Katrina Shanks

More renewal in National, Katrina Shanks goes in January and Jo Hayes replaces her

While Labour continue to front failed ministers from the Lange/Palmer/Moore years as well as MPs from early in the Clark years National is steadily moving to renew with Katrina Shanks the latest to announce retirement.

Katrina Shanks, National List MP based in Ohariu, announced today that she will not be  returning to Parliament in 2014.

“I have decided to take up other opportunities in 2014 and have accepted the role as chief executive of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand,” Katrina Shanks said.

“The funeral services sector is facing change – legislative, demographic, and societal, and the association and its members need to be in front of this change. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges the sector has to face.

“I wish the National Party all the best in the 2014 election and consider it to have been a privilege to have served as a Member of Parliament in a John Key-led Government.

“I am looking forward to my new role and spending more time being closer to my young family.”

Ahh the old family reasons schtick.

Jo Hayes will come in off the list to replace her which will help her chances in the Taranaki-King Country selection.

National’s Rejuvenation

Our pinko mate cuts and pastes parts of Tracy Watkins article, adds a few sentences and posts it without much analysis.

What he doesn’t point out is that there appears to be no clear strategy to National moving people on. Individuals have chosen to leave of their own accord, or ambitious new people have stacked electorates so they can successfully challenge sitting MPs. Lets look at the seven that have retired.

Phil Heatley – Was given the arse by John Key from cabinet a year ago, couldn’t see much point in hanging around. Off to a new career.
Cam Calder – Successful man going nowhere in politics, better off doing something else.
Paul Hutchinson – Difficult missus. Was going to get hammered by a well organised selection challenge.
Chris Tremain – Difficult missus, wanted to make more money, internal polling was showing he would get beaten in Napier by Stuart Nash.
Katrina Shanks – Electorate stacked against her for selection so getting out with dignity.
Chris Auchinvole – Dodgy ticker, no real future in politics and lots of interesting things to do outside of politics.
Kate Wilkinson – Got the arse at the same time as Heatley, mainly for being far too cosy with the unions.   Read more »

Union hugger quitting, and Shanks to go too as Nats continue renewal

National’s renewal is well underway with useless union hugging MP Kate Wilkinson announcing her retirement along with Katrina Shanks.

Waimakariri MP Kate Wilkinson has joined the growing list of National MPs who will quit politics at the 2014 general election.

In a statement released this morning, on the day she flew to the Maldives as part of a Commonwealth Observer group, she said she said it was time to consider “fresh challenges and opportunities”.

Her decision was hinted at two weeks ago when National’s Canterbury-Westland regional chairman Roger Bridge stopped short of endorsing her for the Waimakariri nomination, saying he would “have a chat with Kate about that”.  Read more »

This section is empty…uhmmm yep

I was looking up Katrina Shanks wiki page for a post about Peter Dunne and why he still has 3 terms left in him despite the best efforts of Labour to undermine him. Champagne Charlie Chauvel has now bolted so that really just leaves Shanks as a possible challenger.

There are long sections of info, and then I got to her “Political Views“….


All it says is “this section is empty”…uhmm yep.  Read more »

What’s going on in Ohariu?

Word is filtering through the tip line of some dodgy maneuverings in Ohariu in the lead up to the anticipated selection battle. There are three potential challengers that are known to be thinking about taking on the sitting MP, though Katrina may be able to hang on. None of these people have done anything dodgy yet, and it would be misleading to suggest they have.

Where Katrina’s real threat comes from is not from the three candidates but from a very senior staffer thinking he is going to be anointed the next MP for Ohariu. I have a strong,long-held view that political staffers do not make good MPs, as half the Labour caucus has shown, and believes the members in Ohariu will not be strong armed into supporting a staffer because the party tells them to.

National’s constitution is very sound on selection. As long as there are enough members the board or regional chair cannot anoint a candidate. The candidates all have to go through a thorough selection process where the sixty or more people in the room vote for the best candidate. The more members the more delegates and the less chance of delegate stacking. Aspiring candidates should be out there signing up members but bearing in mind that scurrilous tactics like signing members from graveyards like in Rotorua a number of years ago will certainly be outed.

My only qualm about Ohariu is the lack of ethics displayed in the Palmerston North selection by the regional chair. Regional chairs are ethically bound to remain neutral, not attempt to stack selections with their relatives so their favored candidate wins.

As always I will take a neutral stance on selection and weigh up the pros and cons of all candidates, and wish them all the best. That is unless there is skulduggery going on and skulduggery will be outed. Still selection is a long way off, but it is clear that I need to keep a close eye on Ohariu.

National Selection FAQ, Ctd

In other words you are campaigning for the party vote for free.
How about those in the seats National is lending to Act and United? Do they get any benefits?

No, you are not campaigning for the party vote for free. You are paying dearly for the privilege of selling National’s policies both in terms of lost income and the inevitable “victory fund” tax you will be forced to pay because the National Party is tits at fundraising.

As far as seats lent to ACT and United you get some benefit by getting into parliament but as a scum list MP you serve at the party’s pleasure meaning they can give you the arse whenever they like, or do what they have done to Katrina Shanks and left her wallowing on the back benches.

That said Katrina Shanks, though earnest, isn’t much chop and is likely to get the arse card through a low list ranking next time round.

What National losing 4% Means, Ctd

Yesterday dealt with the electorate MPs. Four of National’s women will struggle to hold their seats.

National’s List would also be reduced. 4% nominally means 5 MPs, but it could be more or less depending on the success or failure of other parties. The following MPs would not return to parliament on these numbers.

Katrina Shanks
Paul Goldsmith
Tau Henare
Jackie Blue
Cam Calder

The list is a bit more difficult to predict as if National goes into opposition there will be a number of List MPs who resign rather than go into opposition.

HR for Political Parties, Ctd

For HR to work there needs to be direct repercussions for inept or unacceptable performance.

This means List MPs who everyone knows are useless need to be moved on. MPs in safe seats who are equally useless and offer little to the party need to be replaced by high quality candidates.

Many useless MPs are useless due to being ill suited to the job, not because they are malicious or deliberately useless. It is a bit like a player who is selected for the All Blacks when there are a rash of injuries, someone who just doesn’t have the talent to make it permanent, but gets a step up due to circumstances or a mistake in selection. Unfortunately for political parties MPs can’t be dropped as quickly as All Blacks, and many hang on even though everyone knows they are useless.

Dropping MPs is an important part of building a winning team, just as dropping players is important for the All Blacks.

National is as guilty as any party of retaining useless MPs who offer little and block the path to caucus for someone more talented. Katrina Shanks immediately springs to mind, a woman who doesn’t have good credentials, has never really made it, nor will ever make it, and is not a team player. If National had a proper candidates college or a President that was not embarrassingly useless then Katrina would have been discretely asked what role she wanted outside of parliament, and whether she could help National find another a decent candidate who will follow instructions and who could make a far more effective MP than her pathetic efforts.

To have a strong HR function requires a strong party structure. National don’t have this, and since Judy Kirk left the candidates college has become almost as big a joke as the President.

Whaleoil Awards – Worst List MP

So many to choose from. However the commenters were unequivocal. The nominees for the Whaleoil Awards – Worst List MP are:

Katrina Shanks – Dopey, and stood up and made one of the most embarrassing speeches ever seen in parliament on the so-called Skynet Bill, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that her time is up. But for the vagaries of MMP, Katrina would be pursuing employment opportunities elsewhere.

Catherine Delahunty  – seriously doolally, deluded and hopeless. Plus she is a Green MP. One commenter, perhaps unfairly commented that she had been campaigning for Movember all year.

Darien Fenton – where to start, she epitomises nasty, single handedly derailed any traction Labour was making with the Rugby League crowd when she stupidly attacked the Mad Butcher for daring to voice an opinion. This clothe cap wearing hard left unionist is only in parliament because of the hold unions have over the Labour aprty and her high list ranking despite any redeeming features. Darien Fenton has already won the Worst Politician and the Worst SMOG, could she make the trifecta and take out this award too?

Sue Moroney – Another of Labour’s nasties. This woman is so unlikeable that every electorate she stands in results in her opponent winning and usually increasing their majority. This has become known as the Moroney Effect. National MPs keep their fingers crossed and a few pray that Labour will select Sue to stand against them.

Gareth Hughes – Green, an idiot, big mouth, and scare-monger. He was the one who claimed wrongly that the MV Rena had broken up and sunk and that Tauranga’s beaches would be closed for 20 years because of the oil spill. He stood in Ohariu and is Wellington based but racks up massive travel bills. He has taken to the trough better than most.

Worst List MP

  • Darien Fenton (53%, 459 Votes)
  • Gareth Hughes (20%, 169 Votes)
  • Sue Moroney (11%, 98 Votes)
  • Catherine Delahunty (10%, 85 Votes)
  • Katrina Shanks (6%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 858

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Whaleoil Awards – Worst List MP nominations

We all know that generally List MPs are scum. Some are more so than others.

Here is your chance to vent about the invisibile, the useless, the hopeless, the inept and the scum list MPs.

Ashraf Choudhary would have to rate as one of the worst List MPs, not only was he useless he was also invisible. Rajen Prasad would also qualify for this and labour rated him at number 20 above capable MPs like Stuart Nash and Kelvin Davis. While Prasad warms a seat in parliament the other two are looking for jobs.

Then of course you have the nasties: Darien Fenton, Steve Chadwick, Carol Beaumont and of course Sue Moroney. All distinctly unelectable and unlikeable.

Katrina Shanks would be up there for her completely inept speech on the “Skynet Bill”, speaking about that which she knows now’t.

The entire Green party would qualify except perhaps for Kevin Hague and Russel Norman.