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Not dickheads, just blokes

Sydney Morning Herald

The two Aussie swimmers busted for posing with guns have found a political defender in Bob Katter. They aren’t dickheads, they are just blokes being blokes:

Bob Katter says Australia’s “thought police have gone too far” in pillorying our Olympic swimmers for being pictured with legal firearms.

Mr Katter, the member for Kennedy, stepped in to defend controversial Sunshine Coast swimmer Nick D’Arcy saying political correctness has gone too far when men have to “apologise for being men”, reports The North West Star.

Mr Katter took aim at the “thought police” for the criticism of D’Arcy and fellow Olympian Kenrick Monk, after the pair were criticised when Monk posted a photo on Facebook of the pair branding firearms in a United States gun shop.

The Australian Olympic Committee has decided D’Arcy and Monk should be punished by exiting the London Games when their events finish after the first week, rather than stay with the team for the full Games.

However, this website understands Swimming Australia will not further sanction the pair when it makes a statement this afternoon.

The swimmers were remorseful when they confronted the media at Brisbane Airport last week after flying home from a three-week training camp in the US.

But Mr Katter said the criticism of the swimmers behaviour, who he describes as “sporting heroes”, was offensive to responsible gun users.

“What have we become, when two Australian Olympic Swimmers can been vilified for being photographed with legal firearms in the US?’ he said.

“Are we serious? The real crime here is the ‘thought police’ stripping us of the right for boys to be boys.

“Will they finally be happy when men can only be photographed at a day spa carrying their designer chihuahua in a designer Louis Vuitton doggy handbag?

“It’s about time men stop being made to feel like they should apologise for being men.”

Soft cocks

The Australian Olympic Committee are a bunch of soft cocks. They are sending home the two swimmers after their commitments:

Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk will be sent home from the London Olympics immediately after the final day of the swimming events as punishment for posting inappropriate images on social network sites this week.

The Australian Olympic Committee has decided to send the duo back to Australia at the conclusion of their commitments in London as a result of images posted of the two swimmers brandishing guns while competing in California a fortnight ago.

The pair were quickly tagged “Dumb and Dumber” after an image became public.

D’Arcy and Monk have also been banned from blogging and using any social media sites throughout the games, including Twitter and Facebook.

I wonder if the Australian Olympic Committee are going to send home the 17 shooters in the Australian Olympic squad? After all they will not only be posing with firearms they will also be using them. Ironically D’Arcy and Monk are being sent home for posing with shotguns and the biggest component of the Australian shooting team are shotgunners.


What did they do wrong?

On the subject of guns and hand-winging liberal panty-waists. Last time I checked shooting sports were still in the Olympics. You would think from the tone of that article that they were photographed shooting up with steroids.

Controversial swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk could face sanctions from the Australian Olympic Committee after posting photos of themselves posing with high powered guns.

D’Arcy and Monk posed with the weapons in a gun shop in the US where the Australian swimming team has been training and competing before the Olympics which start next month.

Swimming Australia (SA) ordered the pair to remove the photos from their Facebook and Twitter accounts under their social media policy.

The AOC said it will await SA’s investigation before considering sanctions.

So tell me, did the swimmers do anything illegal, unethical or immoral? So that the fuck is the problem here?

Bonus points for commenters to name the guns.