Whitebait – delicacy or overrated?

The whitebait season is upon us. ?Slowly.

In the first six hours of this year’s whitebaiting season, Peter Wild hauled three of the prized fry from Taieri River.

The semiretired Dunedin man said he set his whitebait net at 5am on Saturday and waited on the river bank, near Henley Rd.

He had been fishing the same part of the river for more than 30 years, and the season always started slowly.

”They usually don’t start running until late September.”

Most of his catch was usually made in October.

The whitebait had never run on an opening morning, but he kept returning for it, just in case a huge school of whitebait needed a net to swim into, he said.

”You’ve just gotta be here at the right time.” Read more »


Always blow on the pie

It’s gone viral again as the world has discovered our little corner of the world, so why not enjoy it again ourselves?

Let them eat cake

This is a cake. ?Cubes and bottle are made of sugar, but it’s all edible. ?Although I can’t quite imagine someone cutting a piece off and eating it.

H/T: Bearsharktopussy

H/T: Bearsharktopussy


Good news: no horse meat in the pies. Bad news: no meat at all in the pies

Richard Drew/Associated Press

Richard Drew/Associated Press

This is quite funny. ?A concerned Iceland Government decides to check for horse meat in its meat pies and discovers they’ve been keeping the price low in a completely different way.

Icelandic meat inspector Kjartan Hreinsson says his team didn’t find any horsemeat, but one brand of locally produced beef pie left it stumped: it contained no meat at all.

“That was the peculiar thing,” Hreinsson said in a telephone interview Friday. “It was labelled as beef pie, so it should be beef pie.” ? Read more »

Thank you very much for your kind donation – Gangland

Have a good laugh at this. Back in the days when the gangs had honour and Rainton Hastie ran peep shows, Telethon came to town.

The gangs challenging each other, bwahahahaha…”Junior Black Power Glenfield $20 they raised and challenge all Headhunters Ponsonby”, tight bastards

Then a who’s who of dead people and almost dead people. Neil Roberts and Rainton Haistie with a classic cameo from Richard Harman (Ok Richard isn’t almost dead but the other two definitely are dead).