Kerre Woodham

Kerre has a blinder

It matters not that the Herald still thinks Kerre McIvor is Kerre Woodham.


Today she had a blinder…a twofer.

First up over Pissy Pants Packer:

In the past few months, Sydney has seen several people seriously injured by being king hit – punched without warning or reason – and commentators have deplored the drunken violence.

So in Team Packer’s alternate reality, Russ has been made an example of when, in his dad’s view, people go around doing much worse things and get a slap on the hand.

I don’t know that there’s much worse in an assault than stamping on a man’s head when he’s down, but Packer senior and I will just have to agree to disagree on that one. ? Read more »

Good on Kerre, shame on Bryce

Bryce Johns claimed that the Herald on Sunday had “decent journalists, trained and skilled” and that I should try and emulate them and him.

Today they have a column by Kerre McIvor (formerly Woodham) about her changing her name after getting married. It is entitled “A girl formerly known as…“.

In the column she talks about her editor, the aforementioned Bryce Johns, and the?difficulty?he has had making the transition to her new name.

Some people wanted to know what my various employers thought, given that I’d built a career in the media under Woodham (all fine, thank you – although it took the?Herald on Sunday?slighter longer than the others to come round to the idea!)

And at the bottom of the column Johns himself adds a note:? Read more »

Kerre on Macsyna

? Herald on Sunday

Kerre Woodham has some words for Macsyna King….and none of them is sorry:

Macsyna spoke very well in the interview but towards the end, the poor me’s started to get on my nerves.

Sure, she may not have inflicted the fatal injuries on her twins but if she loved those babies so much, why had she not picked up the earlier rib fractures the twins suffered, before they were fatally injured?

Everyone understands mothers of new babies need to take a break, but most new mothers don’t bugger off for close to 24 hours when their children are so young, especially when they know the father of those babies is angry and resentful at being left in charge.

Macsyna said for years she had endured taunts and horrible words from members of the public and she and members of her family had had threats made against them.

While I don’t condone vigilante justice, does she really think her hands are clean when it comes to the death of her children?

If my child had been killed, I would spend the rest of my life blaming myself for her death. Trying to paint herself as an innocent victim doesn’t work for me.

Yes, we all make mistakes as parents, but most of ours don’t result in the death of our children. Yes, she’s suffered for the mistakes she’s made – but not as much as those twins suffered. They’re the ones buried six feet under; she’s alive and well and walking the Earth.

Some who saw that interview felt enormous compassion for Macsyna King – they told me so on the radio. Good on them. I wish I had their depth of humanity.

But I used all my compassion for those defenceless twins. The mother, who made her own choices and must bear the consequences of her decisions, can take care of herself.

Bringing classy back

? Herald on Sunday

Kerre Woodham looks to be a convert to Malaysian Airlines with their new restriction on kids on the upper levels of their A380s, she suggests they extend the ban from children:

But a quick poll among my talkback listeners revealed that there was way worse to endure than crying kids.

Obese people who demand that the armrest be raised so they can wedge themselves in are a pet hate; as are stinky people who seem to have an aversion to deodorant or indeed any form of personal hygiene.

One person told me he saw an Auckland Airport official take a smelly passenger away for a shower before they could board their flight, and if that’s true give that man or woman a medal.

Being stuck by the toilets and seated next to people trying to join the mile-high club were all considered worse than a crying baby.

Still, the stance by Malaysian Airlines is a start. Today restrictions on screaming babies, tomorrow the obese, next week the smelly. Let’s bring classy back to international travel.


Are they sharing a tent?

Kerre Woodham is now sharing things she really shouldn’t.?Though?I must admit the mental?picture?this time is a whole lot better.

Are Deborah and Kerre sharing a tent?


There in lies the problem

Kerre Woodham gets to the nub of Labour’s problem:

I’m not sure Labour will win any votes by tinkering with super eligibility. But it should certainly win them respect for having the courage to put the issue on the table.

Yep, except they would get respect if they had a salesman that you could trust or belief. Instead they have Phil Goff who after a lifetime in parliament has got more positions on anything than the Kama Sutra.

Courage? I’m not sure on that. Desperation makes people do strange things.

Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

The cheese roll saga clearly matters to Labour MPs, three of them plus a staffer were involved in the conversation. It must be important if the campaign manager and communications expert think their time is well spent arguing about cheese rolls with a talk show host.

Looney Len still spinning Looney Tunes

Looney Len Brown has never had a worse week, except perhaps when his heart stopped working. Far from it being so VRW conspiracy to embarrass him all his problems are by his own hand, in the form of mis-use of a credit card and then from his own mouth by first obfuscating, then denying then lying and finally refusing to follow council rules regarding spending.

It is then no surprise that the liberal left are abandoning him in the face of his Labour paid spin.

Firstly 4 prominent maori call bullshit on his face slapping madness. Significantly one is Willie Jackson who just a few days ago was defending Looney Len on TV3;

“The spin about it being a Maori gesture is rubbish. I’ve never heard anything like it.”

Jackson said Brown’s team had made a poor decision in claiming a cultural element to the antics.

“I don’t know what the hell they were talking about, having been a Maori every day of my life,” Jackson said. “Len needs to harden up or he’s going to gift this campaign to John Banks.

“This campaign was his to lose and he’s doing a good job of that.”

Willie Jackson is right. Looney Len simply can’t handle the pressure. Bizarrely he thinks that this is ll part of some smear campaign. That excuse won’t wash. If he simply followed council rules, rules he signed, and as a lawyer he knows what that means then he wouldn’t be under the microscope at all.

Even Kerre Woodham has lost confidence in Looney Len;

Just when I didn’t think things could get any worse for Len Brown, he goes and does it again.

And before his fans leap up and down and say I’m part of some spooky right-wing conspiracy, I’m not.

He had my vote before the events of the last couple of weeks. Not for any particularly compelling reason. I just thought that if we had a centre-right government, it balanced things up a bit to have a centre-left mayor.

Bit flimsy, I know, but given the calibre of the candidates, that was the best I could do.

Now all bets are off. First there were the credit card irregularities. I could just about overlook that as it seems a vast majority of our elected officials have difficulty in working out the difference between a work expense and household shopping.

Then came the claims of persecution and the protestations of being victimised. That was unattractive, but what really turned me off was the performance Brown gave to the Manukau City Council on Tuesday night.

I was there and it was bizarre, worse when he sat down and literally cried. It was pathetic to watch then and pathetic to think about now. Basically Looney Len is dying in the ditch over a $810 dinner that was never a fundraiser, always a family celebration, in more ways than one, but Loony Len just will not admit the truth.

Could it be any wore for Looney Len? Well yes it could, Matt McCarten could give him a spanking. Oh wait….

This brings me to the parallel universe of local government politics in which Labour Party-backed mayoral hopeful Len Brown has credit card problems of his own.

His use was careless at best and, as many Aucklanders don’t know much about him, his misuse will worry them. But it was his response, like Carter’s, which is more revealing.

The cutting up of his credit card on television was a cheap stunt. Was he saying he can’t be trusted with a credit card to do his job?

His explanation on why he used his card to buy personal items was because his wife had their joint card raises more concerns. Everyone knows couples can get a card each on joint accounts.

It’s good he apologised but his emotional presentation to his council was disturbing. His opponents can’t believe their luck and are predictably using it as evidence Brown is unstable and loose with ratepayers’ money.

I said a few weeks ago in this column that the Supercity mayoralty was Brown’s to lose. The credit card misuse and his theatrical apology won’t derail Brown’s campaign.

But it will raise questions by some about his suitability for the top job.

Brown has had a dream run and was sleepwalking to victory. This changed this week.

The new Auckland mayoral race is now wide open – as is Chris Carter’s seat. As they say, a week is a long time in politics.

Until Len Brown stops lying he will go down, and I won’t stop kicking him until he stops lying. I know and he knows that the $810 dinner at Volare wasn’t a fundraiser, I know and he knows who was at his table, and i know and he knows what they were really celebrating. Best Loony Len comes clean or he goes down in a crap pile of his own making.

Kerre Woodham on Sterilising Toxic Adults

Kerre Woodham has joined the debate sparked by David Garrett about sterilisation of deadbeat parents, or as Kerre puts it Toxic Adults.

VasectomyHitler wasn’t the first to promote the sterilisation of undesirables but he was certainly responsible for sterilisation’s bad PR.

The concept of forcibly removing the reproductive capabilities of people deemed undesirable by the state is anathema to most thinking people, so it’s not surprising that politicians, including those from his own Act Party, have distanced themselves from David Garrett’s suggestion that woeful parents be offered $5000 as an inducement to stop breeding.

He wasn’t necessarily promoting forcible sterilisation, though; just suggesting that people who want to limit their fertility be given the option to do so.

It’s one of life’s cruel jokes that those who are responsible for the most vicious treatment of children seem able to pop out babies at will, while other people spend years of emotional pain and thousands of dollars trying to have just one baby they can nurture and adore.

Indeed yes it is a cruel joke that the scum that beat and torture children to death willy-nilly pop them out only to abuse and torture some more. I struggle to understand what must reside in the incredibly tiny minds of these scum for them to be able to do those things to a child.

Finally riddle me this, New Zealand has the highest vasectomy rate in the world, our menfolk trot along in record numbers for a date all of 15 minutes with a pair of scissors. They get a bonus day off or if they are precious wee things a week off for the privilege. I would bet dollars to donuts that the ethnicity statistics for those getting vasectomies voluntarily is hugely weighted on the side of Europeans. The numbers would be, I am sure, a long way different from the demographic make up of our population.

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