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Long Term Effects of the Tizard Timebomb

The Herald editorial talks about the paucity of talent in Labour’s list:

The Labour Party has 43 seats in the present Parliament. If it wins at least that many at this year’s election it will bring in eight new names from the list it published on Sunday: Andrew Little, Deborah Mahuta-Coyle, Michael Wood, Kate Sutton, Jerome Mika, Josie Pagani, Lynette Stewart and Jordan Carter. If the party maintains its improvement in the latest poll – suggesting pressure on its leader over his handling of Darren Hughes has done Phil Goff and his party no harm – Labour can look forward to many more than 43 MPs.

The names Christine Rose, Glenda Alexander, Susan Zhu, Rino Tirikatene, Sehai Orgad and Megan Woods could be in the House too. There are not many pale males among all those names. Party lists are intended to bring a better gender balance and more ethnic diversity into democratic representation. Labour’s makes a meal of it.

It has also learned from recent experience not to put old names low on its list where they could be next in line to replace any list MP who fails to serve a full term. There are no Judith Tizards in a position to return at the expense of fresh talent this time.

They also note the long term effects of the T-Bomb. There doesn’t appear to be any Tizards lurking down?the?list?to embarrass them after the election.

But the downside of that lesson is that there are no new names high on the list. With few exceptions, sitting MPs occupy all the places down to number 35. Most of them are also standing in electorates, which means that if any are rejected by the voters they will return on the list. The real winners of any party’s list selection, in the public eye at least, are probably electorate MPs who want no place on it.

They go on to?commend?Lianne Dalziel as I have for her?decision?to abandon being ont eh List. She knows better than most that scum list MPs are hated.

The list system remains an unsatisfactory element of MMP to members and voters alike. The lists are drawn up by party panels out of the public eye. Electorate candidates are selected in similar secrecy, but at least those selected have to pass muster at public election meetings and voters have put a tick beside their names.

The?list?system is the single worst aspect about MMP and one of the reasons why it should be chucked aside.



Does Labour's Affirmative Action Policy reflect New Zealand?

This blog has a clear policy on gays, and gay issues. For those that do not?remember, during the 2010 local body election it outlined the following?position on Gay Marriage.

So before any intolerant fool on the left starts having a go at me for being?a redneck or being anti gay please do your research and understand that I am?not anti gay. I have made it clear I believe New Zealand could have a gay?Prime Minister, and the gayness of someone like Grant Robertson or Charles?Chauvel would not stop them from becoming PM, if they are good enough.

Likely they will get bashed for being out of touch, liberal elite wankers?who want to waste taxpayers money on stuff like the NZSO, RNZB and Nikki?Kaye’s gay mardi gras, but that doesn’t mean their homosexuality will stop?them being Prime Minister.

What I do stand against is putting one class of citizen ahead of?any other class of citizen because of their race, gender or sexuality.

So Gay New Zealand needs to consider if it would be acceptable to welcome?”white straight males” getting a promotion on the Labour list. It appears they don’t.

“Maryan Street is in seventh position, two higher than her place heading?into the 2008 election, in a list that has seen significant changes at the?top in the past three years. Phil Goff, Annette King, David Cunliffe,?Parekura Horomia and Street are the only two MPs ranked in the top ten who?were in the top ten before the last election.

Charles Chauvel has made his way from 27th place to 11th place in a solid?three years in Parliament, while Grant Robertson has soared from 46th spot?to 14th.

Incredibly gay-friendly Auckland Central candidate Jacinda Ardern is another?first term MP who has clearly impressed, moving to 13th place from 20th,?while another very gay-friendly colleague Kate Sutton has climbed to 35th?from 63rd.

Gay candidate Jordan Carter is in 40th place, a good jump from his ranking?of 70th in 2008.”

Labour will continue to struggle in the polls until it realises factional?promotions of people based on identity issues pisses off the majority of New?Zealanders. Labour should select on merit, not sexuality.

Txts from New York – List special

via the tipline

Kate Sutton isn’t happy

Txts from new York - Kate and Helen have a chat

Steve Chadwick is devastated:

Txts from New York: Steve and Helen chat

Parekura is ecstatic:

Txts from New York: Parekura and Helen chat

Len Brown has interesting friends

Once again Labour is embroiled in an immigration related voter fraud scam. This time however it has come out before the election rather than after like with the Onehunga electoral petition.

One thing is interesting though and that is Len Brown’s involvement in all this. Here he is, in all his glory kitted out, with none other than?Daljit Singh, the guy who is the Labour flunky involved in the Herald article this morning with then also is Labour MP Ross Robertson and Labour councillor and candidate for Efu Koka.

What we have here now is 3 out of four in the picture hard core senior Labour figures and Daljit Singh. That make Len Brown and Daljit Singh joined at the hip.

Len Brown and Daljit Singh

Len Brown and Daljit Singh

Seems Daljit Singh is also a fan of Helen Clark.

Daljit Singh and Helen Clark

Daljit Singh and Helen Clark

Given that Labour is deeply embedded in the Brown campaign, all staffers are either former Clark employees or Labour candidates, Conor Roberts, Kate Sutton and David Lewis, and Daljit Singh has very close labour connections to Helen Clark, to Ross Robertson and to Efu Koka it stands to reason that he also has close affliliations to Len Brown.

It is said that you are who you hang out with. Len Brown hangs out with Labour people and with people who seek to justify electoral fraud, what does that make Len Brown?

Candidate Meeting Today – The Whale fronted and Williams wilted

Today was the first candidates meeting I attended, hosted by the nice people of the North Shore Community & Social Services Inc. Here were their four questions that you had 3 minutes to answer.

  1. What do you see is the role of the new Council in?Social Policy?
  2. Can you give us two specific examples of what you?would champion?
  3. What do you bring to the role?
  4. How will you ensure the voices of local?communities are heard in the new Auckland?Council?

There then ensued a long list of has-beens and never was losers who have a combined experience of local body governance measured in millenium and yet they have achieved precisely nothing during their tenure and now have the temerity to be wanting to continue to foist their non-solutions ont he rest of Auckland.

With the exceptions of Linda Cooper and Michael Goudie the rest were a bunch of florid, strange troughers looking for another crack at the trough.

My answers were along the lines of:

1) What do you see is the role of the new Council in Social Policy?

Social policy is the preserve of central government, and it should remain that way. Councils business is to provide affordable infrastructure to allow Auckland to grow, and to leave money in the pockets of rate payers, rather than tax them to fund luxuries.

The best way to help the poor in Auckland is to create a vibrant economy that has high, well paid employment, rather than giving them hand outs.

I do not think it is the role of council to get involved in social engineering, and I will not vote for any motion promoting social engineering.

2) Can you give us two specific examples of what you would champion?

Better roads (this?received?a cheer from the audience) and lower rates. Both of these would have a massive economic impact, with roads improving productivity and economic growth by reducing travel times. Lower rates mean more money for people to spend or save, which will have a positive effect on the economy.

3) What do you bring to the role?

A clear understanding that ratepayers money is to be treated with respect, and not wasted on causes or liberal elite hobbies that few ratepayers want.

I favour a referendum on rates, similar to Proposition 13, where ratepayers get a chance to choose whether council funds non core services.


4) How will you ensure the voices of local communities are heard in the new Auckland Council?

Through social media. I have more than five years of experience in the social media field, and I believe social media is far more effective than turning up to meetings where a very few people attend, so you tend to get the views of the minority. Social media allows those who are too busy to turn up to meetings to communicate their views without having to listen to the vocal few.

The strange and bewildered kept interjecting, as they did to Nick Kearney. One old biddy also accosted me before the meeting and told me off for the terrible thing I did on the weekend. When I asked which one (there are many), she refused to discuss it. I eventually found out it was the photo of Kate Sutton’s email. The bewildered old bag accused me of stealing it.

Now onto the substantive nature of all these greedy old people standing there wringing their hands about various different weasel words. Weasel words like “Sustainable living”, “Public transport”,”Affordable Housing”.

What all these weasel words are though is simply waffle wrapped around a supposed issue that a council should spend money on, how much depending on the particular fancy of the speaker.

But it is always a solution for “other people”. Take George Wood for example, I have stuck up for him ove the years, and the first thing I am greeted with is a jibe about crossing over to their side of the harbour. FFS George, the Supercity is about dropping all this bullshit about us and them and working together. But no, Florid?George?just had to keep on sniping. He stupidly abused a few people at the start until I pointed out that we were going alphabetical and W was a long way down the line and what goes around comes around, especially where I’m involved.

Then there was some mad old bat called Jan O’Connor who wanted “mental people” put in institutions instead of in the community, in other words NIMBY. Oh and “other people” should pay for keeping these “mentals” from her backyard.

Grant Gillon, dear pinko loser that he is, wanted “Affordable Housing” built on council land. This of course is weasel words. His description was of a slum, small, cheap housing all lumped together on “council land”. What he really means is small, cheap housing on “other peoples” land, not close to him.

I was hoping Julia Parfitt would show up, but no, she was obviously too busy baking or something to bother with the trifle of a public meeting. Andrew Williams showed up an hour late, and sat at the back. He didn’t even speak, didn’t ask any questions, or utter a word. He must have been at some “important council business” at a bar somewhere beforehand and didn’t want to get up and let everyone know he was pickled. Actually he is a chicken and a coward.

He busily sends out press releases accusing John Banks of not fronting public meetings and debates yet when given the opportunity, several times today, he declined to even utter a word. Some?commitment?he has for the people of Albany Ward. His press release, again sent out via his Council email in contravention of the Auditor-General guidelines says;

Both “no-shows” by John Banks are a clear indication that he is not prepared to face public scrutiny up against experienced knowledgeable candidates such as myself.?This follows comments that a number of candidates out performed him at a several recent community and business meetings.

Well today, he was a “no-show”. He wouldn’t speak despite given the opportunity, he refused to face public scrutiny himself. The man is a little tosser full of pis and wind. The Whale fronted and Williams wilted.

Andrew Williams continues to flout electoral rules and guidelines, today again fluting them with a press release about his Family First rating. I think it is time for a complaint to the CEO of North Shore City and the Auditor-General. Any survey that put Williams at the top of the list for?family values is highly suspect. I wonder if it occured to Bob McCoskrie that he was lied to, or whether there was a test for hypocrisy.

The Clown of Campbells Bay gave himself a smiley face for his attitude to liquor outlets.?Obviously?no points off for public urination. Which flies in the face of his stated position to “lobby the government to clarify offensive behaviour under the Crimes Act in order to prevent parades involving nudity and/or offensive behaviour eg boobs on bikes, beach nudity.” Looks like he will lobby government to ban himself.

I note too that he is willing to “R18 exhibitions”. I hope that includes “Little Andy”.

The meeting confirmed for me just how poorly residents of Albany war have been served by their previous councillors and what a bunch of completely?ineffectual tosser they mostly are.

You won’t catch me using weasel words or talking about spending other peoples money with gay abandon. I call things how I see them, and as the new councillor for Albany Ward will continue to do so without fear or favour.

Vote Slater – Albany Ward

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland

The signs arrived, email me if you'd like one for your fence, I'll come around and install it myself

Those Clever Labour fellows helping Len Brown

Clever: Leaving your campaign van parked near an Auckland nightspot as free advertising.

Good advertising near night spots

Good advertising near night spots

Oh look, what's those papers there?

Oh look, what's those papers there?

Not clever: Leaving printed political emails on the dashboard of that van.

Labour staffer emailing Brown worker about left wing split on North Shore

Labour staffer emailing Brown worker about left wing split on North Shore

Now we known without a shadow of a doubt the paid Labour staffers are helping Len Brown’s campaign and that they think that the left wing campaign on the North Shore is “bizarre” and has “faction problems”.

More on Scampi 2

More backgrounder so you can understand the Scampi Scandal and why the secret tape was suppressed.

This is the valedictory speech of Ian Ewen-Street.

Richard, in case you hadn’t noticed, Sue is young, beautiful and highly intelligent, whereas I’m…. well, I’m not. Even my kindest friends would describe me as middle-aged, overweight and bald. Richard, that’s not a scandal, it’s a bloody miracle!

But I knew I’d chosen the right woman a few days later when we were walking through the Bowen House tunnel and came across Richard Prebble, so I stopped to introduce them. It’s not often you see him stumped for words, but he uttered not a syllable when Sue greeted him with the words “Hello Richard, thank you for making me famous!” and he was still recovering and backing off towards the travellator when Sue called out – “but watch out for my father, he still wants to kill you!” That’s my girl!!

Yes, the scampi scandal! I can joke about it now, but it was undoubtedly a difficult time for me. But a great lesson in life’s rich tapestry. A great experience in finding out who one’s friends are – or even more pertinently, who one’s friends aren’t!

My sincere thanks to all the members of the Primary Production Committee – especially David Carter, Doug Woolerton, Clayton Cosgrove, Gerry Eckhoff, Dover Samuels, Phil Heatley, Janet Mackey and Harry Duynhoven – I know I became the subject of some wonderful jokes for you, but I am also aware that your friendship and support kept me sane through that time. Thank you!

Working in the PPSC was a real highlight for me. I enjoyed the work, I enjoyed your company – including the support staff of Bob Bunch, Mary Hay and Steven Mitchell – and I shall miss you all.

But I also have to say that I am convinced that you got parts of the scampi inquiry badly wrong. I believe you shot the messenger and allowed the real culprits to get away with perpetrating one of the biggest frauds and one of the gravest injustices in NZ history.

I struggle with the suggestion from some people that there was no evidence of any wrong-doing. There was. Affidavits are sworn evidence. They have convicted murderers in the past. I agree that someone may argue that it may not be possible to string together a long sequence of events and say that they prove a certain outcome, but if you treat each piece of evidence as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, there are more than enough pieces to see the overall picture of premeditated offending. And please don’t forget the evidence of the people who made submissions to the PPSC, but had their evidence returned because they alleged criminal behaviour and that was outside the terms of reference for the inquiry. How can you weigh up evidence if you send it back to the submitter, especially if you then claim there is no evidence?

If the next government wants to follow up on the scampi issue and restore my faith in the political system, I suggest that a good place to start their enquiries would be Helen Cull QC, the lawyer who convened the State Services Commission inquiry which ran in parallel with the PPSC inquiry. She got it right. She knows pretty much what happened, but her final report does not reflect this because her terms of reference were limited to investigating the role of the Ministry of Fisheries. I believe she should be asked to publish her real findings and the people guilty of raping and pillaging the scampi fishery brought to account.

I think the incoming government should also heed the words of former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer when he described the criticism of the Ministry of Fisheries by both the PPSC and the State Services Commission as the most scathing criticism of a government department in NZ history. But what has happened as a consequence? Did anyone get sacked? Pensioned off? Slapped on the wrist with a wet bus ticket? No, nothing. The then CEO of the Ministry put out a press release saying that the Ministry had been vindicated. They had not. He should have been falling on his sword, but instead he continued the fantasy within the Ministry that somehow they are beyond the law, that they can ignore the rulings of the High Court and the Court of Appeal with impunity. And that they can ignore Parliament.

I believe the Ministry should also be made aware of their responsibilities under the Fisheries Act (and international treaties) to address the social and economic well-being of coastal communities. It is simply unacceptable that small fishers in such fisheries as cockles, whelks, geoducs, paddle-crabs, pilchards and others can be put out of business and their lives destroyed by the whim of ministry officials. The RMA is a tool in the toolbox of the management of fisheries, it is not an end in itself. And it most certainly should not be there for the purpose of hugely enriching a small number of fishers at the expense of others and the ecological sustainability of the fishery.

It is my opinion that this is a Ministry which needs a thorough shake-up in the upper echelons of the bureaucracy and imbued with the realization that they are public servants. They are paid to serve the public interest and they are there to manage the ecological sustainability of the fisheries of this country.


Douglas to campaign in Hunua

Douglas to take high position on Act listAct founder Sir Roger Douglas has agreed to take a high position on the Act party list – meaning he stands a real chance of being elected to Parliament.
When he agreed in March to stand for Act this year, he indicated that he wanted…
[NZ Politics]

Sir Roger Douglas is to stand for ACT in Hunua, adding to feckless absentee Labour candidate Jordan Carter’s pain.

Actually if Hunua voters are smart nd there is no reason to disagree with that assessment they would return Sir Roger as the local MP and vote National on the list.

It appears he will also take a high list spot as well.


Liar, liar, pants on fire

Hillary Hussein Clinton on a 1996 trip to Bosnia:

“I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

A 1996 news story on her trip to Bosnia:

If the American media weren’t so dedicated to putting a Democrat in the White House, this would be a campaign ending moment. Clinton has been caught out lying big time on this one.

UPDATE: The Washington Post fact check


Peter defamation case tossed out

Winsotn Peters has had his long standing defamation case against TVNZ andNational MP david Carter tossed out of court.

Peters really runs the risk of being labelled a vexatious litigant.?