Scumbag of the week


This guy, whoever he is, is our scumbag of the week.

A lone protester has picketed Police National Headquarters lamenting the fact more police weren’t shot in the Kawerau siege.

The unidentified man sat on a low wall directly opposite police headquarters on Molesworth St in Wellington on Friday.

His sign read: “Only four shot not enough.” ?? Read more »

I agree with Rachel Smalley: I need a lie down

?I need a lie down: I agree with Rachel Smalley. Rachel often fails to see the big picture and allows emotions to get in the way of facts. She supports Muslim refugees, for example, without understanding what Islam actually is and what it does. She fails to look at the long-term effects of short-term decisions because she bases most of her views on emotion.

However, when it comes to her analysis of what happened in my home town of Kawerau I find myself one hundred percent in agreement with her, but not for the same reasons. As usual Rachel’s emphasis is on emotion and it is the alleged shooter’s family’s lack of emotion and empathy that has turned her against them. Personally, I am against them because of the facts. Their relative was 100% in the wrong. He injured four people who were simply doing their job. Instead of helping the police they interfered and tried to blame the police for a situation created by their relative.

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Usual suspects pushing for gun control after Kawerau

The usual suspects are calling for tighter gun control law after the Kawerau shooting.

Between the Media party and politicians pushing agendas it is hard to get to the salient facts.

While the Kawerau siege ended peacefully, the alleged?shooting of four police officers has raised the issue of whether cops need better?access to firearms, as well as questions about?New Zealand’s gun culture.?Can anything be done to stop similar situations?

Who raised the issue? The Media party? Police? What gun culture?

This is just sensationalism by the Media party.

As alleged Kawerau gunman?Rhys Warren was taken into policy custody, after an armed siege following the shooting of four police officers, it didn’t take long for relief over the lack of fatalities to develop into scrutiny of how the incident occurred. The Kawerau siege is the?fifth police?shooting in the last decade, and has raised some familiar questions without straightforward answers.

Do our police need guns on them at all times? Why are?more criminals getting access to, and using, firearms? And what can be done to stop a similar shooting occurring?

The last major change to police firearms access came in 2012, when police were given access to a lock-box of firearms in every frontline car.

That decision followed?two high-profile cases of police shootings:?the?Napier siege in 2009, when Jan Molenaar killed?one police officer and seriously injured?two others, and a 2010 Christchurch?shooting where two police officers were injured?and police dog Gage killed.

The Kawerau siege is not an ideal?example for those pushing for easier police access to guns: the police shot were not unwitting constables taken by surprise, but members of the elite Armed Offenders Squad, sporting extensive training and body armour which saved their lives.

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Unravelling the spin of the Media party over Kawerau

The Media party went into full crim-hugging mode over the Kawerau shooting of four Police by Rhys Warren.

They pandered to the criminal’s scribble-faced family who were quoted endlessly in the media. It was full on anti-cop rhetoric ignoring the fact that their scumbag relative had just shot and severely wounded four police officers.

The mother stated:

He had been in trouble with the law previously, she said, but not for some time.

David Farrar asked “This week? This month?”

Well it turns out that “not for sometime” is less than two years ago. We know this because in 2014 he was a party to the proceeding against the government by prisoners over the removal of their right to vote.

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Crim-Hugging Media sickening as they pander to family of gunman [UPDATED]

A family spokeswoman gave a brief statement at Onepu Springs road

A family spokeswoman gave a brief statement at Onepu Springs road

I can’t believe the crim-hugging that is going on as the Media party panders to a criminal’s family.

The family of the gunman accused of shooting four police officers in an armed stand-off say they are frustrated at being left out of police efforts to end the siege.

The family’s spokeswoman Ripeke Lessels said the whanau were notified that an incident was unfolding at their Bay of Plenty home yesterday just after 2pm.

“It’s been traumatic being in a position that the whanau believe could have been avoided had the police taken some time to find another way that may have included Tikanga Maori and the whanau involvement,” she said.

Oh, it’s all the cops’ fault is it? This scumbag shot at and wounded four police…and that is their fault?

The family has held an overnight vigil at the cordon and are begging for a peaceful end.

At about 11am yesterday, police rushed to the rural Bay of Plenty farm after the lone gunman allegedly fired shots at a police helicopter searching for cannabis crops.

Twenty one hours later, the gunman remains holed up at the Onepu Spring Rd property while his family camp out at the cordon desperate to see their loved one walk out of the situation alive.

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How the EPMU and declining media hurt my home town

I went on a road trip down memory lane last weekend to show my daughter where I grew up. Our family home was across the road from a walkway that led to Kawerau Central School, which was my primary school. We visited my old home, which was neat as a pin in a street that had a number of neglected homes in need of repair.

My old family home in Kawerau PHOTO-Whaleoil.co.nz

My old family home in Kawerau

I wanted to show my daughter my old school but was puzzled as to why the walkway was blocked off. When we tried to access the school from another street we realised the sad truth: it was gone.


Original Filename: Central_Demolition_1.jpg

In 2011 the remaining three primary schools in Kawerau were merged into one and the intermediate-aged students were merged with Kawerau College, which was renamed Tarawera High School. They did this because?they were losing 60+ students a year from each school. So, what happened to this once prosperous and vibrant town of my childhood?

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Bludgers not welcome in Kawerau

The Mayor of Kawerau has had enough of bludgers and wants them banned:

A small North Island town says unemployed people moving into the district are more trouble than they’re worth.

The mayor of Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty says the recent arrival of five families from South Auckland has led to a rise in crime, so he’s proposing a radical policy ? if you don’t have a job, don’t move there.

Malcolm Campbell works two jobs in Kawerau. He’s the mayor and the butcher. Working, he says, is the key to a happy, safe town.

?If you don’t have a job and you live in South Auckland or wherever in New Zealand, then you should not be able to come to Kawerau unless you have an employment to bring here,? he says.

Mr Campbell says the five new families, with criminal backgrounds and 25 children between them, recently moved to town without jobs.

?They bring a lot of social issues with them. That’s a real problem for us, just trying to alleviate some of the social issues that come with it.?

But how do you stop someone moving to your town?

?That’s up to Social Welfare [Work and Income New Zealand] to implement as far as we are concerned.?

1,300 new jobs. And barely a mention

Kawerau is losing a hundred jobs. That is tough to take. But then again Kawerau has been in the thrall of the unions for years…one day all those chickens were going to come home to roost.

There have been endless MSM stories about it, mostly blaming the Government.

Yet this week the Government?announced the creation of 1,300 new jobs.

I’ll repeat that. 1,300 new jobs.

Guess how many articles there have been in the MSM about that.