Kelvin Davis

Maori Party mocks Labour using Willie Jackson

You have to admire the rat cunning of The Shark with this exchange in the House yesterday:

Switching support from one political party to the next has its downsides when past comments come back to haunt you.

Labour’s latest recruit Willie Jackson, who spent much of his time cheering on the Maori Party’s waka before boarding the Labour bus, was the butt of the biggest joke in Question Time on Tuesday as Labour’s attempted point-scoring went pear-shaped.   Read more »

A third of the ex Australia deported Kiwi cons have offended again

Kelvin Davis’ Aussie/Kiwi/Crimwave constituents that were kicked out by Australia to come back to New Zealand have done Labour proud.

Almost a third of Kiwis deported from Australia in the last two years have reoffended, according to police figures. Read more »

The state of the electoral nation, according to ACT

From ACT’s Free Press

Elsewhere Up and Down the Country
We have said that this year’s election will be the most strategic ever, and ACT’s strategic importance keeps increasing. No party can govern alone and it is impossible to avoid a left wing, regressive government without ACT. This week Free Press tours the machinations up and down the country.

Peter Dunne’s position in has been made challenging by the entry of Greg O’Connor to the race and the withdrawal of the Greens’ candidate. Dunne’s majority is 710, and there are 2700 Green votes up for grabs. At first blush Dunne is 2000 votes under water. We wouldn’t write Dunne off but it’s a big hill to climb.

It’s not what you can see that’s going to be the problem.  It will be the things that become apparent along the way.  As I like to say:  it’s never the original sin that gets you, it’s the covering up.

The Mana-Maori Deal
[Yesterday] the Mana and Maori Parties announced that Mana will not stand in the six Maori electorates other than Te Tai Tokerau, where the Maori party will give Hone Harawira a clear run in return. It looks likely that Harawira will win Te Tai Tokerau back off Labour, and the Maori Party will win Tamaki Makaurau and Ikaroa-Rawhiti off Labour in addition to Wairiki, which they already hold.   Read more »

Missing million? One more found – 999,998 to go

A tennis coach jailed in the US for soliciting sexually explicit photographs from a youth player is being lined up for deportation to New Zealand.

Rex Haultain, who was born in New Zealand and became an American citizen in 2012, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison and ordered to pay US$15,000 ($21,000) restitution after pleading guilty to one count of soliciting child pornography.

Missouri-based Haultain was indicted by a federal grand jury for the District of Kansas on February 13, 2013.

The latest court documents, from September 12, now show the child porn offender is trying to fight the US Government’s move to withdraw citizenship and ultimately open the way for deportation to New Zealand.

On October 15 last year a trial attorney with the Office of Immigration Litigation – a division of the Department of Justice – filed a complaint to “revoke Haultain’s naturalisation”. Read more »

Kelvin Davis calls a different point of view “prejudice”

Maybe Kelvin feels this way because his leader Andrew Little doesn’t think that his politicians should debate the issues.

“Labour is a political party not a debating society.”

-Andrew Little

Why didn’t Kelvin discuss the points made in the letter rather than dismissing the writer’s views as being ” crap ” because he disagrees with them? If Labor Party politicians follow Andrew Little’s lead and refuse to discuss/debate different points of view then politics really have gone to the dogs.  Sadly these days (particularly on the left side of politics) trying to silence opposition viewpoints by calling people twits, bigots, racists, Islamophobes et cetera seems to be more and more common.  Politicians should not be afraid to argue the issues dear to their heart clearly and concisely.

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Duff on Hone II – the Return of Hone

This columnist usually stays away from politicians. But then Hone announced a comeback. Oh dear. Maoridom needs Hone Harawira back in politics like the proverbial hole in the head. He couldn’t get on with the Maori Party, founded the Mana Party, had a bromance with the gifted but flawed German, Kim Dotcom. And when the admirable Kelvin Davis thrashed him in the last election, who does he turn on? Dotcom. But of course others, too.

A man with a hero-complex is not what Maoridom needs. They – our people – do not need someone pandering to our lowest common denominator, telling them their failures are not their fault but the fault of rich white people, greedy capitalists, a stacked system, government, all on the assumption these people are incapable of helping themselves.

Not once have we heard offered a solution to “poor” people’s woes, to “poverty.” He came up with no ideas on creating employment. Nor use of Northland Maori land.

No ideas on instilling an education ethos in the outlook of the very culture of those he claims to be fighting for. His ideas were and still are zilch.

He hasn’t demonstrated by a single gesture that maybe he should take a less hardline stance. Oh, no. Not Hone. He’s the self-described “fighter.” Whoopee, that’s gonna put a lot of Maori into their own homes and give them jobs, lift us up to the educated, aspiring middle class, a scrapper representing us.

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Maori ratbags putting motorists at risk

Kelvin Davis has spoken out about his own criminal constituents who were busted running a scam in his electorate. Normally he hugs them like his life depends  upon it.

A Maori group claiming sovereignty of Northland is issuing its own licence plates, warrants of fitness and registrations, claiming they’re as legitimate as the real thing. But none of them are issued by the New Zealand Transport Authority.

The group says the Crown has no authority in Northland, but police say the warrants are a fraud and the people selling them are putting lives at risk.

They come from a Maori incorporation, Nga Uri Whakatupu Ngati Hine, whose members believe they can issue the documents themselves.

“Basically a Maori incorporation is a state outside of Government,” says fake warrant holder Phil Saleh. “Maori are entitled to their own jurisdiction and their own laws.”

The stickers bear the Maori for warrant of fitness, “whakamana waka”, and say they’re authorised under the “Native Waka Motor Vehicle Act 2005”.

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Kelvin’s favourite constituent is allowed to stay in Australia… for all of 30 minutes

Kelvin Davis is a friend of the criminals, and especially criminals who live in Australia.

Australia doesn’t like Kiwi criminals and has sent one packing, twice.

Australia’s Immigration Minister has again cancelled the visa of a New Zealand-born bikie with a long criminal record, only hours after a federal court ruled the first cancellation was unfair.

Australian Federal Court judge Richard Tracey on Thursday quashed Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s decision to cancel the visa of Aaron Joe “AJ” Graham over a technicality involving procedural unfairness.

But an immigration department spokesman on Thursday afternoon said the minister had “decided to again cancel his visa” — and Graham would remain in immigration detention or return to New Zealand pending any appeal.

Graham, a former president of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang, had his visa cancelled in June last year.    Read more »

Dear Judith writes Kelvin Davis as he goes full retard

Kelvin Davis goes full retard.  Never go full retard

Your reaction to your humiliation of hearing through the media that some corrupt guard is smuggling tobacco in to Wiri Prison has been to embark on a witch hunt to find the whistleblower.

This shows that you’re the one whose running scared simply because you’re afraid of the truth.

Instead of being grateful for this being brought to your attention, and you then being able to take steps to address the problem, you have set out to persecute the whistleblower.

You torment the little people because it’s easier than catching the big fish.

You sit in your ivory tower and pass judgement on people who have little ability to challenge the system or the tyranny of the state.

So they come to a Member of Parliament who shares their concern about the systemic rot that infects the department you manage.

I understand that saving face is more important to you than doing what is right. This is why your department stonewalls information, delays OIA releases, loses CCTV footage, and rarely is anyone held to account for bad decisions that severely impact on inmates, guards and their families.

This is why people can be beaten up with near impunity while your department ‘investigates’ with minimal results and no wrong doing found. Read more »

Labour’s crim hugging paying back as Kelvin’s next constituent is sent back to New Zealand

It may take a while, but this way Labour will indeed get the missing million they had lost.

A grandmother who cheated a dementia sufferer out of her home is being deported back to New Zealand – despite not living here for more than 30 years.

Francesca Jean Marzella, 63, was convicted of “despicable” elder abuse after selling the home of an elderly neighbour and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a year-long holiday to Europe.

Despite not having lived in New Zealand since 1984 and being seriously ill with Crohns disease, Marzella is being deported after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia upheld an order from the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton.

Marzella’s offending began in 2004. She befriended the 89-year-old nursing home resident, who was her former next door neighbour, getting her to sign over her $520,000 home.

She sold the home on the internet for about $370,000 and transferred the stolen cash to an account in London.Marzella assumed different identities while on the run – obtaining Australian and British passports under the names Marilyn Gray Howitt and Taylor Scheaffer. She was eventually arrested when she returned to Australia in 2008.

She was charged with defrauding the elderly lady who was suffering from dementia after the woman had laid a complaint. The elderly victim Marguerite Stewart, 89, died in 2011. Read more »