DNA’

Ok it is UK Labour but they are so similar to Labour here that the observations of Peter Oborne at The Telegraph are worth repeating.

The book can at last be closed on The Daily Telegraph investigation into the MPs? expenses scandal. More than 300 Members of Parliament have paid back wrongly claimed expenses. Several of the worst offenders have stood down from Parliament. Now that the former minister Denis MacShane has at last pleaded guilty to fraud, no further prosecutions are planned, and all criminal investigation is reported to have ceased.

But one puzzling question remains. Why is it that only Labour MPs have been found guilty of expenses fraud as a result of the Telegraph revelations?

Because thy are bent?

Yesterday?s decision by Mr MacShane (one of the most dishonest characters with whom I have ever had the misfortune to do business) brings to six the number of MPs who have been convicted or pleaded guilty. Not a single one is Tory, Lib Dem or from one of the nationalist parties. All six are Labour.

Some people will doubtless argue that the fact that only Labour MPs have been convicted is interesting but meaningless. I don?t think this can be true. Mathematicians tell us that the statistical probability against a coin coming up heads six times in a row is 64-1. In other words there is only one chance in 64 that Labour?s score of 6/6 was a coincidence.? Read more »

Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

13 September

Bad Day. That odious little prick Findlayson asked me if I could take him to meet Vlad and discuss furthering the rights of the worker across the world. Vlad’s a good man, he has had to be a bit harder on the workers than he would like, but when we last met he was very proud of himself. He had just advanced workers rights by making the Knout illegal.

Was in such a bad mood I rang up those rednecks at Fish and Game and told them to piss off. Felt better. Called Helen and asked if we could go to pay our respects at Marx?s grave when we go to the IWW?conference later in the year. She said she would see whether her ?shed fund? had enough in it for a few days in London. She is such a saint. I am sure she will find the money.

Channeling Marx

In a departure from his usual channeling of Groucho Marx, in his maiden speech Kris Fa’afoi instead channeled Karl Marx.

From the failed policies of Eastern Europe and Asia, “Forrest” Fa’afoi runs with the classic line showing his real ideological stripes.

When he visited Tokelau in 2003 he saw the villagers catch fish for the village and divide it according to need.

“That concept lies at the heart of Labour Party values.”

Succinctly put in pasefika terms, what he really meant was “From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his needs.

I wonder if Kris met Karl at Maccas?

Trotter gives Malcolm a slap

Chris Trotter has given Malcolm Harbrow a right good slapping, a slapping he richly deserves.

IT?S ALWAYS PUZZLED ME that a man of “Idiot Savant?s” dogmatic certitude should be such a wuss.

With the “Comments” function of his No Right Turn blog safely switched off, Mr Savant hurls down rhetorical thunderbolts upon the heads of his enemies without the slightest fear of contradiction.

Those of us with a little more respect for the rules of open debate leave our Comments function switched on and are thus required to defend our postings mano a mano.

Clearly, being held accountable for his own words is not something Mr Savant relishes ? and that?s a pity, because it forces the people he attacks to come back at him directly (and very publicly) on their own blogs.

Does it make you horny too, watching lefties scrap….almost like chicks jello wrestling. In one corner we have Chris Trotter, a pinko, but an honest and open pinko, and in the other a control freak pinko c*nt who likes to call himself Idiot/Savant when the reality is he is a troughing academic sucking perpetually off the public tit.

This is the most beautiful slapping by Chris Trotter, I might just print it and frame it. Perhaps I could even get him to sign it.

Right, now that I’ve got that off my chest, the first thing I?m going to say about this recent, highly tendentious posting by Mr Savant is that, in the fine tradition of Karl Marx disclaiming the title Marxist: “I am NOT a Trotterite!”

By “Trotterite” Mr Savant appears to mean any person who opposes “social engineering” ? which he defines as “any moves to ensure equality for anyone who isn?t a white male”.

This is, of course, very far from the more usual definition of social engineering as: “The practical application of sociological principles to particular social problems.” Or, less benignly: “The manipulation of the social position and function of individuals in order to manage change in a society.” (The Free Online Dictionary).

The other defining characteristic of the Trotterite, according to Mr Savant, is that he or she is passionately of the view that the NZ Labour Party should “throw women, Maori, children and gays under a bus in a quest for the votes of its traditional base” which he supposes to be “racist, sexist and bigoted” working-class males.

Oh just superb.

Obviously, we would be very foolish to take Mr Savant?s definition literally. No one I know (or have ever known) in the Labour Party has ever advocated the murder of women, Maori, children or gays. And I suspect any Labour politician who bowled up to a canteen-full of working-class males and told them how glad he was to meet so many racist, sexist, bigots, would very soon be departing in an ambulance!

So, what is it about the ideas of these so-called Trotterites that Mr Savant really finds so objectionable? Essentially, it is their refusal to regard identity politics as an unequivocally progressive and unproblematic phenomenon.
For Mr Savant the goals of identity politics are indistinguishable from those of classical liberalism.

In his own words: “[W]hen you get down to it, the core idea running through the heart of the left ? is a demand for equality for all. That equality has never just been economic, but also political and social ? to be who we are, not what some stuck-up ?lord? wants us to be ? Either you stand for the equality of all, or you?re supporting lords and peasants again. There is no middle ground on fundamental rights.”

The first and most obvious riposte I would offer to this curiously na?ve statement is that Mr Savant fundamentally misunderstands what the Left is all about.

Of course he does, because Malcolm Harbrow is a cloistered academic socialist control-freak just like his idol, Helen Elizabeth Clark.

Since Mr Savant mentions the Peasants Revolt of 1381 in his posting, let’s take a look at its celebrated slogan: “When Adam delved and Eve span ? who was then the gentleman?” In this revolutionary challenge to the social relations of the English countryside the rebel priest, John Ball, is asking (in the language of the Bible): How did we get from a world in which men and women worked for themselves, to a world in which they work for a master?

Why is the question revolutionary? Because it implicitly calls for the creation of a new social order in England. Not a social order in which the serf is equal to the lord, but an order in which there are no lords ? or peasants.

This is what Mr Savant doesn?t “get” about the Left. That it is not simply about “the equality of all”, but about transforming society to the point where power and wealth are so justly distributed that the word “equality” merely describes the way human-beings interact with one another.
What Mr Savant is doing is what the Marxists (whom he also profoundly misunderstands) call “fetishising” equality. It?s why he reacts so vituperatively when the claims of his beloved identity politicians are challenged.

He simply cannot see that it matters not one whit whether the person sacking you is male, female, Maori or gay: what matters is that they are wielding power over you ? power which the social and economic system has vested in them in spite of not because of their gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

Mr Savant wrongly believes “identity” to be an entirely unproblematic concept and that anyone who attempts to clarify its relationships with the distribution of social and economic power is some sort of feudal throwback.

What he?s forgetting, of course, is that the over-riding importance assigned to one?s identity – whether you were a “lord” or a “peasant” – pretty much defined the medieval mindset.

Identity and Equality ? far from being indistinguishable ? are antithetical.

What the Left seeks is justice.

And Justice is just what Trotter has delivered right to the whinging, whining goolies of Malcolm Harbrow.