Kim Jong-il

Gareth Morgan v Liberty Scott

Gareth Morgan is incensed that his view of North Korea has been challenged. He specifically singles out Liberty Scott for some treatment, calling him ignorant.

As you will see it is Morgan who comes off looking ignorant.

Liberty you are ignorant.

My concern is the 25 million Koreans suffering because of this 68 year impasse. The relevant question is whether it is the only way or can we be smarter. I am not supporting the authoritarian regime of North Korea’s or that in Russia (Pussy Riot) or that in China or for that matter, that in Singapore. What I’m saying is that the US as leader of liberal democracies has normal relations with totalitarian regimes when it suits them but push for “regime change” through crazy talk like the vacuous “Axis of Evil” accusation, and demonising the DPRK regime when they sniff the possibility of engineering a Saddam-like collapse. I think it’s called double standards.
I do not see it as defensible to punish 25 million people for a totalitarian regime they are powerless to change. The only way to effect sustainable change is contact, demonstration and persuasion. Not isolation, escalation and humiliation. The DPRK’s reinstigation of its nuclear programme is a direct result of provocation – it’s terrified the US is going to invade it.You need to think more.

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Auditioning for the new girlfriend position recently opened?

Denis Rodman is back in North Korea competing with Gareth Morgan for the despot’s affections.

Flamboyant former basketball star Dennis Rodman will arrive in Pyongyang today for a five-day visit to North Korea, his second this year, but has said he has no plans to negotiate the release of a jailed American missionary.

There had been speculation that Rodman, who met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in March, would secure the release of Kenneth Bae who was jailed for 15 years for trying to overthrow the North Korean government.

“I’m not going to North Korea to discuss freeing Kenneth Bae,” Rodman told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I’m just going there on another basketball diplomacy tour.”? Read more »

Kim’s not happy with his girlfriend, has her executed by machine gun

Have you seen Kim Jong-un’s girlfriend lately…no?

Probably because she pissed off her boyfriend and he had her executed…along with her fellow band members.

She was first identified as Kim Jong-un?s old flame 13 months ago, in July 2012. The poised, coiffed and elegantly dressed companion of the North Korean dictator of Kim Jong-un was filmed sitting next to him at a concert in Pyongyang, then ascending the stage with him to applaud the performers. One month later, however, she vanished from the scene as abruptly as she had arrived. And today came the shocking news that Hyon Song-wol, one of the reclusive state?s most popular singers, had been executed by machine gun.? Read more »

He’s so ronery he needs a troll army

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un must have inherited the roneriness of his father, he has recruited a troll army of over 3000.

North Korea has put together a team of 3,000 cyber warriors as part of attempts to build support for the regime of leader Kim Jong-Un and destabilize its enemies, according to a South Korean think tank.

The hackers include 200 agents who post anti-South Korean comments online to try to demoralise the population of the neighbouring country.? Read more »

Kim Jong-il’s private bunker of shame


Dictators are always into some perversion or other. For Kim Jong-il it was a porn addiction.

?According to blogger Moon Sung Hwee, one of the few liberalisations that Kim Jong-il (AKA The Dear Leader) brought to North Korea, after he replaced his father as Kim Number One, was a voracious appetite for smut. ? Read more »

Setting the terms of the debate on North Korea [VIDEO]

Kim Jong-un continues to be bellicose. Obama has stated that his?response?will be proportionate…like that has ever worked before. Any response to North Korea needs to be massively disproportionate. He sinks a patrol boat, we should destroy all of his capability to sink anything…that is how it works…not the panty waist option that we seem to be stumbling towards.

Why is a fat little git of a leader of a failed state that is broke and can barely feed its people getting to dictate to the rest of the world?? Read more »

North Korean missiles under watch

Foreign Policy reports:

U.S. and South Korean authorities?continue to monitor?the medium-range missiles that North Korea has moved to its east coast for signs of a possible launch. The five Musudan missiles could theoretically reach U.S. bases in Guam, though it’s not known if they have been tested at that distance.

Despite the missile threat, the North appears to be toning down its rhetoric after a month of near daily threats against the South and its allies. The country has begun inviting visitors in anticipation of celebrations on Monday for the birthday of the country’s founding father, Kim Il-sung.

I think maybe Kim Jong-un might have had a report that the Chinese are extremely unlikely to jump in and help them if they provoke a shooting war. my China sources report that though the lower levels of Chinese society have some sympathy with North Korea it is the generals and politicians who are wise to the trade implications on entering a shooting war with their biggest trade partner the USA.? Read more »

Maybe it is because of his silly haircut

Julian Hattem at The Atlantic asks “Why Do We Laugh at North Korea But Fear Iran?

I reckon it is his silly haircut and dumb photo opportunities, but Iran does seem to share a secret weaponised photoshop capability.

Of course Iran is Islamic as well:

In the United States, we make fun of Kim Jong Un and the North Korean regime’s over-the-top propaganda machine. The regime may have launched a massive cyberattack on South Korean banks and TV stations last month, but we were?circumspect?that they were capable of such a thing. When former basketball player Dennis Rodman visited the country in February we?giggled. How silly, we thought. Kim Jong Un is a Dennis Rodman fan – how out of touch! Soon after, a?video emerged?from North Korean state television showing Kim welcomed by jubilant masses of soldiers sprinting to welcome him as he visited a posting from whence rockets were launched in a brief 2010 skirmish with South Korea.? Read more »

Where’s Team America when you need them?

Kim Jong-un is talking the big game and issuing threats. Where is Team America when you need them?

North Korea has revealed its plans to strike targets in Hawaii and the continental United States in photos taken in Kim Jong-un’s military command centre.

The photos appeared in the state-run Rodong newspaper and were apparently taken at an “emergency meeting” early on Friday morning. They show Kim signing the order for North Korea’s strategic rocket forces to be on standby to fire at US targets, the paper said, with large-scale maps and diagrams in the background. ? Read more »

Green Taliban control of schools challenged

Somebody in the spineless UK Government has woken up to the Green Taliban propaganda that has been force-fed to school-children over the past ten years, and the left, championed by their MSM supporter The Guardian, is having a fit:

“Debate about climate change has been cut out of the national curriculum for children under 14, prompting claims of political interference in the syllabus by the government that has failed “our duty to future generations”.

The latest draft guidelines for children in key stages 1 to 3 have no mention of climate change under geography teaching and a single reference to how carbon dioxide produced by humans impacts on the climate in the chemistry section. There is also no reference to sustainable development, only to the “efficacy of recycling”, again as a chemistry subject.

The move has caused alarm among climate campaigners and scientists who say teaching about climate change in schools has helped mobilise young people to be the most vociferous advocates of action by governments, business and society to tackle the issue.”?? Read more »