lame duck

National declares a second duck season

Laura McQuillan?at ZB reports:

National can’t get enough of talking about Trevor Mallard – as it gives its best crack to winning his Hutt South seat.

Steven Joyce says it’s one of four “strategic” Labour-held electorates National’s targeting.

“Labour can’t get Trevor Mallard to retire, maybe we can, and that would be a huge public service.”

Mr Mallard also rated a mention as Judith Collins listed Hutt Valley crime stats.

“Violent crime is down by 20%, it could be because Trevor Mallard’s been busy elsewhere.”

Trevor Mallard’s laughing off the remarks.

“I think there’s a fair bit of obsession with me both on Steven and Judith’s part – but I think it’s probably a bit of a compliment really.”

Meanwhile, National’s gunning for four Labour-held electorates – if not to win, then to improve its share of the party vote. Read more »

Len Brown protests continue

via the tipline

Things aren’t going away for Len Brown, there are people out there who won’t forget.

Photos taken by invitation and permission granted to send them to you.

I spent a fun little while talking to the famous Toot Man today and joining in the protest.

Rich or poor, the toots show everyone is hacked off with LB.

LB-must-go-1 Read more »

Granny scares Mayor out of the Chair

This nice old lady asked Len Brown some questions, but he didn’t like where it went and so he bolted.

It seems that his claims that the majority of Aucklanders actually don’t believe his claims that they just want him to move on and get with his job.

What a coward. Look at the fear in his eyes.

Aucklanders don’t want this man as mayor, they are over him and his wasteful ways, and his profligate spending.

Why does the left always want dissent silenced?

Paul Little, who should really concentrate on fighting off a copyright issue, is opining that protestors should silenced.

It’s time to?shut down – or rather shut up – the ragtag bunch of malcontents who are giving their lives meaning by hounding silly old Len Brown every time he appears in public. These shrieking, self-righteous harpies are one length of rope away from full-blown vigilantism.

Excuse me? Holding up some signs and tooting a few duck callers is just a rope length away from?vigilantism? And it needs to be stopped?

Does this lefty tosspot not believe in freedom of speech?? Read more »

Guest Post – The mayoral imbroglio: A contaminated environment!

The writer of this article is the father of a friend from primary school who contacted me over the weekend wanting to write an article for comment on the blog.

The mayoral imbroglio: A contaminated environment!
The right thing to do is ? Resign!

Of course Mayor Len Brown should step down. The list of reasons is overwhelming. The imbroglio he created has raised a lot of questions that have yet to be answered.

The mayor continues to degrade the office of mayor. He shouts his ?passion? for Auckland, as if that is a justification for staying in office ? which it clearly isn?t.

If he is serious about his ?passion?, and the good of Auckland, the right and proper way to show this ?passion? is to step down and let the mayoralty recover some dignity. Every moment he stays in office, he is butchering the dignity of the office and embedding a lower set of values for the future of leadership in local government.

Seemingly he can?t be sacked. However, the real issue now is whether the citizens of Auckland will show the integrity, courage, and responsibility needed to activate themselves to do whatever they can to pressure a ?lame duck? mayor to step down. No amount of philosophical gymnastics justifies him staying in office, albeit he might succeed if hypocrisy prevails.

And pity the councillors who are trying to do their job in what is now a contaminated environment.

The attributes we expect from a mayor, or any leader for that matter, can be summed up in one word, integrity. It embraces honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness, moral uprightness, soundness, respect, discipline, and ? let us not forget ? sincerity and humility. Which one of these attributes has the Auckland mayor not shattered? His actions ? and lack of actions ? wreak havoc with just about every aspect of integrity.? Read more »

Hundreds protest in Queen Street. Brewer releases emails on heavies to protect Brown

Hundreds of people have protested in Queen Street asking that Len Brown stands down.

The embattled mayor did not turn up to the protest, despite an invitation for him to speak to the crowd, but his face was plastered on banners and signs as the 300-strong march made its way up the main city centre shopping strip.

Chants of “Len Brown stand down” and “If it’s Brown flush it down” echoed out, drawing attention from shoppers and bystanders who stopped to watch the protest go by.

People of all ages came out to show their anger at Mr Brown, pointing not just at his affair with council advisor Bevan Chuang, but his economic policies, hotel upgrades and plans for the city.

Meanwhile Councillor Cameron Brewer has released damning emails that show that the mayor’s office spin that the over the top security arrangements for Len Brown at the opening of the Panmure station was not business as usual, rather it was a special arrangement outside of normal business practice. The next question to ask is why he was provided with Hells Angels gang members as guards.

bevy of heavies

Special arrangements made to protect mayor at Panmure station opening

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer has released emails which contradict the absolute assurances given by Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Auckland Transport that the high security guard presence at last month?s opening of the new Panmure Station was just ?standard operational practice?.? Read more »

Lame Duck Mayor continues to get lame duck calls

Lame Duck mayor Len Brown continues to get lame duck calls where ever he goes. Yesterday it was in Northcote where he not only got duck calls he also copped a fair amount of booing.

The Prime Minister and Auckland Mayor Len Brown celebrated Chinese New Year together at a festival on Auckland’s North Shore today.

The pair both admit this Year of the Horse is a crucial one for their careers.

John Key was working the crowd today, celebrating Chinese New Year in Auckland’s Northcote. The Year of the Horse is important for the Prime Minister, with the election at the end of the year.

For Mr Brown, a new year means a fresh start from the affair scandal that plagued his mayoralty in 2013. But it appeared not everyone had moved on when he took to the stage ? with hecklers making quack noises from the crowd.

According to the Chinese, the Year of the Horse symbolises speedy success. Mr Brown says that’s what he hopes for this year.

“2014 is a fresh start, the Year of the Horse,” says Mr Brown. “Anything to do with horses, I’m totally in it. We’re galloping along as a city, so look out.”? Read more »


Herald editorial slams Brown…again

The Herald editorial this morning slams Len Brown for pretending he can advance any of his pet projects because the shattered image of his mayoralty.

As part of his platform for last year’s local body elections, Mayor Len Brown said he would push for a 2016 start to Auckland’s $2.86 billion city rail link. He reiterated that policy in a?Herald?opinion article this week, and said it would be his top priority for 2014. But although the song remains the same, the mayor’s ability to gain an early start to the rail link has been much reduced.

This is a consequence of Mr Brown’s diminished standing following the revelation of his poor judgment, conflicts of interest and lack of accountability arising from his two-year affair.

The Government knows full well that with the public and councillors barely tolerating the mayor, it does not need to respond to his entreaties unless it is to its advantage.

Len Brown is a lame duck mayor who can be safely ignored. What is he going to do if he doesn’t get his way? Call a meeting in the Ngati Whatua Room?

Given that, the focus of debate about the link should be squarely on funding options for the Auckland Council, which will share the cost of the project with the Government. It has long been apparent that agreement on this will not be easy.

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee has insisted neither tolls, congestion charges nor a regional fuel tax would be used to pay Auckland’s share. His stand echoed that of Steven Joyce, his predecessor in that portfolio. Mr Joyce has also argued the cost of the project would leave little for any others in Auckland over the same period.

Such reservations may not have been insurmountable for a mayor at the height of his powers. Mr Brown would have been able to suggest forcibly, and rightly, that Aucklanders showed their backing for the link by re-electing him and should next be able to choose whether they pay their share through road charges or higher rates.

Mr Brown, however, is clearly compromised as much in the eyes of the Government as his own councillors, who will have more say in the development of major policies. Ministers will feel far less inclined to bow to pressure applied by a mayor who no longer has the backing of a substantial number of Aucklanders.

Here, as in other matters, Mr Brown will struggle to drive things forward.

The only thing Len Brown will be driving forward will be his new car.

Len Brown Lame Duck Call Competition


With the?Mayor now being flanked by security guards at family outings, things are getting worse for Auckland?s lame duck mayor. It?s not a positive start for 2014 for Len.

A regular reader has sent in the idea of a new competition ? The Len Brown Lame Duck Call Competition. This person is also willing to throw in a crisp $100 dollar bill for the winner. Regular hunters and duck shooters should be in like Flynn and have a running start.? Read more »

Lame duck mayor’s position so bad he needs security

It was strange on Saturday, there were kids, plenty of people milling about and all pretty chirpy except for a couple of inbred feral lefties who decided that the mayor should be shown respect he didn’t deserve and tried to shut me up, unsuccessfully.

Other than that though there wasn’t any animosity and the few protestors there to watch lame duck mayor Len Brown open a train station certainly weren’t causing any fuss or bother.

There was security though, mostly they stayed out of the way. That was because they spent most of their time surrounding Len Brown. The NZ Herald reports;

Questions have been raised about the level of security surrounding Auckland Mayor Len Brown during his first public appearance of the year.

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer said ratepayers should be concerned at seeing a “bevy of heavies” shadowing the Mayor at the opening of the new $17 million Panmure Transport Interchange on Saturday.

Around 2000 people attended the opening, including a handful of protesters, some carrying banners with messages referring to his two-year-affair that was exposed last year. During Mr Brown’s speech, he was then heckled and one man called him a disgrace while another used a duck caller. ? Read more »