Keith Ng

Personal message from Cam Slater to Keith Ng


Tower of virtue, honesty and no hidden agendas, Keith Ng / via Stuff

Keith was in court observing when Benjamin Rachinger and I appeared to argue the suppression with Mediaworks’ lawyer

So he thinks he knows stuff.

Some days ago, a website that will remain nameless because its content is in breach of New Zealand suppression orders published some photos of Mediaworks interviewer Lisa Owen and an apparently still to be correctly identified camera man.

As usual, the people that wish me harm immediately accused me of taking those photos and sending them to that website. ?It was “conclusive proof”, apparently, that I’m leaking information to them.

I have clearly, repeatedly and publicly stated that I did not provide those photos to that website. ?In fact, I have never provided any photos to that website. ?If you see how they describe me and Spanish Bride, I honestly can not understand why anyone could hold an honest belief that I work with them at all.

You only have to follow their Twitter feed to see they are supporters of Snowden, Assange and Greenwald. ? Kim Dotcom’s associates. ?How can anyone believe I would associate with wet lefties like that? ? Read more »

Journalist guilty of computer crimes for helping hacker


It is a headline I hope to see originating in New Zealand media one day. ? But patience is a virtue.

A federal jury in northern California has found a journalist guilty of computer crimes for helping hackers deface the Los Angeles Times website. Read more »

Journalist outraged after being hacked…cry me a river of tears

I said it was only a matter of time before someone hacked some journalists…and they have…and boy are they outraged about it.

When this journalist was hacked however the same ones who are aghast at this latest case were delving into all my hacked details as fast as they could.

Excuse me if I don’t just throw up a little bit in my mouth over the rank hypocrisy of this.

An investigative journalist is outraged her phone was hacked by telco giant Vodafone because of a damaging story.

The company’s today admitted a lone employee accessed call charge records and text messages in January 2011.? Read more »

New Zealanders live in an “incredibly benign strategic environment”?


A New Zealand man has been named on an Islamic State (IS) “kill list”, leaked by hackers overnight.

The group, who call themselves the Islamic State Hacking Division, released personal information of hundreds of members of the military and government ? mostly from the United States.

The information says the man in question lives in Auckland, but his father says that is incorrect.

He says his son currently lives overseas and was shocked to see his name on the list.

“Yes I am [worried]… more so for the fact that he’s got absolutely no connection to the military.” Read more »

Keith Ng on Labour’s shameless anti-Chinese attack using Dirty Media

Keith Ng is a sanctimonious prig at the best of times. He was also deeply involved in the Dirty Politics smear attacks, but that story is for another day.

Nonetheless today he has something valuable to say about Labour’s shameless Dirty Media attack on Chinese.

I don?t own a house, but if I bought one, I hope that cynical politicians wouldn?t blame people whose ?last name sounds Chinese? for..

driving up house prices beyond the reach of hard-working Kiwi first home buyers if people whose ?last name sounds Chinese? can?t be a hard-working Kiwi, as if we are taking their houses.

And if I became a property investor, I hope that I?d be judged like every other property investor, and not hung up as a political scapegoat as if wewere some kind of foreign parasites, but they are wise stewards of property reaping the rewards of thrift and hard work.

I hope they wouldn?t treat us as if we were not them, based on whether our ?last name sounds Chinese?.

Here?s the thing with Labour?s ?analysis? of Auckland house sales, which the Herald are running with. Behind the curtain, there?s nothing more to it than going through house sale records and asking ?do these names sound Chinese??. It cannot tell you whether these people are speculators, investors or owner-occupiers, and it cannot tell you whether they are offshore, immigrants from the 90s, or if their ancestors have been here since the goldrush.

You can?t magically MATH your way from a last name to a residency status. They have one piece of real data: ?39.5% of last names in a list of house sales sound Chinese?. All the assertions that Labour are making beyond this are complete bullshit.

Read more »

Tweets of the Day

Yesterday Julie Anne Genter was pushing her climate change agenda because of a little bit of extra rain in Wellington.

The poor petals are quite upset and blaming climate change for the floods. I jumped in and pointed out that it was alarmism, and no big deal…they’ve had a rainy day.

Keith Ng, that brilliant journalist who once raised a couple of thousand dollars for a post on hacking WINZ terminals and a good mate of the Tweeting left asked me this:

ng-tweet Read more »


Phone hacking illegal, but email hacking fine. Well, if it’s my email it is

Nick Davies will forever be known as the journalist who broke the phone-hacking scandal in the Britain, bringing down the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid.

At a Christchurch WORD event on Tuesday night, he discussed his views on the media and his book, Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch, with The Press editor Joanna Norris.

Starting in 2008 after a tip-off, Davies, who works for The Guardian, began investigating illegal phone-hacking and bribery by journalists employed by News International.

He wrote more than 100 articles over two years on the activities but it was only when he revealed News of the World journalists had listened to and deleted voicemail messages left for murdered teenager Milly Dowler that public outrage forced the police to re-open investigations.

By 2011, it was revealed more than 210 people had been complicit in the illegal activities and victims numbered more than 5000.

Don’t hold your breath that the same will happen in New Zealand when it comes to email hacking. ?Journalists,?decent, trained and skilled, have been directly involved in the Dirty Politics hacking against me and others. ?? Read more »

Clare Curran and failure go hand in hand

Labour has failed in its bid to set up a commission of inquiry into privacy breaches.

Clare Curran introduced her Electronic Data Safety Bill last year.

She wanted an inquiry into several serious privacy breaches, including one in which a member of the public downloaded 7000 sensitive Ministry of Social Development documents through a Work and Income self-service computer kiosk.

Under the terms of her member’s bill, the commission would have investigated the breaches and recommended how best to prevent further unauthorised access to private information held by government departments. Read more »

Herald investigation reveals…MPs follow the rules

I’m not kidding, they have splashed all over the paper about how…shock, horror…MPs have followed the rules.

Once again the Herald applies their own moral judgement and attacks MPs for following the rules.

Several Government politicians are using a loophole to own properties which are not declared and claim up to $78,000 in taxpayer-funded subsidies each year to pay off the mortgage.

A?Herald?investigation of property records for all 121 members of Parliament has discovered that six National MPs use their private superannuation schemes to own property that does not need to be disclosed – unlike assets held in trusts. This is because of an exception in the rules of the Register of Pecuniary Interests.

They are declared, they are declared their superannuation scheme, this is extremely lazy reporting by the Herald who it seems has invested a lot of time and effort into an investigation to come up with precisely nothing. But hey it is “the biggest data journalism project in New Zealand.”? Read more »

Creepers and Excusers

I saw this pop up in my RSS feed and it rings true in many, many ways…especially the description of “excusers”, but more importantly the behaviour of Len Brown as a “creeper”.

Emma Hart at Public Address wrote two Missing Stair posts:?The Necessary Bastard?andThe Creeper and the Excuser. Go read them if you want, I liked ideas put forward.

Mayor Len?

Auckland’s Mayor Len Brown is a highly successful creeper. He has a excusers all over the place. Len Brown will get away with it, probably he has got away with it before. People like him almost always get a free pass.

What is a Creeper??

Creepers are on the lookout for someone vulnerable. They can use a number of approaches, but what they want is someone who will not say no.? Ideally they want someone who can be pressured into saying yes, repeatedly.

The description of a creeper Emma provides details a promiscuous form of creeper, the mass mail out approach where as high as number as possible are randomly approached.

What about somewhere short of that? What about the Creepers? The ones who have a habit of touching people who don?t want to be touched? The hand on the leg, the accidental brushes, the sexual remarks that make people really uncomfortable? Would you do something about that?

That is the route of the lazy, unintelligent creeper and is not the best approach. Creepers are just one person so mass marketing is hard to carry off.? Creepers are? better served to find someone they know is vulnerable and exploit that vulnerability.? Doing a bit of research beforehand and then repeatedly targeting the same individual can induce impetus.? Read more »