Kris Faafoi

Ministry of Social Development spends $540k on “staring at goats”

It is not just Labour that spends time staring at goats, it appear the Ministry of Social Development has their very own staring at goats division.

The surprising thing is that it is Labour who is upset at it.

Labour has slammed the spending of more than half a million dollars on a programme that uses colours to try and change thinking within the Ministry of Social Development.

“The Government is never slow to call everyone else on wasteful spending – tightening others’ belts is a favourite pastime,” said Labour’s state services spokesman Kris Faafoi.

“Yet here we have a department, whose clients are queuing at food banks, squandering taxpayer cash on a programme that has all the hallmarks of mumbo-jumbo.”

The consulting firm Human Synergistics has been hired to implement a programme at the ministry called Building Blue. ?? Read more »

Kris Faafoi too late with the excuses, Auckland Pacific Labour ranks Robbo last

Yesterday I wrote about Kris Faafoi trying to mitigate?the undocumented no poofters rule in Labour.

Well it hasn’t worked.

Auckland Pacific Labour has ranked Grant Robertson dead last.

The Auckland Pacific Sector of the New Zealand Labour Party met last night to discuss and rank the Labour leadership candidates. After much debate and discussion it was carried by a unanimous vote that the leadership candidates be ranked in the following order:

#1 – Nanaia MAHUTA
#2 – Andrew LITTLE
#3 – David PARKER
#4 – Grant ROBERTSON

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Kris Faafoi on the perceived no poofters rule in Labour

Kris Faafoi has an opinion piece at Radio Live about why he is supporting Grant Robertson and his thoughts on the perceived no poofters rule inside Labour.

Over the past few weeks, there has been quite a bit of commentary about Grant Robertson?s sexuality. In a number of cases, the Pacific Island community has been used as a vehicle to make a point. Quite bluntly, I find that offensive.

I was brought up in a traditional Pacific household. My parents expected their children to foot it with others on an equal basis. And to do that we had to treat others as equals. That wasn?t easy as a youngster. It was a time when mocking things as ?gay? was generally a good laugh. But that was not the ?done? thing in the Faafoi house, primarily because of the work of my late father Amosa on the Pacific Island AIDS Trust in the late 80s and early 90s.

At a time when AIDS was a ?toxic? subject, here was my father crusading for the rights of Pacific gay people to be treated and ?treated? fairly if they had become HIV positive.

I believe all Pacific Islanders believe it?s the fair and right thing that everyone be treated equally. It?s in our DNA. As a proud Pacific Islander, I?d like to put it on the record that I am proud that I am supporting Grant.

Actually Kris you are just being a patronising Labour cock. Most Kiwis, not just Pacific Islanders believe in a fair go and equal rights for all. It isn’t just in your DNA, that is a trite phrase that just shows how patronising and know it all Labour really is.

Let?s be clear. I am respectful of all differing views. But I am going to stick up for what I fundamentally believe. Grant has my support not just because he is the best person for the job, but also because I believe he has the strength of character to get the job done.

He is proud he is gay. And so he should be. Just as I am proud that I am Tokelauan.

To me, core to being Pacific are the values of family, love, inclusion, equality, respect, and having pride in who you are. I know Grant well; he embodies that every day; it?s what will make him a great leader.

The picture being painted that all Pacific people are opposed to Grant being our leader because he is gay doesn?t afford the level of sophistication our people possess. Pacific people are hungry for success. They, like all Kiwis, want the best for their families. They want action on jobs, housing, education, health and strengthening their individual cultures.

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Robbo continues to show Labour’s condescension toward voters

Are Labour really about to take notice of what the voters are telling them, an historic moment if it’s anything more than lip service.

David Parker the media’s favourite policy wonk who has been awarded plaudits for developing policy and the details behind it…..well not really has been thrown under the bus.

Labour’s manifesto is in tatters as without the inflated forecast revenue from the CGT and the savings in pension there is no cash to fund any other policies, except of course that old favorite of cracking down on tax dodgers.

You do have to wonder what on earth Labour have been doing for their taxpayer funds considering the CGT, pension age, minimum wage have been policy for four years and only now are they noticing that the public think Parker and Labour are idiots.

Who knows maybe even the groupthink the MSM might one day notice their audience don’t like these policies either and start questioning them properly.

Grant Robertson has made his pitch for the party leadership, signalling a crackdown on banks, supermarkets and power companies and a plan to rebuild the party.

As he moved to counter the momentum building behind former party president Andrew Little?s bid, Robertson formally filed his nomination yesterday, signed symbolically by Maori MP Rino Tirikatene and Mana MP Kris Faafoi.

He is expected to launch his campaign in Auckland next week aiming to reverse the 2011 leadership launches where David Cunliffe overshadowed him.

As rumours swirled in the party that Cunliffe may withdraw, given Little?s hit on his union base, Robertson yesterday promised ??a three-year programme to rebuild and reconnect the Labour Party as the driving force for progressive change??. ? Read more »

People still reeling over Jones’ departure

Josie Pagani can’t understand the left wing blogs celebrating

“With Shane gone, it feels like the message to people who think like Shane, or identified with Shane, none of those people have received a message saying you’re still welcome in the Labour Party. I think that’s the problem.”

She said the anti-Jones brigade among Labour’s activists erupted in celebration on social media without appearing to realise they were effectively sending a message to others that if they identified with Jones, they were not wanted in Labour.

“All you have to do is look at the parade of people popping champagne and saying ‘good riddance’ in the blogosphere. Are we really saying to people who look and think and sound like Shane that they may as well go and vote National because you’re not welcome in Labour?”

David Parker says it’s business as usual, but then admits they lost their own Winston Peters

The party’s leadership has sought to restore a bit of calm and perspective. Deputy leader David Parker says just because Jones has gone, what he stood for had not. He said fighting against inequality and on behalf of workers had been part of Labour’s ethos for almost 100 years. It had managed to express them before Jones and would manage to do so after Jones.

“Nobody is indispensable. If you’re suggesting, as some have, that the only way Labour connects with middle New Zealand is through Shane Jones, that’s just wrong. He’s a good person and a more powerful orator in his use of language than anyone else in Parliament. But there is no one like Shane in National or anywhere. The closest would be Winston [Peters].”

In an attempt to convince themselves Jones isn’t leaving a right of center void, Kris Faafoi??rushes in to take Jones’ place, although hints at them feeling leaderless in the trenches ? Read more »

TVNZ as Labour’s candidate kindy, promoting another candidate

TVNZ really is becoming the candidate kindy for the Labour party.

There was Brian Edwards, Chris Laidlaw who once used to comment on rugby games, one failed to become an MP despite trying and other failed as an MP and went on to embed himself at Red Radio.

Then we had Kris Fa’afoi, who went from TVNZ gallery team to the leader’s office and then became an MP.

Shane Taurima wanted to be an MP, failed in one selection, was preparing for another selection battle and ran branch meetings and fundraising committees from TVNZ offices.

And yesterday Tamati Coffey pushing himself forward as potential candidate in Rotorua.

Now we have TVNZ using another Labour candidate on television.


Kieran McAnulty, bookie, and Labour candidate for Wairarapa

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Sorry, not buying the narrative as media attempt to beatify a leftwing tax-dodging ratbag

Many commentators, especially those of the left persuasion are framing the narrative that Matt McCarten is an organiser extraordinaire and will be able to “get out the vote”.

I think they are misguided. Even John Armstrong falls for this hooey:

One question is on everyone’s lips: is this move a “game-changer” for Labour?

McCarten’s campaign skills should help draw voters back to Labour in its metropolitan strongholds. The real test is whether his input can break National’s stranglehold on provincial New Zealand, as well as broaden Labour’s appeal among lower middle, middle and upper middle income earners.

Given the country’s present conservative disposition, the initial impact may be the reverse. Regardless, winning over those voters to Labour’s cause is likely to require him to compromise personal beliefs, something that has not been part of the McCarten fabric.

I think this is lazy commentary and accepting the framing without any credulity of the claims. The people I have spoken to over the years who go to the dark Alliance days tell me of a man who thought he was the supremo but who never actually delivered. Some of those old New Labour types will quietly be scoffing into their beers and wines and looking at the beatification of Matt McCarten with incredulous eyes. Read more »

Clinging to Hope

So Labour is all cock-a-hoop after winning Christchurch East.

No surprises there really. You would think they would after holding the seat for nigh on 100 years.

Apparently now Labour is “buoyed” by the win.

Yeah like a drowning man clinging to a buoy. It is a false hope despite all the spin about increasing vote and National’s vote dropping.

By-elections are fickle beasts and one should never cling to the results as an indicator. ? Read more »

Shameless political opportunism

So once again – Labour rides over the top of an independent entity in an attempt to score cheap political points.

I don’t know the rights and wrongs of the Sky TV case, but the fact Labour appear so willing to criticise, intervene and comment on the actions/rulings of independent bodies should serve as a warning to anyone expecting due process and protection of their legal rights under any far left Government.

Sky TV has got off extremely lightly after the Commerce Commission found its previous contracts may have breached the Commerce Act, said Labour Broadcasting spokesperson Kris Faafoi and associate ICT spokesperson Clare Curran.

?Sky TV is a monopoly broadcaster so it is extremely concerning that the Commerce Commission has found it may have entered into contracts that reduced competition,? said Kris Faafoi.? Read more »

Why would Grant lie about Alf?

Grant Robertson is out and proud, he is openly gay and uses that as an electoral crutch when it suits him.

However for some strange reason he lied to Seven Sharp the other night about the whereabouts of his partner Alf while trying to portray himself as a blokes bloke at the pub to watch rugby…with Kris Fa’afoi and for some unknown reason Auckland based MP Jacinda Ardern.

I presume the other MPs would have been in Wellington for the Levin meeting – quite why we’re paying for Jacinda to be in Wellington for a meeting of the faithful in Levin is the question…? Read more »