Legal highs more problematic than illegal weed – why?

It is hard to get your head around the thought processes and eventual decision that allowed for artificial marijuana to be legalised in this country. ? The emergency rooms don’t like it, communities in Timaru and Hamilton are trying to reverse the tide of community misery through their limited means, and in the mean time, the carnage that these unknown substances cause progresses unabated.

A mother who says synthetic cannabis turned her son into a monster has made an emotional plea to politicians to scrap a “world-first” law that allows synthetic drugs to be sold if they pass safety tests.

West Auckland mother Una Macnaughtan told 200 people at a public meeting in Waitakere yesterday that her son, now aged 21, changed overnight when he bought a packet of Kronic at a local dairy three years ago.

He has now been diagnosed with schizophrenia, has knocked holes in the house and has been charged with assaulting his mother.

Other people at the rowdy meeting said the legalised drugs had caused an increase in street begging, prostitution and theft – often from the addicts’ own families – as young people’s lives became consumed with finding money to buy the drugs.

Greens can’t even get 100 people to most of their protest, and here we have a 200 people public meeting in West Auckland as people are moved to get together to see what can be done to reverse the carnage that ?these legal highs are ?causing. ? Read more »

Heads should not just spin, they should roll



I bet there are some people who thought they were really clever by coming up with a way to legalise synthetic drugs. ?I bet they expected to tie the importer up with red tape. ?Well, it didn’t work. ?And now we have the absurd situation where you are a criminal if you grow, supply, use the natural stuff, but we can all sleep peacefully in the knowledge Mr Kronic is laughing all the way to the bank.

The “king of Kronic” has been given Government approval to make and sell legal highs, despite facing drug trafficking charges in Australia. ? Read more »

Green hypocrisy alert

The Greens are big fans of banning things. There is even a massive list of things they want banned. In the past several days they have posts adding more things they want banned. controlled or taxed.

Today they are talking about banning and controlling again, this time it is the Super Fund and where they invest.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman today said the fund had a “long record of complacency towards ethical investment” and it was no surprise it been caught investing in tobacco.

“The fund directors have been caught out previously for unethical investment behaviour after it was revealed they were profiting from the whaling industry and the cluster munitions industry,” he said.

“This is not a professional way to manage a $19 billion investment fund and risks serious damage to our reputation as a responsible member of the world community.”

I totally support the Greens attack on the Super Fund for investing in a company with a subsidiary that makes cigarettes .They should instead invest in cannabis and Kronic production which the Greens tell us is totally healthy and is about the only things they want un-banned.