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Hands up who wants to fly Malaysia Airlines…anyone? anyone?

I’m not sure I have the confidence to ever fly on Malaysian Airlines…anywhere.

An investigation has been launched after a Malaysia Airlines plane took off from Auckland Airport on Christmas Day and surprised the pilot with the direction it started flying.

Just eight minutes into the direct flight to Kuala Lumpur, MH132’s pilot queried why his Airbus A330 was heading so far south.

He wondered why the plane was heading towards Melbourne and not taking a more direct flight path to the Malaysian capital.

It is understood passengers on board the flight, which left at 2.23am Christmas Day, were not alerted to the mix-up.

During discussions with air traffic controllers at the Auckland Oceanic control centre, the pilot was informed of the flight plan his airline had given to Airways, which manages air traffic control for New Zealand and South Pacific.

He then continued across the Tasman Sea before heading northwest to Kuala Lumpur. ? Read more »

Islamic terrorists? 777s don’t fall out of sky mid flight [UPDATED]

BBC reports

Malaysia Airlines says it has lost contact with a plane travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 people on board.

The airline?said in a statement?that flight MH370 disappeared at 02:40 local time on Saturday (18:40 GMT on Friday).

It had been expected to land in Beijing at 06:30 (22:30 GMT).

“Malaysia Airlines is currently working with the authorities who have activated their search and rescue team to locate the aircraft,” the carrier said.

“Our team is currently calling the next-of-kin of passengers and crew.”

The Boeing B777-200 aircraft was carrying 227 passengers, including two children, and 12 crew members.

“We deeply regret that we have lost all contacts with flight MH370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41 am earlier this morning bound for Beijing,” said Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Malaysia Airlines’ group chief executive officer.

‘Lost over Vietnam’

The passengers were of 13 different nationalities, the airline added.

The flight went missing two hours after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.


Passenger list has been released. ?2 New Zealanders on board are named as Paul Weeks and Ximin Wang.



2013 Trougher of the Year

This category is a tough one. The trough is awash with do-gooders, fake charities, Maori trusts, and even Green Taliban supporting hippy groups.

There?s also troughers like scumbag unions that tuck their members for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year so union bosses can traipse around the country looking as though they?re doing something.

But there was one candidate that gained some attention on the blog this year that did stand out as a leading example of tucking into the public trough at a rate that would leave JT?s Waipareira Trust looking on in awe.

The?2013 WO Trougher of the Year?therefore goes to none other than…?Boyd Swinburn,?Professor of Population Nutrition & Global Health at the University of Auckland.

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Mates – Air Asia X

Air Asia X lands in Christchurch and makes some new friends.

Cut-price airline Air Asia X has landed in Christchurch and pledged a six-figure sum to help restore the earthquake-ravaged city’s heritage.

The first flight from Kuala Lumpur landed at Christchurch International Airport just before midnight to applause and cheers from the approximately 300 passengers who were greeted with a Maori powhiri as they disembarked.

At a ceremony at Westfield Riccarton late this morning, the airline announced a percentage of all tickets bought by travellers coming and out of New Zealand will go into a heritage restoration fund to help repair and rebuild many of the city’s iconic heritage buildings hit in February’s earthquake.

Air Asia X chief executive Azran Osman-Rani said the airline had set itself a target of $220,000 and hoped to reach that figure within a year.

”We appreciate all the support we are getting from our guests and hope this financial gesture will assist in some way to restore Christchurch’s heritage icons,” he said.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the money was another amazing gesture from the company which had shown its commitment to the city even after the devastating earthquake.

Some other airlines were reviewing their services into the and out of the city but Parker said Air Asia X had never once reconsidered its agreement with Christchurch.

Still nothing from Qantas. They must be busy – Pity their CEO doesn’t extend his call to include Christchurch, instead they have abandoned the city.?Definitely?NOT Mates still.