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ALP not ready for a wog leader, select union heavy instead

The ALP have selected Bill Shorten to replace Kevin Rudd as leader after the bloodbath of the federal elections. He beat out Anthony Albanese, who was linked Obeid and MacDonald corruption scandals that brought down Labor in New South Wales.

Shorten is considered to be from the right of the party even though he was a union heavy, and was instrumental in knifing Kevin Rudd to push Julia Gillard into the leadership. There was talk in 2010 that he would knife Julia Gillard and take over even getting endorsement from Bob Hawke and Kim Beazley. He did eventually assist in the knifing of Gillard ironically in favour of the person he knifed earlier.

Clearly the ALP like distrustful ratbags as their leader…either that or a union heavy is preferable to a South Sydney wog.

Bill Shorten has been elected Labor leader, despite a clear majority of party members preferring his opponent, Anthony Albanese.? Read more »

Not the right temperament?

Kevin Rudd reckons that Tony Abbott doesn’t have the right temperament, judgement and experience.

Kevin Rudd has launched an extraordinary attack on Tony Abbott, accusing him of lacking the “temperament” and experience to handle complex international situations such as the worsening crisis engulfing Syria.

Facing internal doubts over his confidence as his election campaign is perceived as bogging down, Mr Rudd sought to contrast his reputation as a foreign affairs expert with Mr Abbott’s notoriety as a political hard man.

Adapting a tactic from the play-book of John Howard, who once claimed then opposition leader Kim Beazley lacked the ticker to be a prime minister, the unusually direct language appeared to be a calculated move to erode confidence in his opponent’s ability to stride the world stage and represent Australia in the councils of the world.

This sort of temperament Kevin?? Read more »

Sitting in the Front

? Sydney Morning Herald

Peter FitzSimons has noted something about Australian politicians. Unfortunately Peter’s claim that it is wonderfully unique to Australia, he is wrong, I have?noticed?the?same thing here. Even Phil Goff sat in?the?front seat, I know because I tool a photo of him doing just that at Sky City during the election campaign.

TFF has always noted, and enjoyed, the difference between the way male Australian politicians position themselves in chauffeur-driven cars, compared with the politicians of other countries. See, our blokes always sit in the front. Somewhere in our DNA is written that only toffs sit in the back, the way Lord and Lady Muck once did. Not for them. By sitting in the front they are making a statement – even if it is an unconscious one – that they get it. They are egalitarian. They don’t fancy themselves as better in any way than the person who drives them. In more than a decade of his prime ministership, no one ever saw John Howard get out of the back seat, unless he was travelling with his wife. Kim Beazley, I might say, was such a stickler for it, that even when travelling with his wife, Susie Annus, in a Commonwealth car, he sat in the front (and now in ambassadorial cars in Washington). It would amaze me, by contrast, if any American president has?ever?sat in the front of the presidential limo and I suspect the same goes for British prime ministers, German chancellors and all the rest. It is a uniquely, and wonderful, Australian thing. All of which is why it was so surprising to see the newly installed premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, turning up for the premiers’ dinner at the Lodge on Thursday night, sitting on his own in the?back?of the limo. The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last? Surely not. But it was curious.

Mad-Eye Pete Hodgson

The man in the chair at the murder house was Mad-Eye Pete Hodgson, renamed from Gollum because of his evil, crazy eyes in this photo. I pity the poor girl who has to drill those teeth, mind you Mad-Eye should be thankful it isn’t me drilling through to the nerves.

Congratulations to Reid who guessed rather early in the piece.

Mad-Eye Pete Hodgson

Pete's health strategy in tatters

Plan to fly mums to Aussie as NZ wards full up – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Pete Hodgson should spend less time dumpster diving and playing Gollum and more time on his Health portfolio. Firstly there was the overflowing Emergency departments turning away patients in his own electorate and now we hear that the we are about to fly pregnant mother to Australia because despite all that extra billions that have been poured into health they didn’t actually create anymore capacity in our intensive care neonatal beds.

Focus Pete, focus, there are lives at stake. We surely don’t want to have to start calling you Killer Pete, when just Gollum will do.

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Stop the smears and do your job, Hodgson told

Stop the smears and do your job, Hodgson toldNational's Tony Ryall says Health Minister Pete Hodgson should stop his "petty attacks" on National leader John Key and instead focus on problems in his own portfolio, such as sick people.
Mr Ryall said Mr Hodgson – who has fronted…
[NZ Politics]

Clark for her part continues to deny that she knows anything about the smears other than some of them are John Key's fault. This is an interesting tack for the so-called Leader of the party to take.

Is she seriously expecting us to believe that her ministers are running around doing their own thing while she knows nothing about what is going on? ?

Clint, take a bow

Clint Heine has a brilliant post, so brilliant here it is complete.


Pete Hodgson (20 June 2006) "… a very strange group of white men who don't even vote, who put a million dollars on the table to help the National Party…that is a very strange group of people"

Panty-Slut Boy (22 Nov 2005) " …they (National) tried to buy the election with its tax cuts and its underhand campaigns, financed by strange sects and shady deals with industry in return for favours that the voters were never supposed to know about"

Helen Clark (29 August 2006) "..I know what a cover-up looks like when Dr Brash commissions support from the Exclusive Bretheren and then will not tell the truth about it"

And now we get revelations that Hodgson and Panty-Slut Boy had official meetings with the EBs in the lead up to the 2005 election. Even Clark did, but it was "informal" so it doesn't count (apparently)

What is the football term for turning around 180 degrees, and kicking the circular, leather-encased pigs bladder past your team mate with the gloves on, and into the back of the net. What is that called ?

The Labour Party is degenerate, run by creatures like Clark & Hodgson; the truth is coming out, and I'm fucking liking it.


Has Pete Hodgson misled Parliament?

I ask the question in all seriousness because yesterday in Parliament Pete Hodgson said not once but twice that Dr Tony Bierre was a National Party candidate at the local body elections for the Auckland District Health Board.

[quote]Hon PETE HODGSON: In law, the answer is that it is the responsibility of the boards and the membership comprising the boards. The new National Party members on the Auckland District Health Board in December 2004 were given a presentation on conflicts of interest soon after the election, along with other board members. The presentation was prepared by Richard Westlake, a very experienced member of many boards. Dr Bierre and Jackie Blue could not have been in any doubt of their obligations.

and this;

Hon PETE HODGSON: Dr Bierre is a National Party member on the National Party ticket for the Auckland District Health Board. I find it interesting that in the space of 18 months?[/quote]

As you can see from Dr Tony Bierre's profile for his election to the Auckland DHB he is clearly identified as a Citizens & Ratepayers NOW candidate. It is also a matter of public record that the National Party does not stand candidates in ANY local body elections ANYWHERE.

Pete Hodgson as the Labour Party strategist must know those points. He must therefore have intentionally lied to parliament to attempt to score a political point in trying save his government from the embarrasment of despite knowing that Tony Bierre had a conflict of interest they did nothing.

Still lying to parliament is nothing new for this bunch of genetic liars.

Hodgson denies the bleeding obvious

Pete Hodgson describes the Treasury reports , of hopeless productivity in our hospitals, as "arrant nonsense".

That rates up there with Cullen’s "ideological burp".

One wonders if we really need treasury when all they produce for this government are "idealogical burps" and "arrant nonsense".

So despite $4 billy more spent on Health nothing has improved.

Hodgson spins away with this statement;
[quote]New Zealand spent less than the average per capita on health, yet New Zealanders lived longer than the average.

In that sense there’s a lot to be celebrated around our health system.[/quote]

That would be the Health system that has seen sickness beneficiaries grow at a huge rate despite our celebrated health system huh?

Labour says they won't pay back any

Labour has finaly said what we have known all along, that they won't be paying back any of the money they nicked.

Pete Hodgson told Nine till Noon today precisely that.?