Kiri Te Kanawa

At least she wasn’t buggered by priests

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa has revealed that her toughness, mental or otherwise, comes from being beaten as a child by nuns at the convent school she went to.

“I’m tough … I’m tough because I have had to be. I was beaten by the nuns as a child.

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa’s revelation stunned an audience of several hundred in Whanganui.

The celebrated singer, in the city to teach at the two-week New Zealand Opera School at Wanganui Collegiate, was speaking candidly in a public conversation with fellow international opera performer and Baptist Church minister, Rodney McCann.

“I am as tough as I am today because from age 12, when I was at a convent school in Auckland, I was beaten by the nuns,” Dame Kiri told the audience at the Collegiate auditorium. ?? Read more »

Poms whinging again about Haka

Every time the All Blacks go to the UK the Pommy media proves what every Kiwi knows about bloody Poms, they are whingers.

They are once again moaning about the haka.

Ahead of the All Blacks v England match at Twickenham this weekend, the chief sport writer at Britain’s Daily Telegraph, Oliver Brown, has attacked the Kiwi side’s use of the haka. Far from being a vibrant display of power, it is, he writes, “hidebound by political correctness, such is the terror at executive level of offending the world’s No 1 side”. Brown has form: he caused upset last yearwhen he revealed the motivational mantra on the All Blacks’ team-room wall ahead of an All Blacks-England clash. The Herald reposts his piece on the haka in full below.? Read more »

My first Te Reo – Kamo


1. (verb) to wink.

Modern usage:

1. back in the olden days, maori rangatira took 40 kamo while Goldie painted them
2. nowadays, Maori everywhere have 40 kamo while the taxpayer pays for them
3. nothing else to do but take 40 kamo when you are locked up bro

Goldie painted Forty Winks 40 Kamo in 1939, four years after he was sponsored by the Governor General Lord Bledisloe to send three paintings to the Royal Academy, London.

Now Dame Kiri te Kanawa is going to flog it off for heaps, bro.