More good news, WTO moves to abolish agri-subsidies

New Zealand agricultural exporters have received a much needed boost today with the announcement that the WTO has agreed to end export subsidies for agricultural exports.

The elimination of export subsidies for agricultural exports is a watershed for world trade that will help boost dairy prices, Fonterra says.

A World Trade Organisation ministerial conference held in Kenya and attended by New Zealand Trade Minister Todd McClay has agreed on the WTO Nairobi package, which will eliminate the ability of WTO members to subsidise their agricultural exports.

That is an outcome successive New Zealand governments have sought for decades, with trade envoys identifying agricultural subsidies, along with tariffs, as one of the biggest obstacles to free trade.

Fonterra chairman John Wilson said the historic breakthrough would be good news for dairy farmers.

“For years the use – or even the threat – of export subsidies have resulted in world dairy prices below their true level, reducing returns to dairy farmers,” Wilson said.

“Export subsidies have long been acknowledged as the most damaging form of subsidy and their removal from agricultural trade is a watershed for global trade,” he said. “The Nairobi outcome takes global trade rules one essential step further towards a level playing field for dairy trade.”

McClay said it had been illegal to subsidise the exports of industrial goods for more than half a century, and it was a major achievement to have that extended to agriculture. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

The Heartbreaking Moment a Kenyan Girl Is Sold Into Marriage

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Photo Of The Day

Photo by Mia Collis

Photo by Mia Collis

In Nairobi Slums

Girl Boxers Learn How to Fight For Themselves

Alfred ?Priest? Analo ? a women rights activist and boxing coach ? is the founder of Boxgirls, an organization Kenya established in 2007. The organization started because of rapid increase in rape cases registered in the Eastlands, especially in the slums.

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Face of the day

Pippa Doyle

Pippa Doyle

One of New Zealand’s most secretive military organisations has opened its high-security doors for a 93-year-old woman.

Tonight, it was a meeting of war heroes when New Zealand’s Victoria Cross winner Willie Apiata kissed 93-year-old Pippa Doyle, one of the great if unknown secret agents of World War II.

Apiata was in the audience as Pippa ? otherwise known as Phyllis Latour Doyle ? received France’s highest decoration: the Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur, the Legion of Honour (knight class).

 DAVID WHITE/Fairfax NZ TOP HONOUR: The Legion of Honour medal which was presented to Pippa Doyle.

TOP HONOUR: The Legion of Honour medal which was presented to Pippa Doyle.

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Can he move on somewhere that he doesn’t coach the Blackcaps?

Mike Hesson is a tool, he should emigrate again:

Mike Hesson quit his last international cricket coaching job because of the bombs going off around him. The bombs these days are of a considerably different nature but no less noticeable.

Controversy has followed the New Zealand coach for most of his short tenure since being appointed to take over from John Wright in July. If he was looking for more ‘security’ in his role following his last gig, it was sadly misplaced.? Read more »

Out of Africa, by 2306km, Herald bombs again

The NZ Herald is running a tragic story of some Kiwi’s killed in a bus crash in Kenya.



The tragedy isn’t just the details of the bus crash. It is also their sub-editing.

A reader emails:

I have noticed you enjoy pointing out the NZ Herald?s frequent poor or lazy choice of images to accompany their articles. Well, here is a beaut:

In todays? NZ Herald?they have used a photo of the famous Avenue of the Baobabs ?on the island of Madagascar, to illustrate an article about a road crash in Kenya!! Read more »

Baby Elephant Rescue

via Mashable

A lovely story of a rescue of a baby elephant stuck in a hole.

The Amboseli Trust for Elephants played hero to a calf and his mother by rescuing the young elephant from a well in Kenya. Three employees from the nonprofit conservation organization coordinated the effort, using their vehicles to chase the mother away before attempting to lift the hefty baby from the ditch.

Footage of the rescue shows the three-month-old pachyderm trumpeting distress sounds as two men try to extract him from the hole using a rope, a truck and a bit of ingenuity.

After the rescue, the?group?helped reunite the baby?elephant?with his mom.