Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope

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?Queen Zenobia?s Last Look Upon Palmyra? by Herbert Gustave Schmalz.

The Desert Queen

?I have nothing to fear? I am the sun, the stars, the pearl, the lion, the light from heaven?

???Lady Hester

They do not come much madder than Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope. They don?t come much braver either.
In an age when most upper-crust women couldn’t fart without a chaperone, Lady Hester was charging around the Middle East on an Arab stallion, dressed as a bloke. She went where she wanted and did as she pleased. Her Ladyship was a law unto herself.

The choices she made and her sensibility didn’t fit the mould for a heroine for the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian eras; she was a strong, independent woman who refused to accept the constraints placed on her by society.

Lady Hester left England in the early 1800’s after an abortive love affair scandalised London society. She set off in search of adventure, travelling across Europe and the Middle East; she was shipwrecked in Rhodes en route to Cairo.

She spent two years travelling in the Middle East, eventually settling in a monastery near Sidon, a town on the Mediterranean coast in what is now Lebanon.

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