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A pretty average editorial

Given the?Southland Times?broke the?Israeli non-spy story?after the Christchurch earthquake, that turned out to be just freaked out students wanting to get home fast , you can say it is one of the less high-brow among our nose-diving fourth estate.? There wasn’t much mention of the damage this accusative did to our ‘100% Pure Brand’ in Israel, or among Israeli Americans.

Now we all know that Fairfax, like the Horrid, only employs??decent journalists, trained and skilled’.? Well today’s?”A pretty average editorial“?shows some true ‘genius’. There’s unintended irony for you.

“A pretty average editorial” gets the Campbell Jive violins out right at the start:

“The average New Zealand business with a turnover greater than $700,000 a year spends 21 per cent of it on wages. The dairy industry, just 7 per cent.”

You can see where this is heading.? Those nasty dairy farmers need to employ a lot more people so they can have shit productivity as, I don’t know , a provincial newspaper based in Southland:? Read more »

Tweet of the Day

Guyon Espiner really does nail Tweet of the day.

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Labour and consistency. Never the twain shall meet

via mediaspanonline.com

via mediaspanonline.com

Katie Bradford-Crozier writes at ZB

International interest in the Mighty River Power float was high, so 13.5 per cent of the company will now be owned by overseas investors.

The Finance Minister revealed details of the share allocation and pricing of the energy company last night.

113,000 Kiwis have bought shares, at $2.50 a pop.

Bill English says offshore institutions have been allocated $472 million worth of shares – but those were limited to ensure 86.5 per cent of the company was kept in New Zealand hands.

No wonder the share price hasn’t crashed to the $2.00 – $2.20 level that the Green Taliban and Labour were crowing about. ?There is genuine interest in the Mighty River Power float.

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Knucklehead Press Gallery Journo offends China

John Key?s trip to China would have to be one of the most successful in recent memory. The exposure NZ received by China was nothing short of extraordinary and should be a big tick.

However, typical of the small-minded junior political hacks from the press gallery that covered the China trip was Katie Bradford-Crozier and Hamish Rutherford. I?m sure their employers will be thrilled to see this tweet from Katie Bradford-Crozier covering the antics of Hamish Rutherford. China extends a great welcome to New Zealanders and some dickhead decides to pull this stunt.

It appears the tweet has now been deleted….too bad my tipster nabbed a screenshot.? Read more »

The friendliness of the media

Twitter is a wonderful thing, but not for the reasons you may think.

It is wonderful because it has laid bare the political alignments and machinations of media ‘personalities’ who unwittingly transmit in the clear their political bias. The re-tweet and tweet away revealing who they chat with, who they listen to and who they think is worthy. It is very enlightening especially when you use a tool like MentionMaps.?This is the MentionMap of Andrea Vance.


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Hardly overwhelming David, time to fess up

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about David Shearer’s leadership.

To my mind he is doomed. The much heralded and signalled…well required…leadership vote was held and afterwards Labour rather embarrassingly announced that David Shearer was endorsed as leader in a ballot that had only one candidate by “an overwhelming margin“.

That got me thinking and it got me scratching around my Labour sources…that didn’t sound right…”an overwhelming margin”…what does that even mean?

Then I was emailed by a reader who heard Katie Bradford-Crozier talking to Justin duFresne this morning on NewstalkZB. She said that int he?leadership?vote there were 10 abstentions.

This confirms what I have heard too from my Labour sources. Ten abstentions.? Read more »