lame duck mayor

Two-minute Len’s tearful valedictory speech

Mr Brown was the first Super City mayor, elected as head of the amalgamated council in 2010.

In his valedictory speech, Mr Brown described the City Rail Link project, which was now under construction, as a metaphor for the changing spirit of Auckland since the 2010 amalgamation of eight councils.

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Len Brown draws a standing ovation opening the NRL Auckland Nines

Like that’s going to happen. The man with no shame addresses the crowd full of what would normally ?be his support base given the popularity of rugby league in south Auckland, but it seems even his core supporters are deserting him. ?Only a demented fool would stand there smiling, waving and laughing in the face of a booing and jeering crowd. Len is trying to ride out the storm, but everywhere he goes the lame duck Mayor is met with shouting, duck calls and booing as people express their disgust at the refusal of this narcissistic hollow vessel to stand down.

Listen to the people Len, they don’t want you. Aucklanders don’t want you to “get on with it”. They want you to get out of it.

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Imagine this, everywhere Len Brown goes…


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Len Brown explains the security

Following on from the article this morning covering Len Brown’s excessive security requirements, he tells the Herald:

Mr Brown also explained?why he was flanked by security guards?during a public appearance on Saturday, saying members of the public were usually surprised to find him without security during his previous three years as mayor.

“So what we had was the opening of a rail station, we had seven security there. It would have been pretty normal, organised by Auckland Transport. Nothing more or less.”

Three things there, Len.

1. ?As reported by Whaleoil, we spoke to security on the day, and they stated they were representing the Mayor.

2. If we got the wrong end of the stick, then I guess there won’t be any security at your next public outings?

3. I’m going to keep an eye on the next Auckland Transport event to see if there are 7 security people present. ?”Nothing more or less.

You see Len, we weren’t just there to laugh at you. ?We were mixing, mingling, talking to the crowd and protesters. ? Read more »

Lame duck mayor’s position so bad he needs security

It was strange on Saturday, there were kids, plenty of people milling about and all pretty chirpy except for a couple of inbred feral lefties who decided that the mayor should be shown respect he didn’t deserve and tried to shut me up, unsuccessfully.

Other than that though there wasn’t any animosity and the few protestors there to watch lame duck mayor Len Brown open a train station certainly weren’t causing any fuss or bother.

There was security though, mostly they stayed out of the way. That was because they spent most of their time surrounding Len Brown. The NZ Herald reports;

Questions have been raised about the level of security surrounding Auckland Mayor Len Brown during his first public appearance of the year.

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer said ratepayers should be concerned at seeing a “bevy of heavies” shadowing the Mayor at the opening of the new $17 million Panmure Transport Interchange on Saturday.

Around 2000 people attended the opening, including a handful of protesters, some carrying banners with messages referring to his two-year-affair that was exposed last year. During Mr Brown’s speech, he was then heckled and one man called him a disgrace while another used a duck caller. ? Read more »

The Mayor for ALL of Auckland. Except me. And you. And some others.

Len Brown has blocked me from his Facebook page. ?How pointless is that?

Not content with providing various works of fiction under Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, the massaging of truth continues unabated on the Mayor’s Facebook page.

But you can only fool some of the people all of the time.


It is all about the kids Len says. ?? Read more »