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Calling Kelvin Davis: you’re needed in Australia again

Facebook via Stuff

Facebook via Stuff

New Zealand-born Wiremu Hepara Perry has been jailed in Australia for trying to extort A$72,000 (NZ$80,300) from a restaurant owner and is at risk of deportation from Australia.

A Rebels bikie, Perry was hired in 2013 by construction company owner John Andrew Coyne to get money from the owner of Perth’s Chik and Kent and Cinnamon Club, The West Australian reported.

The victim had paid Coyne A$650,000 for renovation work but an additional payment was disputed.

Looks like the Te Tai Tokerau West Island constituent needs some Labour Party help.   Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Tell her she’s dreamin’!

Election time certainly brings out the idiots.  I mean, you have to be positive, but you also have to be realistic.

Targeting seven seats in the upcoming election, the Maori Party is confident in holding their present three and taking a further four.

Party president Rangimarie Naida Glavish announced the target when she addressed the 10th birthday celebration in Rotorua on Saturday night which doubled as the opening of the party’s 2014 election campaign.

“The seven Maori seats are there for the taking by the Maori Party. We are confident of holding our present three seats, Tamaki Makaurau, Waiariki and Te Tai Hauauru.

The Maori Party will be lucky to hold their current seats, let along expand their influence through all seven Maori electorates.   Read more »