Kofi Annan

The “cheeky darkie” wants Canada to be more like African countries

I kid you not.

Kofi Annan wants Canada to emulate basket case countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda, countries wracked with civil war, stone age religions and barbaric human rights records. Hmmm…ok…all to save the planet.

In the new Africa Progress Panel Report, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says Canada is one of the countries that needs to aim for zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Annan also says we should look to Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda as examples.

But of course, those three countries have low carbon emissions because they’re so poor.

Ethiopia’s GDP per capita is only about $500 a year; Kofi Annan has probably spent that much at lunch.

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Guardian editorial thinks Helen Clark is inappropriate to lead the UN

This must be devastating for Helen Clark to read, in what is probably her favourite media organisation, one that she usually gets a ?free reign in opining on whatever she feels like, has published an editorial suggesting that she is inappropriate to succeed Ban Ki Moon as UN General Secretary.

The United Nations confronts war, famine, disease, climate change and much else, but perhaps the greatest and most persistent challenge the organisation has faced is the tendency of its member states to deny it the leadership its work requires. The issue is back, as it is every decade, with?the selection of a new secretary general to take over in 2016.

The UN enshrined the idea of harnessing the talents of a group of men and women from around the world, accountable to governments but working exclusively for the global good. It has only sometimes, and quite by accident, been fulfilled. When there is sufficient leadership to give life to it, the arts of peace flourish and the global discourse is enriched. When there is not, a price is paid in blood.

Fair, noble aspirations…if somewhat motherhood and apple pie in their outlook.

The editorial then disses the British candidate before setting upon Helen Clark.

The field of those seeking to be the next secretary general is widely felt to be underwhelming. Helen Clark, the head of the UN Development Programme, gave an example of how a UN official should not behave when, before the current secretary general was even halfway through his term, she began to discuss, in these pages, her interest in succeeding him. It is time for something more serious. A small search committee should be established, led by Kofi Annan, with representatives of the permanent members of the security council, other regions, and a professional headhunter, and it should work through most of next year. The idea that candidates should be limited to one region is unfounded and can be dispensed with. The council should recommend more than one candidate to the general assembly, which should make an appointment for a single term of seven years.

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RIP John Falloon

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Former National Party cabinet minister John Falloon has passed away. While he mustered the strength to cast a vote during his final weeks, one of his final wishes of seeing a National-led government elected was not granted.

From NZ Herald:

He will be best remembered in his role as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, but also served as Minister of Statistics, Minister in charge of the Inland Revenue Department, Minister in charge of Friendly Societies, Minister of Racing and Associate Minister of Finance.

Despite the lofty Cabinet positions Mr Falloon never forgot that his first allegiance was to the people of his Pahiatua electorate, and like Sir Keith Holyoake before him, he gained a reputation of being able to greet many of his voters by name.

At Bideford, where he lived, he was known as a neighbour who would stop at nothing to help anyone in the district and one of his last acts before falling ill was to help plant a kowhai tree in memory of Linda Warrington — a rural postie and neighbour — who drowned in last year’s horrendous floods.