Kate Sutton

Labour members still focussed on Man Ban

Despite David Shearer’s order to Ban the Man Ban, the Labour wimmin are still pushing ahead with discussions about it.

It would seem that they intend to ignore David Shearer.

Greetings [REDACTED]

New Zealand Labour Party President Moira Coatsworth invites you to join her and the Labour Women’s Council for our Conference this coming weekend.
Interested in building womens leadership by supporting other women or taking a step up yourself? There is still an opportunity to take part in this important and exciting conference.

On Friday?you can join Labour MPs Nanaia Mahuta, Sue Moroney, Carol Beaumont and Moana Mackey for a special community event – Building for Habitat for Humanity.? Read more »

The demands of ?The Seven?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of "The Seven", but which one?

Len Brown has agreed to some of the demands of “The Seven”, but which ones?

So, what were the demands of ?The Seven??

What did they tell the Mayor Len Brown he had to do if he wanted any support from ?The Seven? electorates?

1. That Len Brown instruct the Boards of POAL and ACIL to back off a bit so that collective agreements can be put in place

2. That Len Brown must support any candidate that happens to endorse him particularly in ?The Seven? electorates? Read more »

Should Labour split in two?


With all the fuss over the “man ban” proposal I was thinking that there is a delightful solution that could prove a few points along the way.

Labour could simply split in two…a Women’s party and a Bloke’s party.? Read more »

Trotter on the Man Ban

I have been waiting for Chris Trotter to deliver his thoughts on Labour’s “Man Ban” and it was worth the wait.

Chris Trotter is one of my most respected left wing commentators…he is also one of the few left wingers I can tolerate a beer with..or in his case usually a fine red wine.

Chris explains his thoughts on Labour’s “man ban”.

MIDST ALL THE CLAMOUR of its detractors, the true significance of Labour?s ?Man Ban? has eluded most commentators.

Yes, the proposed rule change has undoubtedly damaged Labour?s election prospects.

Yes, there are many more important issues the party would have preferred the news media to focus upon.

Yes, it is further evidence of a party with no reliable political grown-ups in charge.

Yes, Labour?s opponents will dine out on it for months.

And, yes, it?s the only thing the 2013 Annual Conference will be remembered for.

But, the ?Man Ban? is also proof of something else: that the distance separating Labour?s rank-and-file from Labour?s Caucus has grown as wide as the gulf that once separated the ?old? Labour Party from the ?new?. ? Read more »

Will the Nasty Faction Win Manukau East?

Ross Robertson?s retirement means one of the few safe Labour seats to come up this cycle is going to selection. The jockeying for position has already begun, with the nasty faction having to choose between two of its stalwarts to see who to back.

Kate Sutton is regarded as the real up and comer in the Nasty Faction, as she has done a Nikki Kaye and trodden over everyone to get her current position within Labour. No one outside the Nasty faction speaks highly of Kate, and she is disliked by just about everyone of her age or younger, just like Nikki Kaye. Kate doesn’t have any current links to Manukau East beyond a burning ambition to use it as a spring board to get to Wellington.? Read more »

Labour want more ‘front bums’…bad luck JT

John Tamihere is going to find it very difficult to gain selection for Labour. It seems they want more “front bums“…but they will have to get past the nasty wimmin’s caucus first. Pressure is ramping up at the regional conferences now.

A working group was set up at Conference to look at candidate selection matters, and how to achieve gender equality in the numbers of men and women Labour MPs. The work of this group will be discussed at regional conferences in April to June 2013.? Read more »

Oh look another Labour flunky paraded by the Herald with a sorrowful story

Kate Sutton is in the Herald on Sunday moaning about not being able to find a house…despite the fact she already owns one.

he couple have been house-hunting for seven months, have looked at 150 homes and have been outbid at four auctions.

But even with a good deposit and a budget of between $600,000 and $700,000, the desperate couple are still flatting in an Onehunga property Sutton and her brother own.

Here’s a thought, why doesn’t she buy her brother out? Or perhaps seek budgeting tips from Jacinda Ardern who has managed to recently buy and “affordable house”.

It makes me angry that the major newspapers fall for what can only be described as an orchestrated campaign by Labour to have “woe is me” stories plastered all over them.

Oliver Mannion might find life improves considerably if he entered the workforce properly instead of living a bludgers life studying sociology. Even worse, his boss is a certain Peter Davis.

And why didn’t Kate get dibs on a nice house in Stonefields when she was working for the developer?

The couple said they were not being unrealistic in what they wanted and had been looking at traditionally affordable suburbs of Onehunga, Blockhouse Bay, Mangere Bridge and Avondale.

The couple had noticed price jumps in the past six months and they have had to increase their budget in the hope of securing a home.

“We are kicking ourselves we didn’t buy six months ago because houses that would have gone for $650,000 are now going for $700,000,” Sutton said.

They just need to look farther afield…for their budget you can easily get a 4 bedroom?place?in Flat Bush that is brand new.

Nice of them to suggest Labour’s policy as a possible solution. But then she would wouldn’t she being a constant candidate for Labour.

They said the situation in Auckland was so bad the Government needed to introduce a capital gains tax if there was to be any relief for buyers.

Has anyone looked at Sydney’s property market? They have capital gains tax…hasn’t stopped prices rising. It’s what happens to cities. The Herne Bays of Sydney have an entry level like $10 million despite tthe capital gains tax.

Just because these Labour flunkies ?cannot live in their ecletic fasionable suburbs they blame the government. These stories would be a tad more believable if they didn’t constantly trot out Labour party flunkies.

The New Generation of the Nasty Party

Kate Sutton is considered the next up and comer in the nasty party, a bona fide nasty woman in the mold of Darien Fenton and Sue Moroney.

Here?s Kate practicing being nasty and preparing to join the nasty caucus in the Labour party on The Nation last weekend.

Short of electable, appealing women, Labour Women is Kate Sutton?s vehicle to bring in more women.

What wasn?t said in that video was the tipline has been talking about Kate for many months. Apparently her reputation is typical of many high achieving women, crashing through the glass ceiling then getting it reimposed so other talented women can’t be a threat to her.

Look for Kate to try to take a safe Labour seat off the back of her work with Labour women. And look for few other Labour women to make it into caucus off the back of Kate?s efforts.

Public Service message for Labour members

Some commenters on The Standard are still waiting for the email invite to the Auckland meeting. It appears they are outside the?circle?of influence.

Never fear the Whale is here to help.?Here are the details as emailed to me:

From: ANRC [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011


Subject: You are invited – Labour leadership consultation meeting


All Auckland and Northland based Labour Party members are invited to meet, listen to and question candidates for the Labour Party leadership before the big caucus leadership vote on Dec 13th.

The meeting details are:

Sunday, 11 December, 2.30pm-4.30pm: Otahuhu Town Hall, 10 High St Otahuhu

A couple of important things about the meeting:

The meetings are open to current financial members of the Labour Party only.

Unfinancial members can renew their membership at the door or you can sort that out right now at www.labour.org.nz/join

Labour supporters can become a member of the Labour party prior to the event by joiningat www.labour.org.nz/join or they can join at the door on the day. The membership fee for waged individuals is $15 per year.

There will be no formal voting or straw polls at the meeting but you should let the Auckland and Northland based MPs know what you think about the candidates to help them inform their decision.

This is an exciting and important event for Labour members ? I hope to see you all there. If you have any queries about the event hit reply to this email.


Kate Sutton

Ps ? Thanks so much for all the help with the election campaign. The energy from you guys was amazing and although the result was very disappointing I hope you had a good time being part of it! Changing the world to be a better place isn?t always easy but we will keep fighting!

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Labour candidates are out of control. Two of Labour’s supposed up and comers have now taken to abusing journalists and questioning their ethics, all to publicise their pathetic attempt at raising some cash.

With a media and technology spokesperson writing hand-wringing posts about bias in the media and proposing a policy to bring media to heel you would think Labour’s other candidates wouldn’t want to be dissing media, especially ones that appear every night on television:

[blackbirdpie id=”126046958879129601″]

[blackbirdpie id=”126355628787634176″]

Message discipline is clearly out the window and it is a free for all for Labour’s candidates.