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Just waiting for the howls of outrage over rape culture…waiting…waiting


I am waiting to hear the howls of outrage from the left wing over lefty arts luvvie and crap music maker Tom Scott’s mad rant about John Key and discussing raping his daughter and son, on Red Radio.

Still waiting…waiting…sigh

But dare to mention a feral…cue nationwide outrage.

Rape culture from the left is but a trifling issue it hardly warrants a squeak.

The singer behind the controversial Kill the PM song swore and joked about raping John Key’s son before walking out of a live radio interview.

Former Home Brew singer Tom Scott was yesterday on Kim Hill’s Playing Favouritessegment of her Radio NZ show, where guests choose some of their favourite songs.

But things soured when Hill asked about the song Scott released with his band @peace during the election campaign, in which he sang about killing PM Key and having sex with his daughter, Stephanie.

Asked about the the lyrics, Scott said: “I mean obviously I regret what I said. I probably should have said I was going to rape his son.”   Read more »

Tiso vs. du Fresne

Giowanni Tiso is a leftist bully boy who is anti-democracy and anti-free speech.

If anyone says anything he doesn’t support he mounts online campaigns to  discredit them, resorts to the very actions that he accuses others of and tries to affect their revenue.

Emboldened by his success against soft cock Radio Live who caved to his intimidation he has been mounting attacks against me and now Karl du Fresne.

Unfortunately in me and now Karl du Fresne he has met stronger people who will confront his behaviour.

It’s surely a sign of Giovanni Tiso’s overweening self-regard that he assumes I remember every detail of his interview by Kim Hill earlier this year, in which reference was apparently made to his intellectually disabled daughter (see his comment in response to Planet Tiso yesterday). As it happens, I don’t remember that detail – or much else from the interview, for that matter. Tiso’s just not that interesting. I simply recall thinking that he sounded surprisingly normal. Read more »

Planet Tiso is surely coloured pink

Karl du Fresne frets for Marxist blogger and loser at the Canon Media Awards, Giovanni Tiso:

I recently heard the self-described Marxist blogger Giovanni Tiso being interviewed by Kim Hill. (Fancy that, you’re thinking; a left-wing guest on Kim Hill’s show. Who’d have thought?) On that occasion Tiso gave a remarkably convincing impersonation of a sane man. Almost had me fooled. Then someone drew my attention to his angry stream-of-consciousness yapping on Twitter about Jane Clifton’s latest Listener column. I’m now convinced that he’s unhinged and shouldn’t be allowed out in public without a minder.   Read more »

Karl du Fresne on Radio NZ

Karl du Fresne hooks into the left wing jobsworths at Radio New Zealand. TVNZ returns a profit and a dividend to the taxpayer, Radio NZ is nothing but a cost centre.

It is funded by the taxpayer and generates no commercial revenue. Its funding has been frozen since 2009, which suggests it doesn’t rate highly in the Government’s priorities. In fact, if Wellington gossip is to be believed, there are influential figures in the Government who are at best indifferent, and possibly even hostile, to the state broadcaster.

Take Steven Joyce, for example. As the fourth-ranked minister in the Cabinet, he carries a lot of clout – probably more than his ranking suggests.

He is also a former broadcasting entrepreneur who built a small New Plymouth radio station into the RadioWorks network and pocketed $6 million when he sold his interest.

Mr Joyce is said to be less than sympathetic to arguments that RNZ deserves more money. And while there may be others in the Cabinet who don’t share his robust support for private enterprise (it would be interesting, for example, to know the attitude of the attorney-general, Chris Finlayson), the brutal reality is that National probably takes the view that there’s little electoral risk in upsetting RNZ listeners because most of them vote Labour anyway.  Read more »

Owen Glenn on Clark and Winston

During a Kim Hill interview, near the end Owen Glenn gets up Helen Clark and Winston Peters. He is dismissive of Clark and antagonistic towards Winston Peter.

More on Bio-fuels

Many of my loyal readers will know that I have a fair bit of knowledge about the bio-fuels industry, the scams and the rots and the non-commercial viability of the industry.

Of course peak oilers, and haven’t you just noticed the Standard go all peak oil lately, will have you believe that bio-fuels are the way of the future. Its bollocks of course but then they are socialists so they know best.

Some school kids in in the US have done a little project looking into bio-fuels….guess what they found out….yep its a crock of shit.

Four high school students managed to put together a paper arguing that ethanol is bad from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. They then submitted the paper to a prestigious peer-reviewed journal, and got accepted for publication (PDF version of their paper here). High school students. Of course, the government can’t figure that out, which is why it’s busy subsidizing ethanol production on the grounds that it’s good from an economic, social, and environmental perspective.

Who’s right? The high school kids, of course.

From an economic perspective, the kids argue that it doesn’t make sense until oil hits about $233/barrel. Uhm, oil does not cost that much. From a social perspective, diverting corn from food to fuel increases the price of corn products, making it more expensive for poor people to buy that food source. So do all agricultural subsidies, but whatever. Meanwhile, environmentally, ethanol production generates more carbon dioxide than regular-old gasoline production does. Nuclear power, meanwhile, is best. But, you know, we don’t want nuclear power because it’s, uhm, scary and might lead to super powers if anyone is exposed to nuclear waste plus a spider.

When high school kids can smell a rat, it’s time for the rest of us dupes to take off our blinders and see the ethanol business for what it is — a giant tax-money sucking scam.

Peer-reviewed no less! The gold standard of socialist justification for everything. Stick that in your hemp pipes and smoke it.