Ken Livingstone

Corbyn’s anti-Semitism rises

Jeremy Corbyn rinsed Ken Livingstone?for his anti-Semitic comments, but went light on many others. Now, however, he is embroiled in his own anti-Semitic comments ?after comparing Israel to ISIS.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of comparing?the Israeli state to terrorist groups including Isis in a speech on combating antisemitism in the Labour Party.

The embattled Labour leader was speaking after the launch of a report by the former director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti.

?Modern antisemitism may not always be about overt violence and persecution, though there is too much of that even to this day. We must also be vigilant against subtler and invidious manifestations of this nasty ancient hatred and avoid slipping into its traps by accident or intent,? Mr Corbyn said.

?Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organisations.?

Many listeners equated Mr Corbyn?s comments with a direct comparison between the Israeli government and Isis, which calls itself the ?Islamic State?.

The Afghan Taliban also styles itself as the ?Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan? and countless other Islamist terror groups are waging insurgencies to build their own states governed under a fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia law, including Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Sam Stopp, a Labour councillor in Wembley, said Mr Corbyn had “compared Israel to Isis”, writing on Twitter: “For that alone, he should resign. I am red with fury.?

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Jeremy Corbyn is all mouth and no trousers over Labour’s anti-semitism

The Guardian reports:

Jeremy Corbyn faced fresh criticism over his handling of antisemitism allegations after Labour?s sister party in Israel said it had had no reply to a letter its leader sent to him a month ago expressing dismay and inviting him to Jerusalem to see the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

Labour MPs said they were shocked that no response had apparently been sent and added that it was further evidence of the party leadership?s slow and inadequate response to the crisis.

After Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour party at the end of April for making highly controversial remarks about Hitler and Zionism, Isaac Herzog, leader of the Israeli Labour party, wrote to Corbyn, saying he was ?appalled and outraged by the recent instances of anti-semitism by senior Labour party officials in the United Kingdom?.

Livingstone said on the Vanessa Feltz Show on Radio London last month: ?When Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to?Israel.? Corbyn was forced to suspend his ally for the remarks. ? Read more »

Some good advice for Labour, pity they aren’t listening

John Armstrong offers up some good advice for LAbour as they continue to pursue Judith Collins. Little do Labour know they are being set up, if only they would do a little bit of research would they realise how far down the set up track they have propelled themselves in chasing false leads, rumour and innuendo.

The only funny part about it all is that Winston Peters is the one who set them up and Labour are the ones suffering at the hands of voters as a result.

The Prime Minister took the rather unusual step of offering free advice to Labour yesterday. It was advice Labour would do well to heed. But it is unlikely to do so. At least not yet.

The gist of John Key’s message to Labour went something like this. “Make my day. In fact, make my election day. If you want to continue to rate below 30 per cent in the polls, just keep talking about the things that do not matter. Just keep doing that until election day.”

Among the things that do not matter – according to Key – is Labour’s pursuit of Judith Collins and who she did or did not have dinner with in Beijing six months ago and what she did or did not tell New Zealand’s ambassador afterwards. ?? Read more »

Metro Editor on Len Brown, dead man walking

Simon Wilson is a hard left whinger from way back. ?He is the editor of Metro magazine.

Even he has abandoned Len Brown.

Len Brown will soon resign. The governing body of the Auckland Council has been meeting since 10am, and it?s still not over, and it?s clear in the debate that the mayor has lost the support of most councillors. That will make it extremely difficult for him to do his job.

When he understands that ? and how longer could that possibly take? ? he will step down.

The council has two options in front of it. One is the much publicised proposal to pass a vote of no confidence in the mayor. That is destined to fail.

The other is a motion jointly proposed by deputy mayor Penny Hulse, formerly a Brown loyalist, and leading centre-right councillor Christine Fletcher. Their motion is the outcome of a five-hour informal meeting yesterday. It uses words like ?profound disappointment and disapproval?, it censures the mayor, it calls on him to reimburse all personal costs and make an ?appropriate contribution? to council?s other costs in relation to the affair. It also requires a ?stronger working relationship and level of accountability?. Finally, it accepts Brown?s apology and ?signals its willingness to work with the mayor in the best interests of the people of Auckland?.

That motion will be carried.? So why will Len Brown stand down?

In the current issue of the magazine, I have suggested that Brown?s misdemeanours are not sufficiently serious to require resignation, but if he loses his ability to do his job, that changes. If he cannot lead the council, he needs to find the courage and grace to step aside.

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Who is in control of Labour?

This whole “man ban” thing has got me thinking. Just who exactly is in control of Labour?

Colin Espiner touches on this:

Oh dear. I really didn’t think it was possible for Labour to top its own goal over the Sky City corporate box debacle. But it has.

After a week where the Government ought to be on the back foot over the GCSB saga, Auckland’s nutty property market, and the death throes of one of its coalition partners, Labour has come out with a policy so politically barmy it makes you wonder whether it really has any interest in winning the next election.

Labour’s Wimmin’s Division is proposing that the party?introduce quotas?in some of its keenly contested electorates so that only women can be selected as candidates.

It’s proposing a target of 45 per cent women in caucus in 2014 and 50 per cent in 2017 – despite the fact that already 41 per cent of its caucus are female.

The plan is stupid on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to start.? Read more »

Hosking on the Man Ban

Mike Hosking explores Labour’s Man Ban:

Once again the Labour Party is out of the blocks with another stroke of political genius. Not happy with regulating the power industry and doing that in association with the Greens, not happy with undermining their leader by leaking the fact he has until September or there is a coup on, and not happy at seeing all that result in a spectacular drop in the polls, they?ve upped the ante and come to the party with the idea that some electorates should be cordoned off for women only.

You can of course see where they?re coming from. The plight and role of women in this country has barely moved since 1913. If only women had been able to achieve for themselves, things might have been so different.

Perhaps if we?d been able to see one or two examples of women who had broken through the barriers and glass ceilings then we may not need such an artificial policy to boost their stocks. If we?d been able to cite one or two examples of female leadership, women who started and ran successful companies or had been appointed to the judiciary.? Read more »

Imagine life without Radio NZ and TVNZ? … Bliss?

Think about how great it would be without the left wing bias and just plain wrong-ness of Radio NZ and TVNZ.

Earlier I blogged about what is happening in Greece…now the subsidised illuminati of the BBC are working themselves into a lather in the UK.

But others like me think it would be bliss, and the trough-snufflers of state funded broadcasting would finally have their throats cut.

John Humphrys has invited Radio 4 listeners to imagine life without the BBC. They are to picture themselves sitting down to watch Countryfile or Holby City, only for the screen to go black. That?s what happened to the Greek national broadcaster ERT, you see, the Hellenic equivalent of the BBC. On Tuesday night the good citizens of Greece were watching the news when? pfft. Apparently the money had run out.

I closed my eyes, but before I had a chance to imagine a Britain without the BBC, Humphrys dismissed the idea as ?unimaginable?. You have to admire the complacency behind that ?unimaginable?. The Herculean smugness. The scale of the self-congratulation. And it?s not just Humphrys. They?re all at it, all the 30,000 or so people who work for the BBC.? Read more »

Labour all over the world make shit up and lie about people

? The Telegraph

…and lose in court:

I have today received an apology in the High Court for false and defamatory statements made about me by Ken Livingstone in his recent autobiography,?You Can?t Say That.?Other redress has also been agreed. Presumably to save face, Ken?s side insisted that this remain confidential.

In the book,?reviewed here, Ken wrote that I was ?shown the door? by my previous employer, the Evening Standard, after writing ?lies? about the allocation of grants by his administration and the behaviour of his race adviser, Lee Jasper. Ken also claimed that the Standard had repudiated my stories in editorials which ?said there had been no corruption or cronyism at City Hall.?

Alas, it wasn’t me who was lying. As the Standard said in its own?review of the book,??I wasn’t “shown the door.” I left of my own volition to join the Telegraph. No such editorials were printed. The stories won the top award in British print journalism that year and remain available on the paper?s website. Like?this one, for instance, which triggered Jasper’s resignation after I revealed that he had channelled vast sums of money, for no clear purpose, to organisations run by a woman he secretly wanted to ?honey glaze.? Ken has never been able to challenge a single word that I actually wrote, as opposed to the various misrepresentations of it that he has made.

I started a claim for libel and this afternoon came the inevitable end ? a statement in open court by the publishers of?You Can?t Say That, apologising for Ken?s lies. It?s not the first time the majesty of the law has extracted that which no mortal hand can manage. A couple of years ago,humble pie was served?courtesy of the former Tower Hamlets leader, Michael Keith, who got damages for being called an ?Islamophobe? by Ken.

Leftie complains about winning

? The Telegraph

Ken Livingstone criticised Labour leader Ed Milliband for “carrying the discredited old Blairite wing with him”.

Keen students of United Kingdom politics know that the only way Labour could win after 18 years in opposition was to have Tony Blair take them to the right. So Red Ken wants them to go back to their old unelectable ways.

Boris won

?The Telegraph

Boris Johnson has seen of Red Ken for the Mayor of London. Poms obviously have exceedingly short memories too, crawling back into the cold embrace of socialism and the Labour party.

Boris Johnson rescues Tories from disastrous local election results, bucking national trend to be re-elected as Mayor of London.

He narrowly beat Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate, after second preference votes from the five losing candidates were taken into account. The Conservative victory in London came despite David Cameron?s party receiving a mauling in local elections outside of the capital.

Both Coalition parties suffered heavy losses as they were apparently blamed by voters for a series of policy blunders, including new taxes on pensioners, pasties and charity donations.

The Tory performance was so poor that the Prime Minister faced calls from within his party to ignore Lib Dem policies and adopt a more Right-wing agenda.

Labour gained more than 800 council seats and seized control of 30 additional local authorities, including Plymouth, Birmingham and Southampton. The party also regained control of Cardiff and Glasgow councils.

Ed Miliband?s party even won council seats in Witney and Chipping Norton in the Prime Minister?s constituency.