It’s called democracy Kim

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Failed Puppet master Kim Dotcom is trying to say that our democratically elected government is not making the tough decisions with the mandate of the voters but is controlled by America. Obviously our attacks on The Internet Party still smart as back then we said he was the puppet master both funding and controlling Laila Harre and Hone Harawira.

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Face of the day


A special kind of stupid


Todays face of the day would like you to take this survey to help her determine the future of The Internet Party.

Well actually that is a lie.

I tried to participate and after answering the first question honestly, found myself shut out. The question was whether or not I was an Internet Party or Mana Party Supporter or a member of the Internet Party. When I selected none of these options the survey immediately finished. A one question survey in other words.

I think it is a waste of time personally and that all she is doing is this.

Laila Harre breathing new life into the Internet Party

Laila Harre breathing new life into the Internet Party


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Design your own incriminating Facebook chat

The Hacker disappoints me.

No, really.

He had 6 years worth of stolen correspondence to pick over in search of a scandal and he has hit rock bottom. None of the actual stolen e-mails or facebook chats have done as much damage as he had hoped so he has gotten desperate and has written his own.

I say why should he have all the fun? There are plenty of those we disagree with in Politics these days so why don’t we have a competition to see who can come up with the best scandal? All you have to do it go here? or here and create your ‘ hacked ‘ version of a conversation between your choice of two political or journalistic figures and then share it with us here at Whaleoil. ( please stay within our moderation rules and aim for funny rather than nasty.)

To start you all off I have included my own scandal. I hacked it off Laila and Kim ( and like Winston I swear on his life that it is all true )

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