Kate Shuttleworth

Nice headline and not a bad story

I have lambasted Kate Shuttleworth before on this blog, but I agreed to an interview with her in Tel Aviv.

She is a freelancer now and based in Israel. I reckon she did a good job on the interview.

The man at the centre of the Dirty Politics firestorm sits on a leafy street in Tel Aviv, Israel, just a block from the shores of the Mediterranean, sipping a blended mint lemonade.

Cameron “Whale Oil” Slater is bleary-eyed, having spent 24 hours on a plane, and now finds himself in a war zone during a ceasefire. It’s Friday in Israel; Saturday back home.

He’s one of a group of international journalists invited to visit by the Israeli government, which has been earning bruising international condemnation over the civilian death toll in the Gaza conflict.

Slater, however, sees the bright side.

“What I am witnessing in Tel Aviv is a vibrant, free and open democracy of tolerance,” he says.

“From the hotel I am staying at 100 metres across the road there’s a gay beach and the gay beach is 200 metres from the Orthodox Jewish beach – I bet you there’s not a gay beach in Gaza.”

He plans to visit the Iron Dome missile defence system and interview New Zealanders serving in the Israel defence force, and fit in some sightseeing at the Dead Sea, Masada and Jerusalem’s Old City.

In Gaza they drag homosexuals behind motorbikes to “teach them a lesson”. In Israel just a few kilometres away they have a special beach…complete with rainbow umbrellas…and yes it is just a few hundreds down the beach from the Orthodox beach.   Read more »

But, but the PPTA say “no problem” and no need for Charter Schools

Today’s media release on education performance within New Zealand exposes the folly of the “we are world class” approach from NZEI/PPTA, Labour and the Greens. Embedded journalist Kate Shuttleworth writes:

The Government aims to increase the number of 18-year-olds gaining NCEA Level 2, or equivalent, to 85 per cent by 2017 – data shows none of the 16 regions are meeting this target.

Nationally 60.9 per cent of Maori 18-year-olds are meeting the target, 68.1 per cent of Pasifika and 82.1 per cent of non-Maori 18-year-olds are reaching level 2 NCEA. 

A 21% Level 2 gap for Maori and a 14% gap for Pasifika – yet the PPTA and other teacher unions insist no change is required and that Charter Schools are not worth the investment. This despite the latest US research stating:    Read more »

Another Good Sledge from Chippie

Chippie is just doing what happened at the end of the last National Government when Labour smashed up National for golden handshakes. A simple and effective play from the best Labour Opposition MP.

From an article by Paul Harper and embedded journalist Kate Shuttleworth:

Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says Longstone’s golden handshake is “outrageous”.

“The Government claims the relationship between Lesley Longstone and Hekia Parata had broken down. Well, $425,000 dollars would have paid for a hell of a lot of relationship counselling.”  Read more »

Embedded journalists, an interesting twist from a NZ perspective

Yesterday I blogged about Kate Shuttleworth’s penchant for always regurgitating NZEI and PPTA press releases.

Then I got an email via the tipline that explained it all about why a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” seems to only run the union lines instead of doing additional research.

Shuttleworth KateShuttleworth

Read more »

Why do they just repeat PPTA/NZEI nonsense without questioning anything?

Why do Herald reports like Kate Shuttleworth just repeat PPTA/NZEI nonsense without questioning anything?

First she quotes at length a Nelson teacher who claims to have managed Charter Schools in many places around the world like Jordan, UAE and Pakistan and spent 10 years “repairing the damage”.

Right – sure he did. And how relevant are those countries and how important are anecdotes like that to a country like New Zealand trying to improve the lot of those kids the NZEI/PPTA system is failing?

Then clearly without having read the latest Credo report or the Swedish data released at the end of 2012 Shuttleworth does no background research into the New Orleans Charters School situation but quotes at length a mother from New Orleans who appears to have taken personal offence.

Maybe Kate could have found a few articles on google from credible journalists that say things like:

“The reforms had begun before Katrina, but the pace was accelerated after the disaster. It is now the only US city where a majority of public school pupils – around eight in ten – attend charter schools, which are non-unionised and enjoy a rare degree of operational independence from government. (no wonder the unions here are worried)  Read more »