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If political blogs were dogs

If New Zealand’s?political blogs were dogs which dogs would they be?

Kiwi blog has always been a loyal National blog and David Farrar has always been a polite voice of reason so I think a British Bulldog would be a good fit. On the other hand, he is also a travel and fitness blogger so perhaps a greyhound would be more suitable?

Is Kiwi Blog (A) A British bulldog?

Is Kiwi Blog (B) A greyhound?

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Let’s have a peek at moderation quality elsewhere

I have put together a snapshot of comments made on New Zealand political blogs, MSM websites and one Facebook page. These are the kind of comments that would be moderated out of our blog as they contain foul language. If a blog or media outlet cannot afford to have a full-time moderator they can automatically prevent comments from going live if they contain any foul language. Disqus offers this feature. Admittedly, automatic moderation is more difficult on Facebook pages but the National party managed to work out how to do it on their Facebook page so we know it can be done.

Is it unrealistic to expect high standards from social media if it is affiliated with a professional media organisation? More to the point, should other New Zealand political blogs moderate out foul language, given that it is very easy to do so automatically using a comments system like Disqus?

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