Labour Party fundraising

Fundraising ideas for Labour, let’s help a comrade out


Let’s face it, when it comes to fundraising the Labour party lack entrepreneurship  almost as badly as they lack funds. In an insincere gesture of cross-party cooperation I thought we could put our collective heads together to help our Labour Party comrades out.

I have a few product suggestions which I hope you will all add to in the comments.

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When will Nigel Haworth raise funds for Labour?


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Labour remain dead-set useless because they cannot raise the money required to fund a proper three-year-long election campaign. Their president, Nigel Haworth, has not raised a cent.

While the centenary offers plenty of chances for reflection, Labour’s president Nigel Haworth is focused on the future.

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Labour’s precarious financial position


The Labour party’s 100th birthday should be a time for celebration, but it isn’t because Labour are broke and they can’t expect to win a thing. Prof Nigel Haworth, the president, is the man who should be raising the money, as highlighted by Claire Trevett.

The job of rebuilding Labour in an organisational and financial sense has gone to its new team of president Nigel Haworth and general secretary Andrew Kirton. The party officials do not have the public profile the MPs have, but they are just as important for party’s wellbeing.

Haworth is a British-born “socialist” trade unionist forged under Margaret Thatcher. Kirton is a former adviser to Helen Clark who since 2008 has worked in the corporate world in London for Heathrow Airport and then Mace Group, a huge builder responsible for building modern city icons such as the Shard and London Eye. It goes without saying he is more comfortable mixing with big business than his predecessor, Tim Barnett. Read more »

Comment of the Day (and a new idea for the Labour Party)

Whaleoil stalwart Sally opined:

The Party of Envy and Bitter are running out of potential donors to fund their electoral campaign.

So far they have upset foreigners, business people, bankers, accountants, Indian and Asian chefs, lawyers, wealthy people, and 72% of the voting population who are called dumb and stupid by their followers for not supporting them.

Will have to stick to their $2 beggar letters because who among the sane would want to donate to angry Andy and his going down the tube political party.

Labour certainly have turned into Nigel No Mates, and getting money out of their own supporters may need a more aggressive touch, like this one from the Republican Party in the US:


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Forget sausage sizzles; tea towels are where the real money is

Hi Redacted,

The Labour shop is about to launch. It will be filled with cool supporters gear and merchandise and we need to decide what one of the first items is!

As it’s Labour’s 100th Birthday this year, the team at HQ have dug around in the archives and found three great historical posters but together we need to decide which one to make into a celebratory tea towel. Will you vote for your favourite option?

Just click on your favourite tea towel below to vote before 11.59pm this Thursday!

Click the link in your email client if these images haven't downloaded Click the link in your email client if these images haven't downloaded Click the link in your email client if these images haven't downloaded

Or, if you’d like to pre-order a celebratory tea towel for $20 (incl shipping), no matter which one wins:click here.

Thanks for voting. We’ll let you know soon which one wins and how you can get your hands on one.


Dianna Lacy
Acting General Secretary
New Zealand Labour Party