Labor economics

Greens trying to gazzump Labour in handing out the lolly

The Green party are trying to gazzump the Labour party in promising uncosted expensive lolly for voters. They have decided that they really care for parliament’s cleaners more than Labour because they want them to get the “living wage” first.

Labour left them out in the cold.

The promises to the CTU conference are getting more and more outlandish.

The Green Party says low-earning contractors at Parliament, not core public sector workers, should be first in line for a living wage.

In a speech at the Council of Trade Unions conference this morning, Greens’ co-leader Metiria Turei said her party would have a different priority to Labour in distributing a minimum wage of $18.40 an hour – known as a “living wage”.? Read more »

Great idea for the hordes of onesie clad benefit troughers in the UK

Perhaps we could implement something similar here.

I hope Paula Bennett is reading this news. The UK is moving to make sure the work-shy are pushed into work?and off benefits.

The long-term unemployed are to be told they must do an unpaid full-time job or be stripped of their benefits.

A dramatic extension of the conditions attached to unemployment handouts? will be unveiled at the Conservative party conference next week, according to well-placed sources.

Ministers are convinced a new US-style ?work for the dole? scheme will help to reduce? Britain?s vast benefits bill and curb the something-for-nothing culture. ? Read more »

Unions kill jobs

Charles Krauthammer explains why it is that unions kill jobs:

The fact is that in the right-to-work states, unemployment is 6.9%. And in the other stays the non-right-to-work, it’s 8.7. So you can choose to have fewer workers who enjoy higher, inflated, unnatural, if you like, wages, uncompetitive wages. Or you can have competitive wages and more people employed, more people with the dignity of a job and less unemployment, more taxation and more activity. I think it’s it the right choice but I understand how it’s a wrenching choice.