Another policy flop from Labour

3News have released figures showing that as predicted Kiwi voters aren’t that enamoured by Labour wanting to add another insurance company to the other 92 we already have.

Labour leader David Cunliffe is facing bad news on the policy front, with the latest 3 News-Reid Research poll finding his idea of a state-owned insurer has flopped.

His big policy to get the public on board is a Kiwibank-style insurance company called “KiwiAssure”, which Prime Minister John Key describes as “a dog”.

And a majority of voters don’t think much of it as well, with 49 percent saying no, they don’t want a state insurer. Those saying yes total 42 percent. ? Read more »

Prefix it with Kiwi… and you have a metaphor for the Labour Party

KiwiAssure failed before it even got out of the blocks.

KiwiRail had the screw fall off its ferry.

I can’t help but think it a perfect metaphor for the Labour Party right now – no matter what they try, they’re old scrap looking for productive relevance, but as soon as they set a course and pour on the power, the screw falls off…

Jo Moir at Stuff reports

Interislander has strongly denied accusations by NZ First leader Winston Peters that the public has been misled about problems surrounding the crippled ferry Aratere, which he says is “now suitable for scrap metal”.

The list of problems meant it was now a “potential death ship”, he said.

Ah dear old Winston. ?Like an ambulance chaser, he never wastes a chance to scare up some new voters.

Death Ship, no less. ? Read more »

Did anyone in Labour bother to check the Kiwibank Website before launching their policy?

Only the muppets in the Labour party would invest in a new policy, register domain names late on the Friday before the announcement, prep the media about a huge new policy that is going to be a “game-changer” but fail to check Kiwibank’s own website.

kiwiinsure Read more »

A kick in the balls and bloody nose on the way through

Yesterday’s foray into parliament didn’t go so well for the opposition.

Labour were cock-a-hoop, emboldened by the living embodiment of the new Christ figure who leads them. They were helped by an inept performance by Eric Roy.

However their much vaunted insurance policy got panned and then destroyed.

Audrey Young at the NZ Herald reports:

David Cunliffe called John Key’s question stupid, Bill English called David Cunliffe’s new state insurance company idea dumb, and Winston Peters called himself brilliant.

They couldn’t all be right.

With the Speaker away running the New York marathon, Cunliffe still fizzing from his strident speech at the annual conference, and National anxious to puncture Labour’s mood, there had to be a stoush in Parliament’s Question Time yesterday.

Cunliffe started off well but came away with a bloody nose – the answer he gave to what he called Key’s “stupid question” turned out to be wrong itself.

They were arguing about Labour’s new policy to set up a state-owned insurance company, KiwiAssure, as a sister operation to Kiwibank within NZ Post.

Labour says it will reduce the dominance of overseas-owned insurers, keep profits in New Zealand, and bring competition, flexibility and choice to New Zealanders.

Cunliffe implied that National’s opposition to the policy is because it received big donations from the insurance industry in 2005 and attempted to table the Hollow Men documentary on the Nicky Hager book. ? Read more »

Face of the Day

Labour are going to nationalise all of New Zealand. ?Next: ?Insurance.

Cunliffe announced “KiwiAssure” at the Labour Party conference yesterday.

via TV3 News / Getty Images / David Cunliffe

via TV3 News / Getty Images / David Cunliffe

Time for KiwiHouse, KiwiFuel, KiwiFood and KiwiMedia.

Stay tuned as Labour turns New Zealand into Soviet Russia. Read more »