Kate Porter

Countdown just can’t win


I?ve lost count of the number of weeks it?s been with Countdown being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Their PR spin team of Kate Porter, her boss Richard Manaton and PR consultant Sue Wood really must not give a tinkers? cuss about how Countdown?s reputation is going down the gurgler with the NZ public.

With a Commerce Commission investigation heating up against Countdown,?they don?t seem to care that they?re now seen as bullying and threatening local councils over their local alcohol policies.

Seems Countdown doesn?t care about local communities, just about their bottom line.

Either that or they?re pissed at being?given a slap for selling booze to a man so completely off his chops he could hardly stand, and think they?re right and everyone else is wrong.

Then today, Countdown faces another test of its credibility with?apples and peaches sold in their supermarkets at risk of Hep A. Granted, it?s not only limited to Countdown, but they?re in the thick of it none the less. Here?s the public health advisory.


The public grow tired of companies that seem to think they?re better than everyone else, and tend to take their business elsewhere. No wonder Pak N Save is winning.

Fair sucks of the sav

Supermarket giant Countdown doesn?t seem to be having much luck.

Not only are they trying to extort more coin out of New Zealand suppliers?for the privileged of them stocking their products, their Australian owners are now causing an international incident, that will further hit Kiwi suppliers.

Even travel and lifestyle blogger David Farrar is tagging them as a bunch of protectionists, saying that it?s a bad business decision ? but it?s their decision to make.

Meanwhile Labour?s?Shane Jones has come out guns blazing. Jones is on a roll at the moment, and is seeing this for what it is ? further evidence of strong arm tactics by Countdown?s Cosa Nostra. Jones says:

??They are victimising Kiwi businesses and have created a culture of fear and menace. I have been told New Zealand food producers were warned not to complain about their poor treatment publicly or they would be blacklisted.??

The key question is what Woolworths/Countdown PR numpty thought hitting Kiwi suppliers up for millions in extra payments at a time you?re killing off their Australian supply arrangements was a good idea?? Read more »

Countdown’s “Cosa Nostra” won’t be happy with this

Last Friday I blogged about?supermarket giant Countdown behaving like the Godfather?with NZ suppliers. The post sparked a flood of comments.

Their PR spin-merchant Kate Porter even called up asking me for the source of the story, saying this was all news to her.

Meanwhile the tip-line ran hot with numerous stories about how Countdown was being instructed by their Australian masters to tuck millions out of Kiwi companies in an alleged effort to try and compete with PakNSave. Extortion was the word frequently mentioned in the tipline.

Then someone emailed me though a piece from Friday?s NBR. Here?s the headline:

image001 Read more »