Koru Club

A lot of nervous MPs

Pete Hodgson’s hit on Pansy Wong will have caused ructions, not just in National, but across all other parties as MPs rack their feeble minds about whether or not they conducted even 5 minutes of?business?while they availed themselves of taxpayer funded travel.

It isn’t then a surprise that many MPs are calling for the end of what could possibly be the end of them.

While Hodgson can claim the scalp he should really hand the kudos to an embittered investor intent on revenge for getting tucked in a business deal in China. He really should have read my post about understanding how business is conducted in China, in particular these translations;

Spirit of co-operation and partnership? ? you do what we?say.

?We are not in competition we are partners? ? I?m going to bend you over and screw you from behind once we?ve stolen, or borrowed, or unpicked your?IP?and under-cutting you in a factory in Guangdong.

Meanwhile plenty of other MPs and ex-MPs will be quietly hoping that interested media and bloggers don’t start going over their ravel expenses and matching them to meetings or document signings or photos in social media.

It is beyond even the most partisan hack’s justification to suggest that MPs an their spouses/partners availing themselves of the travel perk never conducted even a minute of business while using the travel perk.

To suggest that is the case stretches the boundaries of truth just too far. Are they really saying that when Peter Davis travelled on his spouses perk that he never, not once, ever conducted any business or research or even held a 10 minute meeting in the Koru Club related to his line work?

Or any number of the MPs who hold directorships, trusteeships or interets outside of parliament never took a call on their phone that took 5 minutes while they were on holiday and discussed business or otherwise.

Pete Hodgson did us all a favour by attacking Pansy Wong, he ensured that every other MP in parliament is now looking over their shoulders, as well they should.

But watch as?collectively?they all do the wrong thing and squeal for compensation at the removal of the perk.