Krim Dotcon

Which MP has Dotcom bought and paid for?


Whaleoil has been surprised other people haven’t been proactive in coming forward about their close ties with Kim Dotcom. ?Surely they know by now there is no sense in hiding when the Whaleoil Sunlight Express is barreling down the track?

But I like to play games too.

Which MP has Dotcom bought and paid for?

  • Brendan Horan (51%, 744 Votes)
  • Claire Curran (25%, 361 Votes)
  • Gareth Hughes (9%, 131 Votes)
  • Trevor Mallard (8%, 113 Votes)
  • Shane Jones (7%, 99 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,448

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Not Kim Dotcom’s week

Yesterday he tweeted



Just now:



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Kim Dotcom on the flag debate

Typical Kim, that big jokester. ?Even though the referendum about changing NZ’s flag has been put off for a year, he’s all in with his own ideas. ?You know, from the Internet Party, that doesn’t care much about education, health care or law and order, but is first out of the gate when it comes to flags.

Mind you, to be honest, Kim does like his flags.


Stay tuned to Whaleoil over the next few days and weeks. ?We’ll let you know about the?real?secret life of Kim Dotcom.

Whaleoil poll result: Len Brown and Kim Dotcom

Thanks for participating in yesterday’s poll questions. ?Of course, these are not “scientific”, nor are they representative of anything except what our self-selecting group of voters decided to share, but based on that, we can draw some conclusions about the Whaleoil community.

Len-Brown-MBLen Brown

47 people voted for Len Brown, 776 didn’t, and 578 weren’t allowed to vote.

7 people would vote for him again.

Assuming that those 7 also voted for him the first time, that’s a 85% drop in support from Auckland based Whaleoil voters. ?Will be interesting to see if that is reflected in the Herald Digipol when it comes out.

1021 people felt Len should have resigned, with 26 people believing he’s doing the right thing right now.

Rather confusingly, 81 people think Len has a mandate (I can’t figure that out). ?883 people don’t.

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Cartoon of the Day


“Kim Dotcom is making a mockery of the big decision we have to make later this year”

kim dotcom

Mathew Hooton pops up in Metro:

Remember Giovanni di Stefano?

In 1990, the Italian wide boy became a local superstar, with his exotic name, beautiful wife, intriguing backstory and apparently unlimited funds to invest in property. The media and the property industry lapped it all up and he ended up owning a number of properties, including the Royal Oak Mall.

Kim Dotcom is not the same as di Stefano.

For one thing, he actually does have significant wealth. For another, in the internet age, he is not as mysterious. We have known from the outset that he has been convicted of crimes including computer fraud, data espionage, embezzlement and insider trading. ? Read more »

Captain Dotcom – his tractor beam is always on

Thanks to The Chop, an Onion-like web site (if they don’t mind me slapping a label on), we have permission to draw your attention to their Captain Dotcom cartoon strip.

Credit:  The Chop  -

Credit: The Chop –

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Face of the Day


Kim Dotcom, tweeting that he’s running a 39.8 degree temperature.

I’ve had an expert looking the photo over, and it seems this is what you look like when you don’t have enough money to pay your bills.

On DOS attacks


It was hugely frustrating to have the web site brought down by the denial of service (DOS) attack.

But I’ve been sitting here wondering what it actually achieved. ?Was it a win for the attacker?

Was it a loss to Whaleoil?

Let’s war game this for a second, and let’s pretend that it was Dotcon behind the attack. ?(Our lawyers say we need to add a clear disclaimer: ?We’re not saying it was Dotcom, we’re just using him as a villain for this “what-if” ?story).

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Peters “out to lunch and in La La land” – Key

Normally the cycle between Winston making s### stuff up and the truth coming out is a lot longer, but here it only took 24 hours

Key said Slater was a blogger who wrote on a variety of topics, which he did not always agree with.

Slater confirmed he was the source.

“If the prime minister said that’s the case, that’s the case,” Slater said.

Controversies surrounding Slater should not preclude the pair from having a professional relationship, Slater said.

“I’ve got a wide network that’s got across the party spectrum. I’ve got contacts in the Labour Party, I’ve got contacts in the Green Party, I’ve got contacts in the Conservatives, I’ve got insiders in NZ First, I talk to everybody.”

He described his relationship with Key as “professional … where I ask questions and he gives me answers”.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m a mate of his, I’ve never been to his house, nothing like that. I’d just say that it is what it is.”

Slater also criticised Peters for not coming clean about the visits earlier, with the NZ First leader saying Dotcom had originally asked him to keep the meetings confidential.

“I just want Winston for once in his life to start telling the truth … He’s been caught red-handed,” Slater said. ? Read more »