Kendall Davis-Bogan

Stupid tree-huggers screw up a Bogan’s house

Silly tree-hugging busy bodies have contributed to the destruction of a house in Sydney.

This is the problem you get when councils and tree-huggers start putting trees ahead of humans. We have a similar regime in Auckland with the stupid designation of “heritage trees” and have recently seen the same thing on the West Cost where a wake was held for a tree that DoC sensibly cut down.

Trees come and go, protecting them so the wind can eventually blow them over is ridiculous.

Warringah Council rejected an application to remove a 50-year-old Norfolk pine tree that destroyed an Allambie Height’s couple’s uninsured home, narrowly missing them when it fell during the weekend’s wild storms.

The application to remove the tree was made by the neighbours of Rock and Kendall Davis-Bogan, but the council said it should be heritage-listed.

Yesterday, Mrs Davis-Bogan said they were lucky to be alive.

“Normally you get a south-east wind – and if it had been a south-east wind, neither me or my husband would be here talking to you today,” she told 2UE radio on Thursday.

The couple’s neighbours applied to have the tree removed from the fence line between the two properties in 2011 because the 30-metre-tall tree, weighing more than eight tonnes, swayed significantly from side to side.  Read more »