Ken Wilman

Who would eat Whale Vomit on purpose?

Well, that post on Whale Vomit got the Whale Army going.  Two clips were suggested:

Via the tipline

Well, Whale, you started it.  Here’s a video of some pommie toffs enjoying some whale vomit.

Heston Blumenthal serves ambergris (whale vomit) to his guests as part of a fish and caviar starter for his sumptuous Christmas feast. Guests include actor Charlie Higson, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, comedienne Arabella Weir, former rugby player Matt Dawson, actor James Purefoy, and journalist Kate Spicer.

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I always knew the blog would make money

Finally proof that the blog would make money…people at lesser read blogs always complain that all I do is vomit all over the internet. Well looks like it is about to pay off. This guy has found some whale vomit worth £100,000:

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