Kelli-Ann Barlow

Queensland vs NZ

No not a lifestyle comparison, a regulatory authority and judicial comparison between NZ and Queensland:

The Queensland Government, determined to get back all of the A$11 million (NZ$14m) allegedly stolen by accused Queensland Health fraudster Joel Morehu-Barlow, has frozen assets including a blanket and a pillow.

Authorities are also seeking property belonging to Morehu-Barlow’s sister in their bid to recover some of the funds he allegedly siphoned from Queensland Health in the five years he worked there.

Morehu-Barlow is charged with defrauding Queensland Health of A$11m and is due to reappear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday.

Police are also investigating allegations he stole a further A$5m.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane yesterday, the Director of Public Prosecutions sought two further restraining orders on various items including motor vehicles and jet skis, the?Courier-Mail?reported.

The Government previously restrained property such as units, money, paintings, clothing and even a blanket and pillow.

Morehu-Barlow was not in court yesterday but Justice Martin Daubney said his lawyers had been told.

The state also sought to have property held by Morehu-Barlow’s sister Kelli-Ann Barlow restrained.

In Australia they charge you first, then they seek asset freezes. Here in New Zealand the statutory authorities conduct a PR exercise, hurl around accusations, then go to court but not to charge you, rather they seek to freeze your assets first, then they stretch out their investigation for more than a year and still ahve no charges laid, but continually tell the Judge that they are nearly there could the freeze please stay in place, and then when patience is almost at an end from the judge they say that they won’t be laying criminal charges which have a far higher threshold for the burden of proof, no instead they say that after Christmas that they might lay civil charges, which of course are still not laid. All this time the so far innocent party still has his assets frozen.

Looks like there is a veritable chasm between our two jurisdictions not only in competency but also in natural justice.